5 important topics to talk with your daughter

Mon, 07 Jul 2014

Without a doubt, raising a child is not an easy task. Any
the parent wishes his daughter or son happiness, fate better than his own.
Frankness between children and parents, the opportunity to discuss any
a question without reserve, friendship and goodwill in the family – that’s all
something that will help the child in search of his own path in life. AT
shaping the principles of any girl is not the least role
play the basics that were laid in her mother. How about what
you need to talk with your daughter to form her right
attitude to the most important life situations?

So, the first question for discussion is a sexual question.
maturity, the most outspoken between mother and daughter. Girl is important
to know the structure of a woman’s body, to learn how to build correctly
общение с мужчинами, откуда появляются дети и т. д. ATсё это им
It will be interesting to learn not from friends, not from magazines and newspapers, but
it is from her mom.

It is clear that you should not give the child an adult lecture on these
topics try to talk about it in a simpler and more accessible
language. Explain to your daughter that these are not forbidden questions. Begin yourself.
open conversation. For greater clarity, you can use
special literature with images. On this topic you can
talk to a daughter who has already reached the 9 year old

ATторой вопрос для обсуждения — невинность. ATопрос очень
delicate, so many moms are interested in when and how about this
can and should talk. ATажно выстроить откровенный и осторожный
conversation. Try telling your daughter how to line up.
the relationship between a man and a woman how to be yourself
to lead correctly. Explain to your daughter that innocence is not worth it.
get rid of, you can only lose it. According to some
psychologists, such conversations should be entrusted to the pope so that he himself
was able to approve the personal life of the child. The most suitable age for
such a conversation – 10 years.

The third question – the use of alcoholic beverages. Usually
girls try alcohol for the first time after they start
�”Grown-up” like any boy. Girls want
look older, braver in his eyes. Only children are still difficult
evaluate the rate of drunk, so they often commit shameful
stupidity Therefore, it is necessary to explain to the daughter what can be
the real consequences of unnecessary effort to become faster
an adult.

The fourth question is religion. If the family is a believer, that makes sense
take your daughter with you to church because it will be easier to explain there
the meaning of faith, its meaning, etc. You can give a child a children’s Bible with
beautiful illustrations. So gradually you will teach your daughter to
spirituality. Talk about sex education in accordance with
religious ideas can be started early enough, from 7-8
years old. If family members are unbelievers and believe that a growing child
must decide on this question himself, then either
deal with this issue or offer a special daughter
literature (on the history of culture or religion) where it could
familiarize yourself with all existing theories of the origin of life on
the earth.

The fifth question is fashion and personal style. Some girls
put on high heels early enough, start to use
cosmetics. Therefore, it is extremely important to instill a sense of style in the girl.
Explain to your daughter that she should not imitate her friends or
classmates. You need to have your own image. Help
daughters, ask who her favorite actress or singer is, what exactly
she likes them. ATозможно, некоторые черты кумира вашей дочери
it will be possible to adopt it. But all this should be done in moderation, advice
helping the growing girl in the orientation of taste and style.

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