6 reasons for using eggs

v-polzu-yaitsLuckily for me, I was always big
fan of chicken eggs no matter how they are

The 6 reasons I listed below may induce you
eat more eggs.

They got a bad reputation over the years, but
scientists have recently dropped their accusations that eggs
terrible for your health.

6 reasons for consuming eggs:

1. They contain large amounts of fatty acids.

These are the good acids your body needs. Omega-3
fatty acids are essential for good functionality of the brain.
brain and retina. Also fatty acids are very important for children and
pregnant women.

Cod liver oil, flax seed oil and fatty fish also have
A large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, but eggs apart from this are still
and contain arachidonic acid. This is an omega-6 fatty acid,
which is required by all mammals for growth and recovery
muscle tissue.

2. They are an excellent source of protein.

Containing 6 grams of protein, eggs are a great source.
protein for people who choose to give up meat. I’m not big
fan of meat texture. Because meat is very long and
chew well before swallowing safely. At the very
Actually, it’s enough for me to eat a full plate with scrambled eggs for lunch than
fight off a serving of meat. 3. Eggs contain lutein.

Dark yolk indicates the presence of lutein in the eggs. Believed
that lutein protects the eyes from oxidative stress, which
is the cause of many diseases such as disease
Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart failure, atherosclerosis,
bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Lutein intake also helps prevent degeneration.
macula and cataracts. I do everything to preserve my vision,
so if eggs help in this, then so be it!

4. It is delicious!

You can cook eggs in several ways – they are boiled.
(boiled, “in the bag”, hard-boiled), fried (scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs), baked in
the oven, dissolve. Spiced eggs always
are a tasty snack for parties. Eggs are contained in many
types of food, such as, for example, salads, meatballs or croutons.

5. They contain sulfur

Of course, because of the sulfur, a hard-boiled egg has not the most
pleasant aroma when it is cleaned. However, sulfur,
contained in eggs has many advantages. It synthesizes
Vitamin B1, which helps in building healthy skin, nails and
hair, and also controls the body’s metabolism.

But not only metabolic control helps to maintain
healthy weight, but sulfur also contributes to better digestion
fat, which is also incredibly useful. 6. There is choline in the eggs.

Choline is a substance contained in the complex of vitamins
B. Of course, the same amount of choline, which is contained in one
hard-boiled egg, is also in 500g. spinach. But what would
you chose to eat, one egg or 500g. spinach?

There are only 78 calories in an egg, and 154 calories in spinach,
so if you watch your calorie intake, then an egg would be
the best choice. Choline deficiency is the cause of neurological
disorders, liver disease and atherosclerosis. With pleasure
eat hard-boiled eggs to reduce the risk associated with
any of these health conditions.

I’m sure that these 6 reasons for eating eggs are not
tempt everyone to cook an omelet right away. However, even
if I can convince at least a few people that eggs
are not evil, and that they are actually good, then I will

Do you like to eat eggs or you force yourself to do it,
because they are useful to you?

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