114-year-old Japanese woman is recognized as the oldest residentland

Tue, 01 Mar 2016

Osaka resident 114-year-old Misao Okawa officially named
the oldest woman on the planet. In March, the Japanese will celebrate their 115
birthday. In January 2013, the organization Gerontology Research Group
handed her a certificate confirming the honorary status after
how the previous record holder died – also Japanese Koto Okubo (115
years old). A little later, Okawa-san was entered into the Guinness Book of Records.
like the oldest woman on earth.

Misao Okawa was born in the city of Osaka in early March 1898.
of the year. According to the Gerontology Research Group, the exact age
women is 114 years 359 days. Misao gave birth to three children,
and two of them are still alive and have already stepped over
90-year milestone. A resident of the land of the rising sun – happy
grandmother and great-grandmother. She has six great-grandchildren and four grandsons.
It is known that all his life Misao had good health and
I never seriously ill.

Ms. Okava told reporters that she was “happy” to wear
the title of the oldest woman on the planet and shared her own secret
longevity, which turned out to be surprisingly simple: everyone
to live to such old age should simply “follow
health. “

Recall that the oldest man on earth is a resident
Japan Jirouemon Kimura, who has already turned 115 years old. BUT
Jeanne Louise was recognized as the oldest resident of the Earth of all time
Kalman (France), who passed away at the age of 122
age in 1997. Today, the most long-livers officially
зарегистрировано в Японии (51 тысяча) и в BUTмерике (53 тысячи).

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