2 week of pregnancy. Feelings of mom and developmentfetus at 2 weeks gestation.

Sun, Oct 23, 2016

The second week of pregnancy is exactly the period when
the ovum matured and released from the follicle is advanced into
the fallopian tube, in which fertilization takes place. Further
fertilized egg enters the cavity of the female uterus. On
the place of the bursting follicle due to the onset of ovulation,
the so-called yellow body of the ovary is formed, representing
the internal secretion gland, which is responsible for producing
hormone – progesterone. This hormone helps already fertilized
the egg firmly secured in the uterine cavity.


Ovulation as a stage of the menstrual cycle

In a healthy woman, ovulation occurs around the middle.
menstrual cycle, but sometimes it can shift or even
come not every month. When planning conception, you must have in
mean that the egg can expect fertilization during the day
after ovulation, and male sperm are ready to wait for her in the female
body about seventy two hours. So they can
connect even if sexual intercourse took place two or three days before
ovulation. About a quarter of women experience lung at this time.
malaise and pain in the lower abdomen. This is due to
irritation of the ovary, which is caused by fluid or blood,
released from a torn follicle. Together with ovulation in
the female body also has an endometrial cycle,
preparing the uterine wall to the accession of fertilized

On второй неделе of pregnancy некоторые женщины становятся более
sensitive and susceptible in the environment. Have them
nervous excitability increases, sense of smell becomes aggravated. Data
symptoms manifest due to the fact that the female body begins
make extra efforts to conceive and preserve the future
baby Couple planning a baby during this period must be kept
active and healthy lifestyle, right and balanced
eat, completely abandon alcohol and nicotine.
It is recommended to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air.
Relaxing can be an excellent option for a weekend getaway.
walks in the countryside. It is necessary for some time.
abstain from sex in order to give opportunity
ripen the most active sperm. Also worth
to limit the intake of hot baths, it is better to do with a warm shower.
Be sure to get enough sleep and protect yourself from unnecessary
stress, because the body needs rest during this period, as it
preparing for a very important job.

The optimal moment for conceiving a child

In modern literature there are many different opinions.
about the choice of posture, which is most conducive to conception
baby But while clear scientific evidence of these allegations
no, only one thing is clear, that for the greatest likelihood
the birth of a new life to have sex is better either two days before
наступления ovulation, либо один раз именно в день ovulation.
Some believe that for greater effect it is necessary to lie down
some time after intercourse, but the sperm into the female
the body gets so much that even if a woman rises immediately,
then they still linger more than one million.

Basal temperature measurement and other ways to determine

Nature itself has stocked many tricks that can enhance
woman’s chances of pregnancy. So, in this period significantly
increased sexual attraction to the opposite sex, a woman
even becoming more attractive, increases the elasticity of her skin.
В период ovulation шейка матки немного открывается, а слизь
secreted in the vagina becomes thicker in order to more
securely hold seminal fluid. When planning a pregnancy
день ovulation можно определить с помощью измерения базальной
temperature It must be measured daily, in the rectum,
after the morning awakening. Today, however, more simple
methods for determining the favorable period for conception –
special ovulation tests based on quantification
hormones in the morning female urine.

On второй неделе of pregnancy женщина пока еще не чувствует
any special symptoms besides a slight increase
basal temperature or slack abdominal pains.
If the doctor has not prescribed the necessary additional tests, then
It’s too early to do an ultrasound
no one and nothing.

Weekly pregnancy calendar:

  • First week of pregnancy
  • 2 week of pregnancy
  • 3 week of pregnancy
  • 4 week of pregnancy
  • 5 week of pregnancy
  • 6 week of pregnancy
  • 7 week of pregnancy
  • 8 week of pregnancy
  • 9 week of pregnancy
  • 10 week of pregnancy
  • 11 week of pregnancy
  • 12 week of pregnancy
  • 13 week of pregnancy
  • 14 week of pregnancy
  • 15 week of pregnancy
  • 16 week of pregnancy
  • 17 week of pregnancy
  • 18 week of pregnancy
  • 19 week of pregnancy
  • 20 week of pregnancy
  • 21 weeks gestation
  • 22 week of pregnancy
  • 23 week of pregnancy
  • 24 week of pregnancy
  • 25 week of pregnancy
  • 26 week of pregnancy
  • 27 week of pregnancy
  • 28 week of pregnancy
  • 29 week of pregnancy
  • 30 неделя of pregnancy
  • 31 неделя of pregnancy
  • 32 week of pregnancy
  • 33 week of pregnancy
  • 34 week of pregnancy
  • 35 week of pregnancy
  • 36 week of pregnancy
  • 37 week of pregnancy
  • 38 week of pregnancy
  • 39 week of pregnancy
  • 40 неделя of pregnancy


Lina 06/09/2016 my chest hurts, my stomach pulls, my body aches, then I get hot
it throws into the cold, crushing, like an elephant. Vella 03/28/2016 Oh!
And I still thought it was me in the middle of the month so much for sex
nails))) I still have no children, but now I will know when
it is better to start them … uh … start)) How everything works in the body!
On все можно найти ответы, если прислушиваться к себе! Inna
28.03.2016 Ни чего не чувствовала на второй неделе of pregnancy, да
what can I say … I didn’t feel anything in a month. I learned about it
because of the delay, bought the test. And then everything was waiting for some symptom))
But, the pregnancy was surprisingly calm. Anya 28.03.2016 I
and walk in the fresh air, and try to eat properly, and exercise
I do .. And here from smoking, completely as I can not refuse ((((
I know that this is bad .. Moreover, I am pregnant. I tried not to smoke, but
all was combed, became nervous! I smoke quietly .. Dilnara
03/28/2016 And I can not get pregnant ((((I already several times
покупала тесты для определения ovulation, определяла, а толку… А
can you even trust these tests at least 100%? I’m in
тесты по of pregnancy то не особо верю…

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