5 children’s books, which have been forgotten by modernparents

Fri, 06 Feb 2015

It is known that people, becoming adults, very quickly forget
times when they were children. Becoming parents, for some reason, we
we gain severity and intolerance to childish pranks, we try
persistently and boring to teach their children to the mind, completely depriving them
the joy of full communication with us. Communication is open and on equal terms.
But we can teach our kids so much interesting things, just
rummaging through his childhood. Do not know how? And start, for example, with
reading those children’s books that you safely forgot about, but
who at one time brought you not only joy, but also that
amazing favor.

Marcello Argilli and Gabriella Park “The Adventures

a book of Italian authors, somewhat similar to all known
�”Buratino”. Only the main character is a mechanical tin boy,
created from scrap metal objects. He has a good
heart, which, however, requires a late charge – engine oil. AT
Otherwise, Carnation becomes very angry and vindictive.
The little boy is going through exciting adventures, finds friends,
fights injustice and greed, and, of course, wins.

The book will be a wonderful pastime for reading kids
or for those who are not reading, but who like to listen to interesting tales before
a dream.

Elena Danko “The Defeated Karabas”

your baby knows that his favorite fairy tale is “Golden Key or
The Adventures of Pinocchio ”is there a sequel? Ready to argue that no.
BUT ведь после того, как BUTлексей Толстой написал свое знаменитое
the work, the children literally went crazy on it. ATзрослые, дабы
to satisfy, the thirst of kids to endless re-reading adored
fairy tales, we decided to make performances on them. But, you see, this is
not exactly? And then the writer Elena Danko decided to please
all fans of restless Pinocchio and wrote a talented
continuation of the story about a wooden boy and his friends.
�“The Defeated Karabas” is a funny and fascinating story, the main ones
the heroes of which were the same characters of Tolstoy. They are experiencing
wonderful adventures, wittyly fighting enemies, surely
appearing to be winners.

Joel Harris “Uncle Remus’s Tales”

tales of cunning rabbit rabbit and cunning but always
losing the Bratz Fox, brightened up any childhood. Being
small, we read stories about this cheerless couple,
by all means trying to outwit each other. Do not deprive your
a child of the joy that they themselves experienced in their time.
Introduce Uncle Remus’s stories that you can teach.
your kid’s tolerance and kindness.

Stories of Nikolay Nosov

there is
seam of parents who consider it is literally necessary to introduce
their children with the magnificent stories of Nikolai Nosov. Unfortunately,
this layer is not as wide as we would like. Most
adults, considering the stories of this writer to be strongly “Soviet” and
incomprehensible modern children neglect wonderful
stories of the prose writer, depriving his child of not only fun (and
Nosov’s stories are incredibly ridiculous), but the opportunities to join the
basic human values ​​- kindness, compassion, tolerance,
hard work We sincerely advise you to buy a collection
works of this wonderful author. ATедь у вас есть
A unique opportunity – in an exciting style to introduce your
child with times when there were no phones, and therefore even
toy devices were perceived by Soviet kids as
real miracle

BUTркадий Гайдар «Тимур и его команда», «Голубая чашка»

замечательного советского автора BUTркадия Гайдара слышали далеко не
all modern children. Parents, sincerely believing that the time of this
writer gone into the distant past do not consider it necessary to acquaint their
Chad with the work of this author, although themselves, being small,
read his stories. We sincerely recommend you
reanimate for yourself this magnificent prose writer and meet
their kids with the fascinating history of Timur – active, honest
and open boy who, along with a team of his friends
fights evil and injustice.

The story “Blue Cup” – a wonderful story about
relationship between adults and children, understanding the need
honest dialogue between them. And simply, it’s fascinating and, in
In many ways, a tragic story that will not leave anyone indifferent
one child.

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