24 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andsensations in the 24th week of pregnancy.

W, 25 Oct 2016

In the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy, the child continues
its active development. The state of the expectant mother significantly
improves, drowsiness and toxicosis remain behind. In this period
almost every woman feels movement well enough
fetus and feels a close relationship with it. This time is great
for planning a child’s room or buying first things for


Child development in the 24th week of pregnancy

Every day the child is more and more like a newborn. Him
little body and face are rounded due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.
The cilia and eyebrows of the baby become noticeable, and the skin is bright
red gradually becomes already gently pink. It is on this
term, the body of the fetus begins to actively produce a hormone,
responsible for height and weight. The baby hears, sees, feels pain and
touch. The brain continues its development, which leads
to a significant enrichment of reactions caused by external
irritants. Gradually, the fetus begins to prepare for childbirth, and in
the pituitary gland of a little man forms substances that
responsible for the development of the maternal ancestral activity. At this time
perfectly fetal heartbeat. The growth of the baby reaches
thirty centimeters, the average weight is six hundred grams.

Changes in the female body at the 24th week of pregnancy

Due to sprains and dry skin, pregnant women often itch
belly, especially in places where stretch marks are formed. Data
skin defects are more likely to be acquired by women who
quickly gain weight while waiting for a child. However, the main
factor affecting the appearance of stretch marks or, as they are called
striae, yet is heredity. Occasionally women can
feel a sharp sharp pain in the side of the abdomen – this is the uterus
trains and stretching preparing for childbirth.

Risks of pregnancy complications

At 24 weeks, the risk of developing anemia in pregnant women is still high.
women During this period, the volume of liquid increases significantly.
parts of the blood, which in turn causes its irritation. Even
earlier hemoglobin and red blood cells were normal, but now
anemia may develop. Symptoms of this disease are
pallor of mucous membranes and skin, weakness, drowsiness, flickering before
eyes and tinnitus. Often the low hemoglobin content
mother’s blood can lead to oxygen starvation of the fetus and
lag it in development.

Late health hazards for mothers and children
toxicosis, which in medicine is called pre-eclampsia.
Evidence of this complication of pregnancy may be increased.
blood pressure, swelling and protein in the urine.

Discharge from the genital tract at this time should be light,
moderate, uniform and have a slightly sour smell. Change
their nature or the appearance of mucous, cheesy or purulent
discharge may indicate an inflammatory process,
flowing in the mother’s body and requires compulsory treatment.

Dangerous symptoms in week 24

It is very important to take liquid watery or
yellowish discharge from the genital tract, they can mean the beginning
preterm labor. In this case, you need to immediately
call an ambulance and go to a medical facility. Even
a small amount of watery discharge is the reason for
urgent visit to the gynecologist. Sign of placental abruption
there may be bloody discharge. This condition is not threatened.
only health, as well as the life of a woman, but also very dangerous for
unborn child, and requires mandatory hospitalization.

Nutrition of a pregnant woman

In the process of pregnancy is constantly increasing
the need of the female body for nutrients and
microelements. To reduce the risk of anemia is desirable
eat more foods that contain iron: beef,
liver, fish, sour apples, egg yolk, buckwheat,
sweet pepper, currants, cherries and seaweed. Feed on
It is necessary regularly, in small portions, five or six times a day.
Avoid spicy, salted, smoked and fatty foods.
food. If pregnant women have a tendency to edema
strictly control the amount of fluid you drink (more about
correct during pregnancy)

Tests in the second trimester

At the described stage, the time comes for the next ultrasound
research, during which the specialist will study the structure of the body
child, will determine the presence or absence of malformations
internal organs, estimate the amount of amniotic fluid, identify
place of attachment of the placenta and its real state. Compulsory
is and a clinical blood test that is assigned in order
to find out the level of hemoglobin in the blood of a pregnant woman, and
also the likelihood of anemia. Before the next visit
gynecologist must pass an urinalysis, to evaluate the work
the kidneys. During the reception the doctor sure to measure arterial
pressure and height of the bottom of the female uterus, as well as listen
fetal heartbeat.

Weekly pregnancy calendar:

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  • 13 week of pregnancy
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  • 16 week of pregnancy
  • 17 week of pregnancy
  • 18 week of pregnancy
  • 19 week of pregnancy
  • 20 week of pregnancy
  • 21 weeks gestation
  • 22 week of pregnancy
  • 23 week of pregnancy
  • 24 week of pregnancy
  • 25 week of pregnancy
  • 26 week of pregnancy
  • 27 week of pregnancy
  • 28 week of pregnancy
  • 29 week of pregnancy
  • 30 week of pregnancy
  • 31 weeks of pregnancy
  • 32 week of pregnancy
  • 33 week of pregnancy
  • 34 week of pregnancy
  • 35 week of pregnancy
  • 36 week of pregnancy
  • 37 week of pregnancy
  • 38 week of pregnancy
  • 39 week of pregnancy
  • 40 week of pregnancy


Verba 03/29/2016 Yes, 24th week already, soon the countdown will go and
to space. A little scary, but more from the unknown. I hope
everything goes smoothly. Anastasija 03/29/2016 I thank the author for
valuable nutritional advice. Pulls me only on danara, but need
so much right to eat. Everything, I’m tied up with my beloved
fast foods. Elena 03/29/2016 Tummy I grease every day with olive
oil to stretch was not. And the chest is still insignificant
increased. The kid is dancing and ordering something delicious.
Faina 03/29/2016 Now the most like shopping. I
I have already bought some of the dowry, but this is only a small part of what
necessary. Yes, and most need something from the clothes. In my already not enter.
Dasha 03/29/2016 The baby is growing, and my belly is also increasing in
sizes. I had to buy not only a jacket of unreal size, but
and shoes are bigger in size. There is no swelling, but the legs have become

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