3 week of pregnancy. Fetal development and sensationmothers at 3 weeks gestation.

Sun, Oct 23, 2016

In the third week of childbearing development occurs
immunosuppressive protein, which is called the first sign
of pregnancy. Without it, the human body could confuse the embryo
with an alien body and repel it. Even a small amount
this protein will be quite enough for the test to confirm

During this period, the embryo is not at all like a child. Outwardly this
rather a cluster of cells that can only be seen with
powerful microscope. However, the embryo already has genes
which determines his height, gender, external features, and
individual traits of the child. Even though the first
weeks of pregnancy, the human fetus is almost the same
from the germ of any animal, by the end of the first trimester, you can
it will accurately identify its legs, arms, head. On the third
week starts laying all internal organs. First
the heart, genitals and neural tube are formed. By twenty
The first day of carrying a baby with ultrasound is already
You can fix the heartbeat of the embryo.

Signs 3 week gestation

The woman in the third week of pregnancy appears first
signs of pregnancy, allowing to predict its interesting
position. Some expectant mothers have an increased
sensitivity, change in appetite, fatigue or
pain in the chest area. During this period, many women
they become hot-tempered, irritable, and whiny. Everything
These changes are due to significant hormonal
changes that cause the restructuring of the work of all higher
nervous activity and the formation of the dominant dominant
of pregnancy.

At the beginning of pregnancy, many sensations are similar to the symptoms.
second half of the menstrual cycle. Under the influence of the hormone
progesterone occurs fluid retention in the body, namely
so some women feel lowering pains
belly. In the first weeks of waiting for a baby, the number of
secretions from the genital tract. Some women are pretty
scarce, while others have a fairly abundant. But despite them
the amount, nature of such discharge must necessarily
meet the norm. In a healthy woman, these discharges have
light milky color and have a slightly sourish odor. Any
deviation from the norm may indicate the presence in the body
various infections and is an immediate reason for a visit to
to the doctor.

Often at the very beginning of pregnancy can be
ранний токсикоз. Due to incorrect output
toxins can accompany a woman, as mild nausea, and
severe vomiting. However, most expectant mothers at such an early date
still do not feel any changes in their body and lead
habitual way of life. During this period, it is advisable to avoid
x-ray examination, do not take any
potent drugs. On the thirdй неделе
pregnant women are prescribed folic acid as well as vitamin E.
Despite the fact that in the body of a woman, the birth of a new
life, do not need to eat for two. Required daily dose
nutrients is 2200 kcal. It is better if
The daily ration will be divided into five to six meals. But for
snacking is perfect fresh or dried fruit, berries or

Recommendations for the 3rd week of pregnancy

Any pregnant woman, especially one who is on
early terms, needs extra proteins, iron and calcium.
Everything указанные вещества в достаточном количестве содержаться в
cottage cheese, fish, broccoli, apples, fresh vegetables and fruits, and
in wholemeal bread. Be sure to use enough
amounts of pure water. The required dose is a half to two
liters per day. But the amount you drink strong tea or coffee
It is better to reduce to the minimum portion. Strictly prohibited
there is alcohol and nicotine, because even their minimum dose can
cause irreparable harm to the life and health of the child.

Weekly pregnancy calendar:

  • First week of pregnancy
  • 2 week of pregnancy
  • 3 week of pregnancy
  • 4 week of pregnancy
  • 5 week of pregnancy
  • 6 week of pregnancy
  • 7 week of pregnancy
  • 8 week of pregnancy
  • 9 week of pregnancy
  • 10 week of pregnancy
  • 11 week of pregnancy
  • 12 week of pregnancy
  • 13 week of pregnancy
  • 14 week of pregnancy
  • 15 week of pregnancy
  • 16 week of pregnancy
  • 17 week of pregnancy
  • 18 week of pregnancy
  • 19 week of pregnancy
  • 20 week of pregnancy
  • 21 weeks gestation
  • 22 week of pregnancy
  • 23 week of pregnancy
  • 24 week of pregnancy
  • 25 week of pregnancy
  • 26 week of pregnancy
  • 27 week of pregnancy
  • 28 week of pregnancy
  • 29 week of pregnancy
  • 30 week of pregnancy
  • 31 weeks of pregnancy
  • 32 week of pregnancy
  • 33 week of pregnancy
  • 34 week of pregnancy
  • 35 week of pregnancy
  • 36 week of pregnancy
  • 37 week of pregnancy
  • 38 week of pregnancy
  • 39 week of pregnancy
  • 40 неделя of pregnancy


Lucy 03/28/2016 Thanks for the article. When you read this information,
you understand that not only you have problems))) And so it is easier on the soul
becomes)) And in general, it is interesting to know what exactly is happening with
inside you on different dates, how should the development go and what
the symptoms. Valya 03/28/2016 At last I am pregnant! Happiness for
the whole family, tried for the past 3 years! And, like in a fairy tale!
I’m terribly glad about it, and not any toxicosis, edema, etc. – do not spoil
my mood! I eat only everything fortified, natural and
Fresh, and really looking forward to the baby! Zhanna 03/28/2016 I have three now
недели of pregnancy, и я уже мучаюсь от токсикоза! Even scary
think what will happen next! It may still not long
last? I’m trying to revise my menu, I don’t seem to be eating it anymore.
What is this … And all the same sick. Stasia 03/28/2016 What I Was
whining! This is so in a nutshell and can not be described! Every look to me
seemed oblique)) Every word – offensive. even had to
take soothing, that’s just no sense from them! Even
on the contrary! Even more felt like an unhappy woman))) Irishka
28.03.2016 У меня в первые недели of pregnancy, были постоянные
pain, not strong, but pulling. I did not know what to do! Like and
it doesn’t hurt, but it distracts you from everything, concentrates on nothing
possibly. Yes, and nervous about it. Broke on her husband.

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