25 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andsensations in the 25th week of pregnancy.

Mon, Oct 24, 2016

25 weeks of gestation equals 6 obstetric months (1
month = 28 days.). Fifteen more weeks ahead, but all is vital
important systems of your baby are already formed. His heartbeat,
Heard through a stethoscope or phonendoscope, makes you tremble
future mom’s heart, and papa can already clearly sense the rhythmic
drummers, putting his ear to the belly of his beloved wife.

Changes in the body at the 25th week of pregnancy

The uterus of the pregnant woman by the 25th week has increased significantly in
size, and now the abdomen is becoming increasingly hemispheric
form. The uterus rests on the diaphragm, ribs and stomach, therefore
woman often begins to worry heartburn, discomfort in
diaphragmatic area and the costal arch. To avoid
recurrence of heartburn, pregnant women need to eat more often, but
in small portions. Starting in the twentieth week of pregnancy
blood cells responsible for hemoglobin levels start faster
grow old and slower to update (this is due to the heavy load on
organism), therefore anemia can develop – a frequent satellite
�”Interesting” position. The future mother’s breast grows milky
iron activates the production of colostrum.

The state of the fetus in the 25th week of pregnancy

25 week – the beginning of intensive reinforcement and compaction
osteo-articular apparatus in the baby. Structured organs
grow, and the development of the lungs reaches its highest peak – the baby
begins to take the first breaths, absorbing the amniotic fluid,
blood flows to the lungs and “learns” to perform gas exchange. Fingers
acquire the skill and try to forcefully shrink into cams. On ultrasound
You can also see an amazing picture of how the kid is trying to handle
reach for legs. At the 25th week of pregnancy is formed
individual fingerprint pattern on the fingertips.
The child develops its own mode of “sleep-wake.” Testicles
boys descend into the scrotum. The weight of your baby varies from 650 to
700 gr. As a rule, children born at the end of week 25
pregnancies in modern medicine have a big chance

Possible feelings on the 25th week of pregnancy

More recently, the expectant mother was weakly feeling the movement of the fetus,
similar to the “walking” of gases in the intestines, and today it already feels
strong tremors and tumbling, from which a woman feels a flurry
enthusiastic emotions. The baby begins to respond to stroking
tummy At the 26th week of pregnancy, the baby tries to breathe. These
respiratory movements often cause baby hiccups, felt
as weak and rhythmic spasms (or rhythmic “nervous
teak”). As the belly of a pregnant woman becomes heavier, she has
discomfort in the back area and
back pain. Sometimes there is shortness of breath, heaviness and swelling in

Required medical surveillance at week 25
of pregnancy

Soon the pregnant woman will begin to visit the gynecologist twice as often for
measuring waist circumference, listening to a child’s heart
cuts and mandatory scheduled weighing. Doctor in
necessarily sends the expectant mother for a complete blood count,
the main purpose of which is to determine the level of hemoglobin,
sugar, blood clotting, and urinalysis for
studies of the urinary system (in particular the kidneys).
If there is discomfort, itching, burning, or unnatural discharge
in the crotch area the gynecologist takes a swab to check the microflora

General recommendations

So, first of all, let’s talk about anemia. To help
the body prolong the life of blood cells and increase the level
hemoglobin, it is necessary to take appropriate measures in time. AT
In most cases, the doctor prescribes synthetic iron preparations,
and we, in turn, advise you to supplement them with a balanced diet,
including iron-containing products (pomegranate, prunes, legumes,
bran, oatmeal, cranberries) and daily walks in the fresh
the air.

In addition, the expectant mother should start preparing in advance.
nipples and areola to their main mission – feeding. For
Do not forget to wash the necessary space with cold more often.
water and wipe, massaging, rough towel. If a
nipples almost do not stand out, gently and gradually we delay
them forward. Simple manipulation is enough to spend 1-2 minutes
per day (no longer possible, otherwise the uterus will begin to contract).

Women suffering from varicose veins should be taken
urgent preventive measures against further education
thrombosis. Поэтому с 25 недели of pregnancy возникает необходимость
wear special slimming stockings. ATероятнее всего врач выпишет
natural preparations for strengthening vessels and will give individual
recommendations for active-passive gymnastics.

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Liza 03/29/2016 Soon on maternity leave, the work is finally annoyed.
I want to devote more time to my beloved and future baby.
ATера 29.03.2016 Что-то я переживаю по поводу супруга. I’m becoming
looks like an elephant, because of the complications of intimate life banned,
will it bear all this? Svetochka 03/29/2016 Pregnancy – small
a life. I often take pictures, I’m going to be pregnant.
Leave such beauty for the story, just shake :)))
Alecsandra 03/29/2016 I and slimming stockings are written out, and a bunch
drugs. For меня беременность и радость, и испытание
at the same time. I could not get pregnant for a very long time, so now
on the seventh heaven!!! VcuSnasha 29.03.2016 ATот уже шесть
months behind, now baby starts to grow and gain weight. And me
There is something to do: changing clothes, reading smart books and listening
classical music.

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