A child’s neck hurts – how to help the baby? whatif the child has a neck ache?

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Children often complain that their neck hurts.

Not always parents take their complaints seriously, and most often
just don’t react.

But, nevertheless, stupor and aches in the neck, can
indicate a serious illness.

A child’s neck hurts: causes

The following causes of neck pain can be identified.

1. Воспаление грудино-ключичнососцевидной
. There is a clamping of the muscles in the neck, as a result of injury
at birth A child can only turn his head in one direction,
the muscles in this area will become sensitive.

2. Мышечный спазм. Children can wake up with
severe pain in the neck, most often it is localized on one side.
The exact cause of the spasms is unknown, although
suggest that the baby is blew on a draft.

3. Воспаление лимфоузлов на шее. To this
reason you need to take it seriously enough, as high
probability of meningitis.

4. Менингит – это инфекция мозговых оболочек.
The disease most often affects children under the age of 5 years. In children
the temperature rises, the head and neck begin to hurt. Periodically
a child may have seizures and faint. Sign of
severe meningitis – a rash of small bumps. If suddenly
These symptoms were noticed
to the doctor.

5. Кривошея – достаточно болезненное состояние,
in which the child is forced to keep the neck in only one position.
Because of the constant pain, it’s just not possible to keep your head properly.
Krivosheya can be congenital and acquired. If not start
treat congenital torticollis before the age of 10, then the face of the baby
may become asymmetric. In adolescence can
develop other forms of the disease.

The reasons listed above are major, but
and other more rare:

1. Side effect of drugs, cerebral

2. In children в старшем возрасте, может возникнуть боль в шее из-за
experiences and stress.

3. Complications after sore throat.

4. Tumor, abscess, intracranial hemorrhage.

As you can see, the causes of neck pain in children are many, all
they are different and require specific treatment. On their own
establish the diagnosis, parents can not, so be sure to
be examined by a specialist.

Болит шея у child: первая помощь

The first thing parents should do if their child gets sick
neck – visit a medical facility. But in the absence of such
opportunities, you need to take certain actions to remove
pain sensations.

You can relieve discomfort with muscle relief: if the muscles
will be completely relaxed, the pain will be able to retreat. Need to be neat
press in those places where the pain is felt particularly acute.

Well helps the cold, it must be applied to the sore spot.
But it only helps if you attach it immediately after
the occurrence of pain. Provide first aid yourself can be
all cases except meningitis. When the symptoms of this
disease, you need as soon as possible to take the child to the hospital
for hospitalization.

If the diagnosis of meningitis was excluded, you can give the baby

Important! Well inspect the bed on which
sleeping your child as well as the pillow. It is better to purchase orthopedic
mattress and pillow they will help develop the correct

If your child constantly complains that he has a sore neck, better
Do not take risks and do not self-medicate. Only after
establish an accurate diagnosis, you can search for solutions

Болит шея у child: лечение

The first thing parents should do is make sure that
child no meningitis.

Once this diagnosis is excluded, you can give
painkillers – Ibuprofen, Nurofen. Try to make
so that the baby moves his neck as little as possible.

If the occurrence of pain has become a complication after a cold,
wearing heavy objects, an uncomfortable sleeping position, then treatment
will include dry warmth and rest. Experts recommend
drink anti-inflammatory and painkillers, pick them up
depending on the age of the child.

If the pain in the neck appeared after a sore throat, no special
no treatment is needed. Just help your child take a comfortable position.
which will not be so strong. Some time later,
discomfort will disappear.

In order to relieve muscle tension, you need to slightly
massage the pain points, and at night put warmth to the neck and
spread it with warming ointment.

In the case when the cause of the pain has become torticollis or other
spinal diseases, a specialist prescribes physiotherapy
treatments, as well as therapeutic massage and special exercises. Not
do without drugs – gels and ointments. If start
to treat torticollis on time, then it will quickly pass, which means it will not
There will be no complications.

If the pain has occurred along with other symptoms, such as vomiting,
temperature need to call an ambulance.

Be sure to watch how the child walks, whether he is correct
keeps posture. The resting place must be correct, as it was already
written above, it is better to purchase orthopedic supplies.

In addition to conservative treatment methods, it is recommended to perform
special exercises, but of course only in those cases when
allows the age of the child.

Exercise number 1

Seat the child in a high-backed chair. Put baby’s hands
on the head, so that the thumbs touch the cheekbones, and the rest
were on his nape. Let her hands on her head, not giving her
move backwards.

Exercise number 2

Leave the child in the same position. Let baby slowly
throws his head back, but his eyes must look

Exercise number 3

In the same position, sitting on a chair, tell the child to
threw back his head and began to turn her in different

These are common exercises to relieve pain. Individual
treatment can only be developed by a doctor, based on

Болит шея у child: народные средства

In folk medicine, many recipes to save the child
from neck pain. All of them are safe and effective, because their composition
includes only natural ingredients.

The most common recipes:

1. Tincture series. In order to cook it, take one
a spoon of a train and pour boiling water over it, set to infuse for 2-4
hours After that, strain the drink and let’s drink to the child, 1/4
glasses, each time before meals.

2. Use ointment based on eucalyptus, St. John’s wort, peppermint, kidney
pines. Take the ingredients in equal proportions and grind to
powder conditions. After that, fill all 100 ml of water, put
on fire and boil for 4-5 minutes. After that add to the tool
butter and vegetable oil, 70 grams. Use ointment
can only be after it cools down. After a few
procedures, pain in the neck of the child will recede.

3. Ointment of mint, eucalyptus, calendula, groundwort. Take everything in
equal quantities, chop well and fill with water, so that
turned out gruel. Apply the finished product in the localization center
pain, as well as on the sides, leave it for 20-40 minutes, after which
remove residual ointment with a wet towel.

4. Burdock leaves relieve pain well, but you need them correctly
to cook Notмного подогрейте растительное масло и опустите в
it leaves burdock. Put on the fire and boil for 30 minutes, after
this strain the tool and use it as an ointment.

5. Remove the pain in the neck of the child, you can use regular parsley.
Take the roots of the plant (2 spoons) and pour 450 ml of water. Put the
on the fire, bring to a boil and cook for one hour. Received
Apply the product on the neck.

6. If the pain in the neck of a child is due to the fact that
blew, you can use the following remedy: take one
stir in the yolk and spoon of turpentine, and add one spoon
apple cider vinegar. Massage the patient onto the affected area.

7. For older children, you can drink gold tincture
usa. You can buy it at the pharmacy, give the child one tea
spoon, twice a day. The course of treatment is 6-8 days.

To treat diseases in children need to be carefully.

Sometimes harmless symptoms, can mean the presence of serious

In time, contact the experts, and in any case, do not wait
when everything goes by itself.

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