7 misconceptions about sugar, which is worthdiscover

mifi-o-sahareActually, I like sugar. But the last
research has shown that we can’t consume
22 !!! teaspoons of sugar per day, which, of course, a lot.

So where does all this come from, and is it really that bad
how are we told? Here are the most popular sugar myths that we
dispel …

7 misconceptions about sugar, for which the body will tell us

1. Most of the sugar we get with sweets.

Most people think that all the sugar in the body goes to
mostly with sweets, but in fact, mainly we
we get sugar from carbonated drinks and even some popular
sauces Tomato sauce, for example, contains a teaspoon of sugar on
every tablespoon of sauce.

2. Fruit and candy sugar different

So, fruits contain sugar too, but this is a completely different sugar.
rather than cakes, right? Wrong. Both those and others have
the same essence, but fruits also contain a lot
the amount of vitamins and minerals, and quite a bit of sugar, then
as a cake contains just sugar in large quantities. because of
This sugar cake is burned slower and increases the level of
blood glucose.

Thus, although the substance is the same, it has very different
effects on the body … fruits are much healthier! 3. Sugar causes

Type 2 diabetes is most common and is caused by
overeating This is not so much overeating of sugar as excessive
food consumption in general. Too much food causes the body
produce a lot of glucose which contributes to increased
insulin production. Excessive insulin ultimately affects
on the correct functionality of the entire system, causing it to malfunction.

4. Sugar causes aging.

I would love to say that this is a lie, but unfortunately this
So. Collagen is a protein that gives us the opportunity
look young When collagen “binds” to sugar, it loses
our ability to make skin elastic and that makes us
look much older. Wow!

A good collagen cream can often stand up to this, too.
like reducing sugar intake.

5. Sugar causes hyperactivity

Sugar has long been seen as one of the reasons
hyperactivity, especially in children. But recent research
have shown that sugar is not really to blame. Excitement and
adrenaline production causes hyperactivity. But it is not at all
means that your child can calmly eat a sweet
in unlimited quantities …

6. From sugar get fat

I always used to think that sugar is getting stouter, and I started
reduce its consumption when I wanted to lose weight, but in fact
sugar does not cause weight gain. Under normal circumstances
carbohydrates, including sugar, are not converted to fat. Besides sugar
contains fewer calories per gram than alcohol, and as many as

However, giving up sugar causes a decrease in insulin, and this
means that you will constantly feel tired and hungry! 7
Sugar is our usual white powder.

Sugar is not only familiar to us sugar from the sugar bowl (sorry
for a tautology) … And if you are not careful, you cannot
precisely control its consumption. Sugar can be specified as
brown sugar, palm sugar, cane sugar, corn
syrup, fructose, fruit juice concentrate, glucose, dextrose,
corn syrup, honey, invert sugar, lactose, maltose, molasses,
raw sugar, table sugar, sucrose and syrup. Wow!

Sugar is one of those things that has always been labeled
as “bad,” it just needs to be understood. But it is necessary for
healthy and normal functioning of the body, but of course
when sugar is consumed above normal, it begins to cause risks
for good health.

However, too much of any food is evil for you,
therefore maintain a moderate level of sugar intake to
stay as healthy as possible. Good luck to you!

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