A newborn baby groans – what are the reasonssuch behavior. What if a newborn babygroans

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A newborn baby has a small set
communication tools with the outside world: crying and screaming. Sometimes
The baby begins to groan and to push. This worries parents:
there are thoughts about the illness of the baby.

Physiological causes of grunting newborn

This behavior may have several causes. In most
cases it is not a sign of the disease.

Чаще всего, если новорождённый ребенок groans, причины могут
be primarily physiological:

• any discomfort – heat, cold, soiled diaper,
uncomfortable clothing;

• binge eating;

• an attempt to regurgitate air trapped in the stomach during

• the presence of flatulence – the accumulation of gases in the intestine;

• need for bowel or bladder emptying;

• formation of dry crusts in the nose, which makes it difficult
nose breathing and oxygen intake;

• expression of discontent or desire to communicate.

Features of the anatomy and physiology of the child

Newborn’s digestive and urinary system
finally not developed and their functions are not adjusted. Muscle front
abdominal wall and sphincter of the rectum and bladder are developed
weakly. Soft feces do not have to put pressure on
intestines and do not cause a conditioned reflex to empty it.
Therefore, to perform these actions, the child has to
натуживаться, при этом он groans.

When expressing dissatisfaction or wanting to chat newborn
ребенок groans — причины в этих случаях заключаются в неумении и
inability to express feelings and emotions differently.

В тех случаях, когда ребёнок groans, но хорошо ест, спокойно
sleeping at night, not crying – no cause for concern.

Новорождённый ребенок groans: причины патологические

Если грудничок groans, лицо его покраснело, он плачет, сучит
legs – it is necessary to pay special attention to this. Such
behavior can be a manifestation of intestinal colic:

• when flatulence occurs sharp paroxysmal pain in

• Constipation can also cause discomfort and pain.

Signs of constipation in a newborn

• absence of a chair in a child who is on the chest
feeding – more than 3 days,

• an artificially fed baby has more than 1 day;

• fecal solid, hard and offensive;

• малыш напрягается, краснеет и groans даже во сне, пытаясь
empty your intestines.

Other occasions

Если новорождённый ребенок groans, причинами, помимо метеоризма
and normal constipation, can be:

• the state of the so-called “hungry constipation” when the baby
there is nothing empty – no feces;

• loss or slow weight gain and severe weakness;

• allergic itching;

• heat

Constipation and allergy in the infant depend entirely on the mother’s nutrition.
or from the mixtures that feed it:

• when artificial feeding, in addition to improper mixture,
intestinal problems may trigger overfeeding or
insufficient water;

• when breastfeeding is caused by a large amount
white bread, meat, rice, whole milk, bananas in the diet
mothers, as well as the use of products – allergens (chocolate,
citrus, nuts).

What if a newborn baby groans

Если ребёнок groans, нужно устранить физиологическую причину
of this phenomenon:

• Provide full comfort – temperature and humidity in the nursery.
the room should not exceed normal values ​​(humidity – not
less than 60%, temperature – no more than 220 ° C).

• Ensure that the baby is not very warmly dressed: in hot
indoors, a wrapped baby may feel hot
accompanied by grunting baby.

• To maintain a constant air humidity in the nursery
it is necessary to do regular wet cleaning in the room, use
special humidifiers in the apartment.

• Change diapers in a timely manner, ensure that underwear is not
irritated skin and did not press.

• Increase bathing in warm water.

• Adjust the nutrition of the baby and the nursing mother: pick up the mixture,
which does not cause allergies, when breastfeeding –
review the diet of women and eliminate foods that cause
allergies and fermentation in the intestines.

• Monitor the condition of the baby’s nasal mucosa so that it is not
laid: gently peel it off with a dry mucous membrane, with
necessary, after consultation with a pediatrician, bury
designated drops. Absolutely harmless are the drops
Aquamaris, having the composition of sea water.

• Control the baby’s stool: it should be 4-5 in infants
once a day, mushy consistency, yellow or
greenish color with a fermented milk smell. When it changes to
color, consistency, smell, quantity, you need to review the food
mother and child. If results are missing or high
temperature, vomiting – you need to contact a pediatrician.

When to see a doctor

Поводом для обращения к педиатру are:

• lack of appetite;

• weight loss;

• excessive regurgitation or vomiting;

• permanent flatulence;

• unstable chair;

• the appearance in the feces of blood, mucus, foam.

What if a newborn baby groans, в таких случаях
the doctor will decide.

Что делать маме, если новорожденный ребенок groans

If by the available signs it becomes clear that the reason
grunting baby is increased gas formation, it is necessary
after each feeding to lay the baby on the tummy by 5-10

It is important in such cases to properly feed the child: attach to
breasts in such a way as to eliminate the ingestion of air. With
artificial feeding to pick up a bottle with a pacifier
forms so that the air does not get when feeding through the hole in it
in the stomach. The hole should be small.

After feeding, the baby should be upright,
so he can burp the air out of his stomach. Then make a circular
massage of the abdomen in a circular motion, exercise legs

Fight constipation

If it turned out that babies have constipation, they should not be given right away.
laxatives or enema. The body of the child can
handle yourself – you need to wait a bit.

To prevent constipation is necessary to carry out
daily preventive measures:

• add fermented milk mixture to the diet of the child;

• menu of nursing mothers to enrich with yogurt and kefir;

• give plenty of drink to the child in the heat and a sufficient amount
water daily;

• after six months, give the baby “weak” products: baked
apple, beet, prune;

• in the hour hand to do a daily massage of the abdomen after

• do special exercises with flexing and tightening
legs to the stomach.

Pediatrician tips

If all these actions do not give a quick positive
result, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician who
prescribe a laxative. An effective and safe means to
domestic conditions is dill water, which is given by several
drops. It is possible to use (as prescribed by a doctor) Hilak Forte,
Espumizan, Baby Calm, Plantex.

You can not take a long time laxatives or
do cleansing enemas. This may lead to
bowel problems will become chronic and constipated
will bother constantly.

With осмотре педиатр может назначить дополнительное обследование:
analysis of feces for dysbacteriosis. If in the recent past, the baby
had to take antibiotics for any reason, a violation
intestinal microflora causes constipation and intestinal colic.
With подтверждении диагноза необходимо будет принимать препараты,
related to probiotics and eubiotics, restoring
normal intestinal flora. Symptoms will disappear or significantly
will decrease.

In some cases, an analysis is assigned to determine lactase –
enzyme produced in the wall of the small intestine and splitting
milk sugar (lactose) on its components – glucose and galactose.
With лактазной недостаточности у ребёнка происходит непереносимость
milk – the body can not process it. It manifests itself
various intestinal symptoms (flatulence, constipation or diarrhea)
and the appearance of colic, causing anxiety, crying, grunting.

Parents need to be patient – usually, to 4 – 6
for months, bowel problems are normalized and the child’s behavior
will change. The condition of the newborn, its comfort depends on
careful care and increased attention to any changes,
that happen to him.

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