A selection of low varieties of tomatoes for openground: photo, description. Low-growing varieties of tomatoes forunheated greenhouses

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Low-growing tomatoes are popular among summer residents, as they do not require
special care and give a good harvest. Compact bushes can
grow even on a small plot. Special advantage is
variety of short-growing tomatoes for risky regions
farming Modern hybrids are grown not only in the south of the country,
but also in the Urals, in Siberia and the Far East. Let’s get acquainted with such
varieties closer.

Popular varieties of undersized cherry tomatoes for indoor

Small cherry tomatoes have a rich taste and color,
Suitable for wholegrain canning and salads.
The advantage of varieties is their compactness, you can grow a bush
in a balcony drawer anywhere in the country.

Lovers of unusual yellow tomatoes will like the variety
�”Aztec”. The plant forms a compact bush with a height of only 40 cm
which is completely covered with small sweet fruits. Care
culture is quite simple, stepchild it is not necessary. Fruiting
comes in early summer and lasts until frost. Harvest
ripen in harmony, new fruits are tied well. Variety is suitable
for harvesting, conservation and salads.

No less popular variety of undersized balcony tomatoes “Bonsai”.
Compact bush with a height of not more than 25 cm is able to give up to 3.5 kg
fruits. Crop ripening begins 100-120 days after
landing. Tomatoes of red color with a dense skin and sweet
pulp, not watery. The average weight of one fruit is about 30 grams.
Harvest формируется гроздями, от чего куст выглядит нарядно. Are ill
Tomatoes of this variety are rare, do not require processing and pasynkovaniya.
Suitable for fresh consumption.

Have you heard about tomatoes in hanging pots? Meet –
grade “Garden Pearl”. This is a plant with hanging sprouts.
grows up to 35 cm, differs in the early term of fruit ripening and
high yields. First tomatoes can be harvested after 85 days.
от landing. Fruits leveled, rounded, pink. Average them
weight reaches 25 grams. For the season the bush is able to give more than 300 pcs.
tomatoes that are suitable for salads and various preparations.

The best low-growing varieties of yellow tomatoes for open

In regions with a warm climate, tomatoes are grown in the open
грунте, что позволяет насладиться неповторимым вкусом fruits.
Introducing varieties popular among summer residents:

– “Golden Stream”;

– Eldorado.

These crops will delight early and abundant harvest.

Grade “Golden Stream” begins to bear fruit after 80 days from
landing in the ground. Fruits tied a lot, in one hand up to 9 pcs.
The average weight of tomatoes is from 60 to 100 grams. Their unusual shape and color
attract lovers. Fruits elongated, pleasant honey color, on
taste sugary. Suitable for harvesting and fresh consumption.
Bushes are compact, on the bed do not grow more than 80 cm, resistant to
various diseases. Harvestность около 5 кг с 1 кв. m

Сорт «Эльдорадо» считается среднеспелыm In fruiting enters
спустя 100-150 дней от landing. Low shrubs up to 90 cm resistant
to fusarium. Fruits are ovate and yellow in color.
Their average weight is about 120 grams, up to 3 pieces are laid in the hands. To taste
Tomatoes are sweet, sugary, suitable for canning. Average
yield up to 7 kg per 1 square. m площади.

Мясистые сорта низкорослых томатов для открытого ground

Varieties of tomatoes with an abundance of pulp are suitable for blanks.
They tolerate transportation, are characterized by keeping quality and
товарным видоm In banks, such fruits look attractive, their
the dense skin does not burst. Among gardeners popularity
purchased the following varieties:

– “Red Fang”;

– “Super Model”;

– “Riddle.”

These are early and medium varieties of red tomatoes with a pleasant taste and
sugar content.

Sort “Riddle” allows you to get ripe products after 85-90
дней от landing. Bushes are powerful, well leafy, not tall
более 60 сm Подвязка не требуется, так как растение выдерживает
weight of ripe fruits on their own. The care is not difficult, the culture is not
needs staving, disease resistance and shading,
which does not affect the yield. Round shaped fruits,
saturated color, weighing up to 100 grams.

Another super-early and high-yielding variety is Red Fang.
The seedlings of this variety are resistant to many diseases, well
adapts to the ground. Fruiting наступает спустя 2,5 месяца от
landing. Fruits are ideal for canning. Differ
elongated shape and sweet flesh. The average weight of tomatoes is up to 40 g. AT
одной кисти закладывается до 10 fruits.

The grade “Super model” belongs to mid-season, fruits come on
стол через 3,5 месяца от landing. Bushes are compact, do not grow
more than 80 cm, resistant to brown spot. Fruits interesting
plum shaped, elongated, weighing up to 120 grams. The pulp is dense,
sugary. The distinctive side of the variety is sustainability
fruits to cracking and ripening.

Hothouse varieties of undersized tomatoes salad destination for
Урала, Сибири и Дальнего ATостока

Varieties of salad destination allow you to get products already in
early summer Они подходят для growing в пленочных укрытиях и
любых unheated greenhousesах.

The most popular is the Masha Doll variety. it
large-fruited tomato, the weight of one copy is about 200 gr. Tomatoes
roundish, saturated pink-red color with thick flesh.
Average урожайность до 10 кг с 1 кв. m beds Bushes are compact,
resistant to temperature extremes.

A variety with good taste characteristics – “Fat”. Bushes
short, with light green leaves. AT период плодоношения дают
up to 3 kg of crop each. Tomatoes are large, average weight up to 250 grams,
the correct rounded shape, saturated red color. Pulp
contains some grains.

Harvestные тепличные сорта низкорослых томатов, которые подходят
for whole canning and processing

Common among summer residents and farmers is the Olya variety,
который предназначен для growing в условиях пониженной
light and cold summer. itт урожайный сорт позволяет
collect up to 27 kg of fruit from 1 square. m площади, что является
undeniable dignity of culture. Bushes are compact, ветвятся
weakly, do not require support and pasynkovaniya. Flower brushes
laid in the internodes of three pieces, each carrying 7
a tomato. Fruits of the correct round form, four-chamber,
bright red. Average weight up to 150 grams. Full tomato ripeness
comes in 90 days from disembarkation of seedling.

The precocious variety “Alaska” gives a good harvest of tomatoes in conditions
сурового farming Full ripening occurs in 80
дней от landing. Bushes не превышают полуметра, но требуют
pinching to increase yields. Tied tomatoes when
Any weather conditions ripen amicably. Average fruit weight about
100 gr. ATкус насыщенный, сладкий, шкурка плотная, цвет красный.

Another high-yield variety for film greenhouses is Lela. it
a hybrid of average maturity, the fruits are removed after 3.5 months from
emergence of seedlings. Bushes отличаются слабым побегообразованием, не
require comprehensive care, tolerate temperature drops.
Fruits are rounded, red, collected in brushes of 10 pcs. Average
weight of tomatoes up to 150 grams. Harvestность достигает 18 кг с 1 кв. m

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