5 mandatory products in the diet of women

5 mandatory products in the diet of women

Fatigue, brittle nails, problem skin – this
signs of “negligent” attitude to their health.

Women are ready to do anything to put on a cherished dress:
follow newfangled diets, debilitate the body, train to the loss
pulse. As for sports, the main thing is to observe the “golden
middle “, the movements give only a positive result, but
restrictions in food, and more precisely in nutrients, lead not
only to psychological discomfort, but also to physical
pathologies. A good, high-quality food is not a guarantee
only health, but also beauty, for it’s not for nothing that they say: “we are what we

Eating the right and healthy food, we accelerate the exchange
substances, resulting in losing weight. Strong hair, clear skin and
great well-being – it all comes as a bonus. Every girl and
women need to think first about health and
make the right menu.

For strong immunity, as well as excellent well-being of women,
There is a list of foods to eat.

Fatty fish

5 mandatory products in the diet of women

You can talk endlessly about the benefits of fish, it is
indispensable product in the diet of every person, and women

It’s all about omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which
beneficial effect on the development of the pelvic organs, and in combination with
vitamin D – relieve tension, depression symptoms, reduce
the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease.

It is important to use sea varieties, they are most useful.

Скумбрия имеет отличный вкус и богатый состав.
Useful trace elements perfectly raise immunity, increase
hemoglobin, help the cardiovascular system to function,
rejuvenates the skin and the whole body.

Палтус является вкусной и питательной рыбой
family of flatfish. Using it, you can saturate the body
useful substances that are difficult to obtain from other products
nutrition in this amount: vitamins A, B12, D, E, amino acids, and
also trace elements Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium.

Fatty acids in the composition allow you to throw off extra pounds for
through the removal of fats from the body. There are many wholesome fish
the main thing is to use it regularly, on an ongoing basis (2 times per
a week).


5 mandatory products in the diet of women

The beneficial properties of oatmeal are beyond doubt and are relevant to
every woman. Oats are a great source of vitality
energy as well as immunity. It consists of protein and fiber,
that perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, impurities and heavy salts

Oatmeal богата марганцем, железом, кальцием, медью,
vitamins of group B, folic acid, zinc – these substances
help the body to clean the blood vessels, normalize weight, improve
skin condition.

Women with digestive problems, including oatmeal in their diet,
forever forget about such troubles as constipation.

The ideal option is to use oatmeal every day, better
in the morning, so you recharge your batteries for the whole day.


5 mandatory products in the diet of women

Broccoli cabbage is an excellent source of vitamins and
microelements necessary for the female body:

  • Cabbage has a lot of vitamins U and C, which is great
    protect against ulcers and colds;
  • elements like Iron, Copper, Cobalt, optimize blood
    pressure and maintain hemoglobin at the proper level;
  • a large amount of iodine remarkably regulates the work
    thyroid gland;
  • Phosphorus, Calcium, Vitamins are present in smaller quantities.
    group B, dietary fiber and other substances.

Conducted tests where they found out that broccoli reduces
the likelihood of breast cancer disease (reducing excess
estrogen), and indeed cancer cells in general.

Broccoli прекрасно чистит организм и выводит токсины,
improves the digestive tract, normalizes blood pressure, and thanks to
high amount of calcium – strengthens tooth enamel and all bone
the system.


5 mandatory products in the diet of women                                 

This product has long been used to treat and
recovery of the female body. It has a positive effect on
well-being, beauty, brain work, condition of the joints and the whole
bone system, and also warns neoplasms of dairy
glands, helps fight depression, stress,

Употребляя nut в пищу, можно очень хорошо подготовить
female body to pregnancy and also raise

Богатый и качественный состав nutа удивляет и еще раз
confirms its effectiveness. Vitamins of group B, A, E, C, K, PP,
as well as Zinc, Iron, Iodine, Copper, Manganese, Selenium – all this is excellent
rejuvenates the skin, and flavonoids with antioxidants, increase
resistance to infections.

Gretsky nut очень вкусный, поэтому употреблять его в пищу –
sheer pleasure. Two to three cores a day is enough
for best results.

Dark chocolate

5 mandatory products in the diet of women

For many, a chocolate bar is just another way.
pamper yourself. But few people know that it is not only tasty
delicacy, but also a useful product, especially for the female body.
It is worth noting that we are talking about dark chocolate, where the content
cocoa is 70%. Useful characteristics of chocolate are surprising to them

  • phosphorus that acts favorably on the brain, improving memory and
  • calcium, which helps to strengthen the bone system;
  • tianin, has an antibacterial effect that is very
    important for people with caries;
  • magnesium, accelerating cell metabolism and metabolism;
  • phosphates and fluoride, reliably strengthen tooth enamel.

Chocolate cheers up perfectly, helps to fight
depressive state, facilitates the course of PMS, as well as

Women need to include chocolate in their diet.
who want to extend their youth, as it includes
large amount of antioxidants. The optimal amount: a pair
slices daily.

Of course, this is a list of only the most important products about which
we forget, you can add and adjust them depending
from needs. It is important not to forget about regularity and then the result.
not long in coming.

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