A few tips for parents who want to teachsleep on your own

Sun, Jun 22, 2014

The kid runs, jumps, plays – does not sit for a single second
calm, but when it comes time to put him to bed,
problems begin. Bedtime ritual drags on for a long time.
Mom and child are nervous, whims, requests, tears begin. how
do this so that this process proceeds calmly, and the crumb
fell asleep without the help of parents?

how научить ребенка засыпать самостоятельно?

It’s hard for adults to understand why a child is trying with all his strength
avoid daytime sleep and fall asleep with difficulty in the evening. Why he asks
don’t leave him alone and finds a thousand reasons to delay parents
at your crib as long as possible?

The baby wakes up the fear that he will be left alone, that during
something interesting will happen to sleep, and he will miss it. Parents
try to calm and lull the baby: they read to him fairy tales, sing
lullabies And he still puts off the moment of falling asleep and asks to give
drink him, then go with him to the toilet.

There are certain points that must be observed for
so that the child learns to fall asleep independently.

Sleeping Rituals:

– the most important thing is to turn off negative emotions, try to be
calm, patient and follow the advice clearly;

– daily ceremonies that are consistently performed
before going to bed, will gradually tune the child
to sleep;

– before bathing you need to play a little with the baby in a calm
the game;

– ask the child to kiss all family members for the night and
wish them good night;

– after the bath, put the baby in bed with his beloved
a toy that creates a sense of security;

– put a pot next;

– it is desirable that the bottle of water was on the bedside table
near the bed, then the child if necessary can himself
have a drink

– turn on the audiobook with your favorite fairy tale so that the kid can
get a charge of positive emotions before bedtime;

– in the nursery, be sure to install a night light,
which will help the little one to overcome their fears, because many
kids are afraid of the dark;

– if the child is scared or upset, he should be calmed down,
sit for a while, hold your hand, stroke,

– as compensation for fast independent falling asleep
you can promise your baby to cook for him in the morning the most delicious
dessert or agree to his help cleaning the apartment, arrange
going to the circus, to the park, to the rides. The main thing that he took it
and looked forward to the morning;

– the door to the nursery should not be tightly closed, you need
leave a small hole for the child to know – he is not alone, near

Success depends on confidence and calmness of an adult.
affairs If the child starts to protest, shout and demand
presence of mom, he needs to say a few kind words. Then
explain that parents would like to teach him to fall asleep
independently, because he has already grown up. He is not alone, because next
his best friend is lying, and when he opens his eyes in the morning,
make sure that Mishka or Masha were sleeping around him all night.

In these moments, to achieve the goal, from the parents
will require tremendous patience and willpower.

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