12 signs of childhood stress

Sat, 06 Sep 2014

The human psyche must be protected from an early age, because it is often on
the child falls into a really adult load. Parents not
they always notice that their child experiences fears, anxiety and anxiety.
Psychologists from the United States identified 12 signs of stress in children and
teenagers, which simply can not close their eyes.

Feeling alone

It seems to the child that he is moving away from his relatives and completely
lost among a large group of people.

Sense of insecurity

The child appears complexes, a feeling of clumsiness in
the presence of people with whom relationships were previously easy.
There is shyness and awkwardness. Child questions
responds in monosyllables and inappropriate.

Problems with attention and memory

The child quickly forgets what he said, does not concentrate
attention to the conversation, interrupts the conversation with other unrelated
thoughts, assignments or tasks immediately forgets.

No desire to communicate

The child goes into himself, moves away from loved ones, does not want to communicate
with peers. He gets irritable, especially
when others pay attention to him. When a child is called,
he asks his parents to say that he is not at home.

Fatigue and sleep disorders

The child feels exhaustion and lack of strength. Feels himself
completely squeezed, which, however, still does not help him fall asleep.
In the morning he sleeps for a long time, deliberately wakes up his first lessons so as not to walk.
to school.

Mood Changes

The child often changes mood: it can “jump” from
merry to whiny.

Short temper and captiousness

Inability to control your emotions appears: child
finds fault with everything, for any reason loses his temper,


Behaves restlessly: then fidgets, then pulls something in his hands.
There is a movement effect for the sake of movement: it simply cannot
to sit still – wants to get up and run away.


When a teenager is stressed, he often finds himself
different activities, subconsciously trying to switch to other
things. So he shies away from home assignments, obviously
useless affairs.

Poor appetite

Everyday things turn into a real problem. Baby can
forget to eat, and maybe, on the contrary, eat everything in a row

Fear of silence

The child begins to avoid silence: he now and then turns on
tv or music or continually talking to your

Increased attention to their appearance

Stress can be expressed in excessive attention to their clothes,
heightened care for appearance, changing clothes several times a
day. Often there is a desire to radically change their

Even with one of these signs you need to beat
anxiety. By connecting in time, you can help on your own.
a child to cope with a difficult period in his life. If a
it’s not working out on its own
or adolescent psychologist. Joint actions, competent and
With a patient attitude, you can no doubt effectively solve
this problem.


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