5 singers who are very fat

Christina Aguilera

В 2005 году Christina Aguilera смело заявила, что Бритни Спирс не
will be able after birth to return to the form that she has ceased to follow
follow and her career seems to be over. Several years have passed,
Britney somehow coped with all the problems, but Christine became
almost unrecognizable.

The singer gave birth to a son back in 2008, and immediately after the birth quickly
lost weight. The extra pounds she gained recently
suddenly and in just a few months.

It is remarkable that, having grown fat, Christina remained faithful to her.
familiar frank outfits. After the last ceremony “Golden
Globe 2011 “Aguilera dressed in transparent black lace was compared
with a porn star, it looked so ridiculous on her forms
sexy dress

5 singers who are very fat

Irina Dubtsova

Irina Dubtsova сильно поправилась после родов. In an interview with a magazine
�”The television” singer admitted: “Yes, after giving birth, I recovered on
twenty-two kilograms, and Roma was worth nothing to say: “You
fat Others may keep themselves in shape, but you may not. ”

I ran to the doctors, doing fitness, but I had
hormonal disbalance. And how can a man be explained that with hormones
nothing can be done? You just need to wait until the body itself
will recover. After a while I got in shape. But the relationship
were not the same. I understood: there is no that passion, those emotions that were

To return to the form of the girl turned to the famous
nutritionist. «Мне разработали специальную программу, где очень
подробно расписали, что и когда есть, а что категорически
exclude from the diet “quotes the singer site WMJ.ru

After the diet, the weight was temporarily gone, but to keep the shape of Dubtsov and
I could not.

5 singers who are very fat

Nastya Kochetkova

На концерте выпускников фабрики звезд Nastya Kochetkova поразила
viewers by their appearance.   The problem is not even that girl
Strongly stout, but in that she chose to speak
a beaded white top that accentuated the fatty
folds and made the silhouette even more voluminous.

5 singers who are very fat

Jessica simpson

Кажется вся Америка следит за тем как Jessica simpson то
losing weight but gaining weight again. �“It’s very hard for me to listen
discuss my weight, – the singer admitted in an interview with TV host Oprah
Winfrey, – I recently passed security controls at the airport, and
the woman who was examining me suddenly says, “And you are not so
fat as it seemed to me. ” Imagine? People really think that
I weigh 100 kg! ”

5 singers who are very fat

Now Jessica is preparing for the wedding. Before the solemn date
she promised that she would lose weight and go down the aisle in all its glory
(цитата с сайта  femalefirst.co.uk ). We’ll see.

Eva Polna

5 singers who are very fat

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