6 prohibitions for mom boy

6 prohibitions for mom boy

A man and a woman are two different worlds. Each of
they have their purpose. So that children can fully
realize yourself and find happiness on earth, family education
plays an important role. Obviously, the influence of mom and dad on the son
will be different. We will understand what actions women are especially
destructive to normal development


You can not put pressure on the child

Today, most women strive to be strong, putting weight on
shoulders excessive duties. Perhaps for such behavior and
There are objective reasons, but it is dangerous, above all, the risk
getting an inactive husband and an infantile son. Dominant
the mother is trying to control all areas of the boy, denying him
the right to make decisions. Depending on the nature of the warehouse
the child may actively resist or obey in fear.

Important! The grown-up son of an authoritarian mother will be all
life sitting next to her, not knowing how, and fearing to change something either
сбежит из семьи

Tip! In a child of any age you need to see the person, not
property of mom or dad. Son deserves respect, understanding and
has the right to his opinion and choice of life.

Can’t speak negatively about the boy’s father

Ideal parents are practically non-existent. Everybody commits
mistakes. Many women sin by humiliating a husband in the presence of a son or
they tell the child how bad daddy is. Any father is for
boy role model. If mom distorts the image of dad, then
the son will never grow up courageous and strong. In the case when
father shows his not the best qualities, mother’s task is to
preserving the child’s respect for him, even if
step over your principles.

Important! In the presence of a boy, a woman is forbidden
discuss negative actions of the husband with other people.

Tip! A son and a father must have joint business.
For example, to go together to the rink, make or fix something
at home, read a book, etc. Options – weight.

Emotions should not be forbidden.

Very often, moms forbid a boy to cry, to show their
the senses. Constant phrases like “cry like a girl”, “you
man “,” men do not cry “contribute to the fact that the child is driving
emotions far inward and further lose the ability to express them. Psychologists
unanimously declare, you can not forbid boys to cry. Suppression
experiences will inevitably lead to problems with the physical,
mental health, difficulties in communicating with other people.

Of course, if a little boy fell and cried, he needed
calmly regret and not focus much attention on the situation.
Make it clear that this happens, and you need to get up and move on. BUT
if everything went without tears, then be sure to praise the crumb for
courage and endurance.

Important! The purpose of the mother is to teach the boy to identify,
express and transform your emotions.

Do not restrict freedom of action

As a rule, boys grow up more active and restless.
Some hobbies and fun can be a shock to mom. Need to
remember that a man is a doer. To son learned to act and
to make decisions, he should receive optimal freedom. As if
mom was scared for a child, he needed to “fill their bumps”
in life. Freedom of action depends on the age of the child.
Of course, the scope of what is permitted must be respected. Mom has
sense to limit the son only in aspects that are extremely dangerous
for his health and life. The rest is freedom of decision.

Tip! If the boy is too dynamic, it will be wise to send
this energy in a reasonable direction. For example, to give to the sports section,
where the coach is certainly a man.

Important! The wise mother gradually releases her son with age
him on my own. This does not mean that her love has become less, but she
transformed into other forms of manifestation.

You can not take care of beyond measure

Hyper-care is inherent in moms who are passionately loving sons. More often,
this happens to women who have given birth late, or a child
only. Such a mother seeks to protect the child from the negative,
creates comfortable conditions, does everything for him, strenuously with him
is engaged, selects friends, circles, sections. Woman raises a son
for myself, the way she is comfortable. On the one hand, well here
bad? Beautiful, loving, caring mother. BUT с другой –
perfect ignorance of male psychology.

Boys who grew up under the pressure of mother’s love are hard to create.
and take full responsibility for your family. Usually,
such children become weak-willed, downtrodden, having no
points of view. They remain forever dependent on the opinions of the mother and
accordingly, they will not find happiness.

It is possible and the other extreme oversighted children – this
negativism, demonstrative disobedience. With age they are capable
connect with bad people, become addicted to alcohol,
of drugs.

Tip! According to age, mom needs to teach son
необходимым навыкам самостоятельности

You can not destroy his sexuality

The development of the boy’s correct sexuality may be impaired.
at following aspects:

  1. Joint dream with mom.
  2. Переодевания мамы at сыне.
  3. Forms of affection and tenderness.

The boy needs abundant love from his mother. But ways
its manifestations may be different. The first item is pretty
contradictory. Psychologists и медики по-разному относятся к
joint dream mom and son. Наatмер, известный педиатр Е. О.
Komarovsky believes that if all family members are satisfied with such
situation, then sleep on health.

Psychologists более категоричны и обозначают критический возраст,
when the boy is supposed to sleep separately – 6-7 years. Other part
recommends moving the child to your room after 2-3 years.

The second paragraph has a categorical ban. Son must not see
mother undressed.

The third point implies a ban only on kisses on the lips.
The rest of the manifestations of love – hugging, stroking, kissing in
щёку, лоб – только atветствуются.

Important! It should be remembered that the sexual delimitation of children
and parents impose their imprints on education.

To enable the boy to grow real
a man, his mother needs to choose the right tactics of behavior.
The prohibitions discussed above are only a small but important part.
provisions that must be followed by a woman who dreams to see
in the son of support, protection, reliability.

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