Zumba Slimming Dance: Basics, Rules,tips + video

zumba-fitnes-dlya-pohudeniyaYou heard that for just one
Occupation Zumba can burn about 800 kcal (the so-called Zumba
Effect). Is it really true? Can’t wait to try? let’s
Learn more about this new direction!

Fashion for zumba slimming lessons has captured the world of fitness
recently. Like any new product, it is being promoted.
everywhere: in fitness clubs, on DVD and on television. Promise
results in the form of a toned body, weight loss, and classes
pass in a fun and pleasant way.


What is Zumba fitness?

Zumba was created by chance in the mid-90s by Alberto “Beto”
Perez, fitness instructor. In a nutshell, originally this
there was a dance program based on Latin rhythms.
The creator brought it with him to the USA, where after impressive
investment and active promotion it has become world popular

The Zumba Fitness brand has evolved over time, and now
within its framework various variations of trainings are offered and
alternative programs. These are activities like Zumba sentao,
Zumba gold toning, aqua Zumba and the like.

Although Zumba, as a trademark, is managed by the Zumba Company,
training methods vary by country and region, academy,
where the instructor was trained, and other parameters.

Can I use Zumba for weight loss?

Incredible results achieved by those involved – total
just advertising or reality?

To answer this question, you need to understand what it is
training based on dance movements, and on it, as well as
in all other activities of this type, calories are burned and improved
general well-being, as with any type of fitness. You move and
jump about 45 – 60 minutes (standard lasts so much
session), therefore, even if you dance the whole program in
nightclub, you too are guaranteed to burn calories.

A combination of aerobics and Latin dances, Zumba combines
cardio and resistance training with own weight. Your
the result will depend on how much effort you put in, and
what direction do you visit?

Various training options include specific kits.
exercises and ligaments, depending on the purpose they pursue.
For example, on Zumba Toning, sport sticks of a small
weights to create additional resistance, and movement
aimed at working through the buttocks, arms and thighs.

If classes are combined with a healthy balanced diet and
moderate calorie intake, it will help to quickly reset
excess weight. The main mistake of the majority of those involved is
what they believe is really burned in training for one
lesson 800 calories, and can spend them on sweets or snacks. AT
As a result, they consume twice as many calories as they consume.

So how many calories can you spend?

As already noted, the number of calories burned depends on
intensity, duration and style of classes. More on
the result is influenced by individual physical training, muscular
weight, body parameters.

Some enthusiasts assure that you can burn about 500-800
kcal However, at the moment there has not been any scientific
studies confirming how effective the workout is
Zumba, or how many calories burned during class.

However, one can only summarize that compared to
cardiac exercises like this, zumba’s classes give, for example, such
same results. At the high-intensity aerobic training man
весом 70 кг сожжет примерно 493 kcal

AT некоторых исследованиях высказывается предположение, что
high intensity loads (about 75% of the maximum frequency
pulse) can cause post-training burning of fat reserves
(Зумба Effect).

What else could be the use of Zumba?

Zumba fitness is mainly aerobic exercise, then
there is, the effect you get is the same as from a visit
cardiovascular training: the development of cardiovascular functionality
system. In addition, the posture, coordination, improves, as in dance
most parts of the body move consistently: legs, arms,

The result you achieve depends on the type of training, and
on what specific areas it is directed. Training
usually extremely intense, with lots of jumps and
fast changes of movements. This implies some
plyometric load and improves the nervous system,
explosive power and improves speed.

If you are not trained, then any load will be difficult for the muscles,
which will also be useful. How the program will change, and
whether this growing load will persist depends on how soon you
feel the progress and whether it will be at all. Usually groups start with
level for beginners and gradually moving to more difficult
complex, but in many halls are offered and mixed

Another important factor influencing how useful it will be
training for you is the instructor who conducts it.
How well structured the occupation is, and how effectively
load increases, depends on the specific instructor.

Finally, both muscle condition and weight loss will depend on
how often do you play sports. One hour a week is not enough
for noticeable results. However, any exercise
better than none at all. Therefore, if this is all you need
силам, не отказывайтесь от classes.


How difficult is it to do Zumba for beginners?

Zumba is based on movements from Latin American dances. For
those who enjoy dancing are an interesting and enjoyable way
workout. It is performed under very energetic music, which
invigorating and uplifting.

The instructor also plays the role, how much fun and easy he leads
workout. If the instructor does not announce a change of movement, waiting
that everyone will be watching and repeating it, then it can confuse
novice, he will not know what to do.

If you already had a negative experience, try again in
another place. ATполне может быть, что вам просто не повезло с
an instructor.

A few tips for beginners

1. Before joining a specific group,
ask a couple of people who have been there for a long time.

2. Look for a certified trainer. Zumba dance – relatively
a new concept, and this area is not yet sufficiently regulated.
Ask the instructor what kind of training does he have?
qualifications and experience in other types of fitness, how long
is teaching?

3. No matter how fun these trainings are, they still remain.
fitness Do not skip the workout and the final stretch to
avoid injury.

4. Since this is physical exercise, consult with
doctor or sports medicine specialist, especially if you have
существуют проблемы со здоровьем, или присутствует excess weight. With
obesity systems of the body can malfunction and aerobic
a high intensity workout can trigger heart
attack. This brings us to the next point.

5. Practice at your level. Most groups are mixed, and
you may find that training is harder than for level
newbie Don’t try to fit the person next to you – he
can do many years.

6. DVD or video lessons are not for beginners. If you are not sure
in what you do, you can get serious injuries.
Shaking your hips and turning simultaneously may seem
simple, but if done incorrectly, you can stretch
ligaments of the back.

7. For быстрейшей потери веса и большей пользы будет лучше, если
You will combine Zumba with strength training. Also do not howl about
your nutrition. Training alone will not be a miracle.

How to choose an instructor?

Хороший инструктор должен:

1. First ask if there are newcomers in the room. Bad if he
do not even ask.

2. Assess your health and fitness in
oral or written. The instructor must be aware of all
circumstances that may affect your ability to follow
workout program, and advise you how to adjust

3. Tell you how the training will take place. �”It will be 2
parts, we will do it, and then – the pace of training can
be high. ” Also tell which part can be hard for
you, and give alternative options for an easier level. For example,
if it is difficult for you to bounce and spin at the same time,
try to just turn around. If you go astray, just march
in place until you can “catch up” the movement.

4. Speak when movements change, and which will be next.
For example, «2 шага назад, затем 3 в сторону» и так далее.

Zumba Slimming Training: Video Lesson

Well, newcomer, are you going to dance with us Zumba?

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