4 week of pregnancy. Fetal development and sensationfuture mothers at 4 weeks of pregnancy.

Sun, Oct 23, 2016

In the fourth week of pregnancy, few women suspect
about your beautiful position. Occurring processes they often
explain premenstrual syndrome and do not think about
that soon their lives could change radically. And at this time
in the mother’s body is already developing a fragile life, responsibility for
which should now become the raison d’être of a woman.


Changes in the body at the 4th week of pregnancy

Already 4 week of pregnancy brings some women different
changes in well-being. It may be irritability,
fatigue, sleepiness, in the physical sphere – swelling
mammary glands, nipple sensitization, increased urging
to urinate. All these changes are caused by active work.
organs that are preparing for childbirth and childbirth, the main
way – the yellow body in the ovary. About 2 weeks after
fertilization of the presence in the body of the embryo can be
guess about the absence of a woman’s menstruation. In her body in
this time appears hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin,
the presence of which in the urine clearly indicates
of pregnancy.

Fetus condition at 4 weeks gestation

The baby at this time is actively developing extra-embryonic
organs, which include chorion, amnion and yolk sac.
People who are far from medicine, these names do not say anything. But,
without these organs, the baby simply cannot develop. Exactly
non-embryonic organs that develop in week 4,
will subsequently provide the fetus with nutrition, respiration,
biochemical support and protection from adverse effects
the environment. From the chorion will be formed later
the placenta, amnion will become the fetal bladder.

It seems that dads will be pleased to know that in creating these
of the most important organs, the role of the paternal genes is more active compared to
maternal. That is, even at this level, nature emphasizes
that the main task of a man is to provide life and protection
those for whom he is responsible.

Externally, the baby is still a flat disk consisting of
several layers, each of which in its time will turn into
some kind of organ or tissue.

Possible feelings on the 4th week of pregnancy

During this period, women tend to feel elevated.
nipple sensitivity, they become drowsy, irritable
and even whiny. But the nausea and dizziness of the expectant mother
yet should not be.

Necessary actions

At this time, few of the women realize their
pregnancy, so some specific actions
does not go. Although those who have already had pregnancy experience are able to
the first symptoms to suspect the existence of a new life, and may
make a pregnancy test to make sure your guesses.

On such a period are very undesirable differences
blood pressure, fever, headache,
disorders of the digestive system and any other painful
conditions that can end in miscarriage.

If a woman has spotting or long-term
pulling pain in the lower abdomen, should immediately turn to
to the doctor, because in this way serious
патологии развития of pregnancy.

General recommendations

The fourth week of pregnancy refers to her first trimester,
which is a very crucial period, in many ways
determining the future health of the baby. At this time on the development of the fetus
literally everything can affect – the purity of the environment of mother, the regime
her sleep and wakefulness, diet and many other factors.
Therefore, she must understand that she needs to change her attitude towards
many things that were previously unimportant to her, and very
treat every action and even thought carefully.
Literally everything should now be subordinated to one goal – to endure and
give birth to a healthy baby. Of course, you have to give up many
things that used to make up for mom the little joys of life.
Late online gatherings, favorite spicy dishes, fitness,
meeting with a friend for a glass of wine at the end of a difficult work week
– about all this while you have to forget. But in return, the expectant mother
gets an unparalleled happiness for a woman waiting
the birth of his baby.

Weekly pregnancy calendar:

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  • 21 weeks gestation
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  • 31 неделя of pregnancy
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  • 36 week of pregnancy
  • 37 week of pregnancy
  • 38 week of pregnancy
  • 39 week of pregnancy
  • 40 неделя of pregnancy


Asya 09/10/2016 Another only beginning is the test))))))
Thanks for the article) Very good helper for the future mommy
can be this free program Woman Calendar from ZAYA
(http://zaya-soft.com/wcalendar) I like it so much every day
learn new about my baby))) Zhenya 03/28/2016 Only today
I found out that I was pregnant !!! And rushed to the Internet, in search of different
information. No symptoms are manifested yet, no nausea.
Tomorrow I’ll go to the doctor, find out in detail what you can eat, what to drink,
what vitamins to take .. Tangerine 03/28/2016 And I, at the beginning
of pregnancy появилась просто дикая тяга к пиву! And this despite the fact that
I do not drink at all! It was a little unexpected ..)) Mom told me that
This is for the child, well, that is, the body wants. I bought a draft
beer, especially for me, 1 liter. And I was over the moon from
happiness Christel 03/28/2016 I now wonder why alcohol
completely exclude? Even light wine. I can not believe that one glass
guilt can hurt the baby. Look at the mother, so they
The whole pregnancy does not limit itself very much, and nothing! Children
are healthy! Marina 03/28/2016 Of course, for everyone individually. Simply
general symptoms are described to girls who are about to
to become a mother, it was easier to navigate. And in general, did not bother
everyone would know exactly what is happening in one or another period
of pregnancy.

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