10 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andsensations in the 10th week of pregnancy.

Sun, Oct 23, 2016

10 weeks – an important stage of pregnancy, during this period
the formation of the main organs, systems and brain begins
baby, so that the expectant mother should be especially attentive.
Timely medical examination, compliance
proper diet, stay in the fresh air
have a beneficial effect on the health of a pregnant woman and
future baby, in no case should not neglect them.

Changes in the body at 10 weeks of pregnancy

On the 10th week of pregnancy in the body of the future mother occurs
a serious restructuring, moreover, its symptoms are noticeable not only
a pregnant woman, but also others. Gradually begin
the shape is rounded, the weight gain increases from 150 grams to
1-1.3 kilograms per week, the waist gradually disappears, increases
breasts, on the nipples appear white bubbles of montgomery, called
facilitate the process of feeding the baby. In some cases, the body does not
copes with the removal of fluid, which leads to strong edema,
freckles, moles or pigmented spots appear on the body.

The condition of the fetus at 10 weeks of pregnancy

On the 10th week the embryo finally turns into a fetus, he has
body, internal organs, fingers, future milk
teeth, the brain develops quickly (250 thousand are produced in a minute
neurons), the tail disappears, the diaphragm begins to form.
The genitals are not yet so pronounced as to be able to talk about
child’s sex, however, if the woman’s body
a boy develops, his testicles begin to produce a hormone

The weight of the future baby is 5 grams, its size is 4
centimeter. During the ultrasound examination can already be done
the picture that shows the fruit, and also feel how
the heart is beating.

The 10th week is a kind of a milestone, overcoming which,
a pregnant woman can be 90 percent sure that the baby
There are no serious pathologies and he will safely “live” in the womb until
moment of birth.

Possible feelings on the 10th week of pregnancy

On the 10th week, pregnant women often have weakness and
cardiopalmus. Such phenomena are easily explained, in this
period occurs restructuring of the circulatory system, increases
blood volume, now it must feed not only the body
the fair sex, but also the fruit. In connection with
changes in the body, a pregnant woman may experience
fatigue and drowsiness due to hormonal changes
often mood swings, in some cases comes to
prolonged depression. It is important that in the 10th week of pregnancy
the future mother was supported by her close ones, she should be as much as possible
calm and balanced so that the nervous state is not negatively
affected the health of the baby. As for the physiological
condition, the woman often feels heaviness and lingering sensations
in the lower abdomen, this phenomenon is due to
raising the uterus.

Necessary medical supervision

With a period of 10 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother is required
okay, you need to pass a complete blood count and sugar test
(especially important indicators for women over 25 and
the fair sex overweight), urine analysis.

Quite often, experts recommend a pregnant woman to pass
analysis of hCG (chorionic gonadotropin hormone levels), especially
with suspected miscarriage. Research results
allow you to determine whether pregnancy is developing favorably.
10th week is assigned the date of analysis of chorionic villus biopsy,
which allows you to determine early on the genetic
deviations in the child, the very responsible procedure is carried out slightly

The moment of the embryo turning into a fetus is very responsible, in this
period, it is important that the woman had no infections. If a
pain, burning, discomfort during urination or discharge
urgently needed from the vagina
consult a doctor. Pathogens can cause
intrauterine infection and miscarriage.

General recommendations

In the 10th week of pregnancy, a woman is actively gaining weight,
therefore, it is important for her to realize that diets are slimming while the baby
is in the womb, unacceptable. Intensive formation of the child
requires the mother to use vitamin and mineral complex,
fruits with plenty of fluids (watermelon, apples, grapes,
melons, pears, etc.).

Proper nutrition should be combined with the rest in the fresh
air and full sleep. It is important to be calm and
balanced state, with the existence of pronounced
signs of depression should seek help from
a specialist.

Weekly pregnancy calendar:

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  • 23 week of pregnancy
  • 24 week of pregnancy
  • 25 week of pregnancy
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  • 29 week of pregnancy
  • 30 week of pregnancy
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  • 35 week of pregnancy
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  • 37 week of pregnancy
  • 38 week of pregnancy
  • 39 week of pregnancy
  • 40 week of pregnancy


Natasha 11/16/2016 Yes, my waist began to bother me too))))))))
I think the belly is not yet, but no waist either. We, too, already 10
weeks and this is some kind of first important figure for me, the first time
I thought that we were already adults))))) There are many fears, all
spinning in my head, especially until there was an ultrasound on pathology, one
I reassure myself that the stomach does not pull, the loin does not hurt and everything is ugh,
ugh. So everything is good ……)))))))) Maria 03/28/2016 Cool! Have
I’m 10 weeks old, and that means that my child is not in danger!
Just write so much about the different causes of abortion, about
miscarriages, missed abortion … All the time you live on pins and needles!
Юлия 28.03.2016 Have меня уже 10 недель! Edema began to appear, but not
strong. I did not think that you need to take tests so early. I still neither
what did not hand over, now I will go to terrorize the doctor. Besides
mood swings, everything is fine. Алена 28.03.2016 Have меня сестра
is pregnant. Oh my God! I did not know. that with pregnant women is so difficult! Everything
she is wrong, you just have to try to defend their point of view –
immediately tears. And you feel like a last bastard. I’m with her
I try not to communicate at all, but I need help, I don’t know
how much I can take .. As if I’m pregnant, not she))) Tick
03/28/2016 Thank you, you are comforted! I was worried about the diet
I remember myself, I always sit on diets, and here I want to eat that way … Weight
I began to recruit and I got worried. Now I will not worry, because
it’s all for the baby!

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