15 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andsensations in the 15th week of pregnancy.

Mon, Oct 24, 2016

For a period of 15 weeks, the tummy is already enlarged so that the usual
clothes become mom tight, so she should buy for herself
special clothes for pregnant women. Tummy in primipara women,
usually grows less than those who give birth again. Now,
when early toxicosis is over, the future mom is in
some euphoria from his position, completely surrendering to his
maternity. However, experienced moms know how important it is not to forget when
This is about preparing for childbirth and continuing strict compliance.
all the recommendations of doctors.


Changes in the body at the 15th week of pregnancy

At this time, gently feeling the belly, a woman can
feel that the bottom of the uterus is about 7.5 cm below,
than the navel. Her breasts continue to grow, her tummy is already well
noticeable. Due to changes in the hormonal background of a woman she has
skin pigmentation is enhanced, there is a darkening of freckles and
moles, midline abdomen, nipples and areoles. All these changes
should not frighten her, they will disappear without a trace after giving birth.

Fetus condition at 15 weeks gestation

By week 15, the growth of the baby is from 12 cm to 14 cm, weight –
about 50 grams. It is believed that by this time the baby is already capable
feel and hear everything happening around him he knows how
gestures and facial expressions to express their emotions. On this term, his heart
pumps up to 23 liters of blood per day to ensure blood supply
all the internal organs of the developing organism, while it
beats twice as fast as the mother. From week 15 it becomes
possible determination of the blood group of the child and its Rh factor, which
may be significant in a situation where his mother has
negative Rh factor, and the father is positive.

At week 15, a baby’s skeleton is formed, its growth continues
brain. The gallbladder begins to secrete bile. Organism
boys begin to synthesize the hormone testosterone. Going on
complication of the biochemical composition of the blood, activates the exchange
substances. During this period, the baby especially needs nutrients.
substances, vitamins and oxygen, so the mother should be very
pay attention to the preparation of your diet. She should
remember that for a pregnant woman, food is, above all,
nutrition, and give preference to vitamin and nutritious

Possible feelings on the 15th week of pregnancy

An expectant mother may have unusual taste preferences.
However, following them, a pregnant woman must remember that in this
period, more than ever, her body needs calcium. The fact,
that during this period there is a rapid development of the bones of the child, and if he
will miss the calcium, he will take it from the mother’s body.
This can cause brittle hair and nail damage.
teeth, night cramps.

Necessary medical supervision

During the 15th week of pregnancy, a number of important events are held.
surveys. To the traditional general blood and urine tests will be added
triple blood test, which is necessary to detect the content of three
hormones, the number of which can tell about the state of health
future mother and the development of the baby in her womb. To these hormones

– pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG);
his level goes up to the twelfth week, then his
gradual decline. If at the 15th week the level of hCG is increased, then this
reason to suspect diabetes in mom, impaired development
fetus, it can also indicate a multiple pregnancy.
Reduced HCG levels are evidence of abnormal performance.
placenta or delayed development of the baby.

– Alphafetoprotein protein (AFP); his number grows to the very
day of birth. If the AFP rate is exceeded at week 15, this indicates
the presence of abnormalities in the development of the fetus and during pregnancy.

– free estriol; the amount of this main group hormone
Estrogens also increase throughout pregnancy. Reduction
his level indicates the presence of the threat of miscarriage and impaired development

General recommendations

It is believed that while carrying a child mom sleep better on
side, to ensure the freedom of the inferior vena cava. Beginning in the neighborhood
the fifth lumbar vertebra, it goes down along the vertebral
pillar passes under all internal organs and supplies blood
all blood vessels located in the hip, abdominal and
inguinal region, and vessels of the lower extremities.

To facilitate the course of pregnancy and childbirth, the expectant mother is not
should be neglected contrasting water procedures (shower,
douche), walks in the fresh air and simple physical
exercises that will help strengthen the muscles and joints of the pelvis and
lower limbs.

If there is a predisposition to stretch marks, a woman should
use special creams and moisturize the skin well.

Weekly pregnancy calendar:

  • First week of pregnancy
  • 2 week of pregnancy
  • 3 week of pregnancy
  • 4 week of pregnancy
  • 5 week of pregnancy
  • 6 week of pregnancy
  • 7 week of pregnancy
  • 8 неделя of pregnancy
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  • 10 неделя of pregnancy
  • 11 неделя of pregnancy
  • 12 week of pregnancy
  • 13 week of pregnancy
  • 14 week of pregnancy
  • 15 week of pregnancy
  • 16 week of pregnancy
  • 17 week of pregnancy
  • 18 неделя of pregnancy
  • 19 неделя of pregnancy
  • 20 неделя of pregnancy
  • 21 неделя of pregnancy
  • 22 week of pregnancy
  • 23 week of pregnancy
  • 24 week of pregnancy
  • 25 week of pregnancy
  • 26 week of pregnancy
  • 27 week of pregnancy
  • 28 неделя of pregnancy
  • 29 неделя of pregnancy
  • 30 неделя of pregnancy
  • 31 неделя of pregnancy
  • 32 week of pregnancy
  • 33 week of pregnancy
  • 34 week of pregnancy
  • 35 week of pregnancy
  • 36 week of pregnancy
  • 37 week of pregnancy
  • 38 неделя of pregnancy
  • 39 неделя of pregnancy
  • 40 неделя of pregnancy


Lusine 10/16/2016 The inferior vena cava does not supply blood to the pelvis and
limbs)) it is very amused) supply blood to the arteries) and
The inferior vena cava is the return of blood to the heart. And what’s better on
side to sleep, true truth) Angelina 03/30/2016 Thanks for the advice!
Nobody told me that now you need to sleep on your side. How to teach
sleep on your back and sleep. Now I will relearn me
it will be easy given, because sleeping on your side is my favorite pose!
Elena 03/30/2016 Taste tastes have changed, what I
I ate until that time – I do not want at all. Almost everyone wants strawberries
pregnant, and I already ate her, and now I can not look at her.
But she began to eat meat! It is beef! I haven’t yet
I heard …))) Julia 03/30/2016 I want to sleep awfully! Straight
constantly! It seems that I just get out of bed, it seems, everything – slept,
but after a while – pulls again. I want to go and sleep, but not
just lie down .. So I spend all day in bed as soon as I can
I have enough for a walk … Mar 30.03.2016 I also have 15 weeks, if
there was nausea before, now it’s completely gone. Generally what
признаков of pregnancy, мне кажется, что в прошлый раз, у меня все
it was much more difficult, well, maybe it was just the first pregnancy and
all new …

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