7 postures of children’s sleep: what psychologists say

Wed, 03 Dec 2014

Sleeping babies are very sweet. For tired baby sleep
parents – this is a long-awaited respite from the worries and troubles of the crumbs,
when you can stop for a minute and admire how cute
sniffs the child in his crib. Curious, but by your favorite pose during
sleep can determine what is bothering the child.

�”Royal” pose

Kids who like to sleep on their backs, stretching arms and legs,
in the center of their, and even better parental beds, are in so
called the “royal” pose. She says that baby
comfortable and good, he feels protected, actively learns
the world. If the baby in this position also seems to be thrown
handles for the head, then he is completely relaxed. But hands
clenched in cams – this is a clear sign of internal protest or

On the stomach

Babies often like to sleep on the tummy. If your child is sleeping,
stretching out the legs and placing your hands above the head or on the sides of the body,
so he feels vulnerable and tries some problems
take control. Position on the stomach diagonally
indicates unwillingness to accept change.

�”Booty up”

Very many children sleep on their knees, buried in their faces on the bed,
ass while zadran up. This is the embodiment of protest, such a pose in
sleep time tots are usually taken after getting tired or
show their breath as if proving their unwillingness to parents
obey their daily routine.


Pose up or it is also called the fetal position, when the legs
the child is pressed tightly to the chin, the head to the knees, and the handles
He is trying to grasp the torso – this is the search for protection. If in this
position he is covered up to his chin with a blanket, then this indicates
finding a cozy and safe haven. By the way, those sleep
kids who are not inclined to openly tell adults about their

On the side

Pose on the side is considered one of the most comfortable in terms of
physiology. In this position, the arms are usually located under the cheek.
or along the body, and knees bent. This is the embodiment of harmony,
poise and calm. Kids who like to sleep on their side,
confident in the future and relaxed, they are ready for surprises and
friendly to the world.

With brother or sister

Sleeping with my sister or brother is even sweeter, sometimes the little ones manage
sleep in unimaginable and uncomfortable at first glance poses: synchronously
sprawling arms as if hovering in the sky, sucking cams the same way or
do use a brother or sister as a pillow. Such
joint sleep makes them close friends and strengthens the connection between

With parents

Almost all children, especially small ones, love to sleep with their
parents, so they seem to be protected from the problems of the world
and even through a dream they feel that a close person is near and will not give them
offense. But if you are opposed to the baby sleeping at night with
you can make a compromise and make joint sleep
family tradition. But actually it’s not so important what position in
sleep time takes your child, the main thing is that all family members
well poured out and were happy.

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