34 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andsensations at 34 weeks gestation.

Wed, Oct 26, 2016

Your baby is 34 weeks old! Today it lies correctly –
head to the birth canal (optimal presentation, providing
maximum protection for the infant and mother during the childbirth). If a
the position of the child in the womb is different from the norm (pelvic, oblique or
previa), then, most likely, you expect a cesarean
cross section. The long-awaited event is just around the corner, so it’s time for
shopping: it’s time to get everything you need for crumbs.


Changes in the body at 34 weeks gestation

The body of a pregnant woman as never before begins to prepare for childbirth.
Sometimes uterine contractions that are false are noticed.
(thus the body “learns” to participate in the generic act), but with
every week the risk of “earning” real contractions increases.
Placental hormones give a signal to the brain that it’s time to milk
glands produce milk. By 34 weeks pregnant uterus
increased in volume several dozen times, its size reaches
32-35 cm. Amniotic fluid also noticeably increased.
and usually reaches one liter. Pelvic bones under the influence of
hormone relaxin widened by several centimeters, steep
tilts a woman begins to cause severe discomfort or pain
so she has to squat a little to lift something with
floor. Fatigue increases, shortness of breath – a satellite of the third trimester –
becomes more palpable (this is due to the increasing pressure on

Fetus condition at 34 weeks gestation

The fruit by this time is actively gaining mass, and now it
is more due to fatty tissue. Child’s weight 34
week varies from 2 000 to 2 300 gr., and growth is 44-4eight cm.
Baby’s lungs are fully opened, and in the case of premature
he will be able to breathe independently, however the ability to maintain
the heat has not yet fully formed, so without supporting
equipment he can not do. Little body baby acquires
�”Human” pink shade, it is still covered with embryonic
fluff (langugo) and cheese-like lubricant. Scalp on the head
it becomes thicker, the skeletal system is getting stronger, the muscles become stronger,
and the proportions of the body have already become apparent. By week 34, the fetus is completely
the sleep-wake mode is formed, it sees dreams. To kid
becomes tighter compared to previous weeks, so
there may be a decline in its activity, which is not worth scaring.

Possible feelings on the 34th week of pregnancy

Pregnant belly becomes heavier, so that a woman
becomes clumsy, slow, she walks slowly, lies down and
rises. Any work, as well as long standing
become a real test for the future mother. Already at this time
you may notice that your tummy is down and the baby is due
crowding has become less active (although this is not always the case), however
his “blows” and pushing are felt more strongly, because muscle tissue
growing stronger every day. The urination of a pregnant woman is increasing due to
with fetal pressure on the bladder. In addition, increasingly begin
manifest training fights of bregston-hicks which
are painful irregular contractions of the uterus. Stomach
at the same time, it “kamenet”, and the pain that begins in the upper part smoothly
steals up to the bottom, after which it disappears without a trace.

Required medical surveillance at week 34
of pregnancy

According to certain indications, the gynecologist may send you to an ultrasound scan,
to establish the presence of possible complications, to identify hypoxia
the fetus, if it exists, but not for the purpose of routine screening. Ultrasound
allows you to see the location of the placenta and the umbilical cord
relation to the child, as well as the amount of amniotic fluid. Overall
urine and blood tests at 34 weeks usually do not pass. If a вы
planning to practice partner childbirth with my husband, he will have to
pass a series of tests: blood for antibodies to HIV, hepatitis B, C, RW and
must undergo fluorography of the lungs.

General recommendations

Are you already training vaginal muscles with Kegel exercises?
If a нет, тогда самое время начинать. As practice shows,
It is much easier for trained muscles to “survive” the clan act, and
subsequently, it is faster to return to normal and return to prenatal elasticity.
Kegel therapy is extremely simple, but very effective, and
It consists in alternate tension and relaxation of vaginal

Continue to walk more in the fresh air, if necessary –
relax. Also eat rationally and varied, because the child
will literally “pull” nutrients and vitamins from you, and
Oh, my mother’s strength will be needed in the very near future.
The question of maintaining peace of mind and
stable emotional background. Save yourself and little baby
from stress and anxiety.

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Ilona 04/06/2016 Yeah, not understandable sensations … And it seems to be sleeping
hunting, tired, weakness, and you lay down – and nothing! It seems to fail
a little sleep, and almost immediately wake up. And my baby leads there
yourself extremely active! I already suspect that he is not one, but a whole
football team !!)) Gul 04/06/2016 The only thing for me
worries and delivers a lot of inconvenience – this is a pulling sensation in
lower abdomen. So not nice … But the doctor said it was normal and
nothing to worry about. And, of course, my legs get tired, swelling.
I try not to lie for a long time, but this is bad. Snezhana
06.04.2016 Я проходила Ultrasound еще на 32 неделе of pregnancy, и мне
said we pull for 35 weeks! I do not even know what through
a week will be … What is my hero !!)) Feeling
Normal, I do not consider any side trivialities worthy of attention.
Zhanna 04/06/2016 Damn, I have insomnia! I can’t sleep at all.
I agree that this is because of the experiences at the expense of childbirth. I am very
I worry, I try to calm myself, but thoughts about it do not give rest.
Yes, I also run to the toilet … So – then I will sleep))) Zhanna
04/06/2016 Damn, I have insomnia! I can’t sleep at all. Agree,
that this is because of experiences about childbirth. I am very переживаю, пытаюсь
reassure yourself, but thoughts about it do not give rest. Yes, also in the toilet
I run … So – then I will sleep)))

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