78% of women will fight any waychild smoking

Mon, Jan 18, 2016

Over the past decades, the problem of smoking has significantly
aggravated. According to numerous data, more and more children
take up a cigarette from school. Smoking at a young age
causes health especially irreparable harm. In addition to increased
risk of developing various diseases, baby smoking affects
the growth of the fragile body of the child. Due to these trends
portal “Women’s Opinion” conducted a survey to find out what to do
young mothers found out that their baby started smoking.

According to the study, 24% of women will severely punish
baby if caught with a cigarette. Even the most
tough measures. According to one survey participant, her uncle made
my daughter to smoke at one time a pack of heavy cigarettes, and since then
she is disgusted with cigarettes.

But more than half of respondents (53.8%) consider rude methods
doomed to failure from the very beginning. If their child lit up, they
will conduct educational conversations and gently but persistently
convince the child that smoking is not good, that it is useless
occupation that this bad habit is detrimental to health.

About 19% of survey participants take a third-party position
the observer giving the child the opportunity to make a choice
ruin or not ruin your health. Probably they hope that
common sense will allow an inexperienced man to resist
the temptations that adult prudent uncles create for him
tobacco companies or undeveloped smoking peers.

At the same time, there are people in Russia who prefer to destroy
your child’s health with their own hands. They are willing to buy themselves
child cigarettes in case they notice him smoking. There are
Fortunately, only 3.7%.

Thus, almost 78% of Russians are against smoking in
children age. Let’s hope to decrease in the near future
the share of “good-looking” moms who buy children poison, as well as
mothers indifferent to the fate of their children. In a survey on the topic
5980 women aged 20 – 45 years took part in child smoking
living in 149 cities of Russia.

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