23 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andsensations in the 23rd week of pregnancy.

W, 25 Oct 2016

At week 23, a pregnant woman is in dire need of support and
understanding your loved ones. Hormonal changes occurring in her
body, causing increased mood swings, and
To treat them with patience and wisdom.

Changes in the body at 23 weeks of pregnancy

During this period, the uterus continues to grow and the placenta increases, and
also amniotic fluid volume. Weight gain future mother
ranges from 5 to 6.7 kg. There is also an increase in pressure.
uterus on the internal organs. At this time it is located on
a distance of about 3.75 cm above the navel.

At week 23 in the chemical composition of the blood of pregnant women occur
changes due to which the fluid is retained longer in the tissues.
The uterus, which is increasing every day, is increasingly pressing on
veins, which slows down blood circulation in the legs. All this
leads to the formation of edema. All excess water will leave the body in
the first days after birth, and at this stage should be reduced
the amount of salt used to do exercises to improve
blood circulation and wearing supporting stockings. Deny
fluid, on the contrary, does not follow. When the swelling on the arms and
The person should consult with a doctor who will determine not
whether they are a sign of late toxicosis of pregnancy.

Fetus condition at 23 weeks gestation

By this date, the growth of the baby is from 28 cm to 30 cm, weight – from
460 gr. to 520 gr., although these are very average indicators, which in
Each case may vary. At this time, almost
all women feel fetal movement in the form of very significant shocks
and rhythmic wince in the stomach.

A child at this time spends most of the time in a dream and
wakes up about once an hour, reminding mom of a stir. AT
a whole day, she should feel at least 10 pushes her
crumbs. 23 week development of the central nervous system of the baby
is at the level when the devices record activity
brain, similar to the activity of ordinary people.

It is believed that the baby at this stage of pregnancy sees dreams.
ATозрастает координация его движений, он подолгу сосет пальчики,
feels itself, the umbilical cord, the walls of the uterus. Although outwardly baby
resembles a little old man with red wrinkled skin, his
the figure is becoming more proportionate. Eyes that are already
opened, he can see the light and darkness, reacting to them. He hears
sounds, and if they scare him, then he immediately lets mom know about it
its stirring. On the contrary, on her affectionate words and stroking
tummy he responds with rest. ATсе органы и функции малыша к 23
week already formed and perform the functions for which they

ATозможные ощущения на 23 неделе беременности

AT это время головные боли, которые являются характерными для
first trimester of pregnancy due to hormonal changes like
usually weaken or pass. But the increase in the number
hormones at week 23 can cause frequent drops
moods. Braxton may have fights at this time.
Hicks that manifest as a sensation of pain and slight spasms in
uterus. Afraid of this is not necessary, so the uterus is preparing for the upcoming

A future mom may feel pain and a feeling of heaviness in her legs.
Under increasing weight, foot lengthening and development occur.
static flatfoot, so many shoes become small.
Therefore, the expectant mother should use insoles for pregnant women.
and wear only comfortable steady shoes.

At week 23, many pregnant women will find out what varicose veins are.
disease and hemorrhoids. They occur because of hormonal
changes, the walls of the veins relax, and the uterus, which squeezes
small pelvic veins, prevents the outflow of blood through the veins.

At this time, the future mom’s sexual activity decreases,
as the choice of poses is limited and more and more is required

Necessary medical supervision

Those who did not do the third scheduled ultrasound at week 22 should
Be sure to get to a specialist at week 23. This survey
is extremely important for assessing the heartbeat, height and weight of the fetus,
its position in the uterus, the presence or absence of malformations,
the amount of amniotic fluid, the location and degree of maturation

If the future mother has already passed all the necessary tests, then
now she can just devote her time to rest and socializing with
as a kid, giving him his positive emotions, which for him are so
are important.

General recommendations

According to statistics, about 80% of pregnant women have intestinal problems
in the form of constipation or diarrhea. To combat them, a pregnant woman can
use only natural means – proper organization
daily routine and diet. It will be useful to control
for weight, because overweight and underweight mom is the same
fraught with various abnormalities in the development of the fetus.

Many pregnant women at this time feel pain in the lower back. To
prevent the development of such pain associated with increasing
load on the back, the expectant mother should wear a bandage and do
Special gymnastics for pregnant women.

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Svetulja 03/29/2016 I was given an ultrasound photo of my baby. Which one
she is a beauty. I already bought her a T-shirt with the inscription “Miss World of 2033
years “. Mam_mam 03/29/2016 How much does a baby kick, a football player,
probably will. And on the ultrasound, I closed my “good” handles. So
football players are built in front of the goal when a penalty. Jasmine
03/29/2016 I was put on an ultrasound by an aging placenta, maybe even
the hospital will direct. But I do not worry, I have a second baby, but with
the first was the same story. He was born healthy. Zinochka 03/29/2016
I got a wreath on my leg, the gynecologist said that this is the initial
manifestations of varicose veins. Advised to buy special pull-ups
tights. Duska 03/29/2016 Could not explain what happened to me
Happens, now understood. I want ice cream, while husband to shop
walks already want herring. I am capricious, and he obediently all whims
performs :))

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