Circuit training for girls

krugovaya-trenirovka-dlya-devushekMore recently, circular
training for girls was considered the privilege of athletes because
that with its help it was possible to burn fat effectively, increase
muscle mass, strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

The technique of combining aerobic exercise and strength training with
the rapid transition from one session to another has today become popular
among the majority of the fair sex.

It allows you to create an optimal load on the muscles, strengthen them
tone and burn the maximum number of calories while improving
conditions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as strengthening
thermolipolysis not only during physical exertion, but also in
within 48 hours after it.

In addition, the method of circuit training saves time:
if under normal conditions you have to use at least five
30-40-minute classes per week to lose weight, they can
completely replace all three 20-minute energetic circuits
described training.


What is a circuit training for girls?

This scheme involves a set of aerobic and strength exercises with
short intervals between them for recovery. In it may
present two or more complexes, each of which
repeated at least once. They can be played as in
the gym and at home.

Sessions are performed with the greatest possible intensity and
fast turnover, giving the best result. Also circular
training significantly saves time for women, shortening the period
achieve effect two to three times.

If the goal is fat loss, then interval training
must also become part of aerobic exercise. They are
increase and decrease in intensity, which can be expressed in
changing speed or changing gravity.

For example, while running, you can increase the intensity or
reduce it, the walking speed, the change
route “uphill” or a combination of these two methods. Last
interval training for one to three minutes.

How to maximize your results?

Individual or group circuit training program –
extremely effective fitness tool to burn fat and
improve the shape of the figure. But there are several “gold
key ”, revealing the secrets of effective training:

  • The magnitude of the pause for the rest. When low or moderate
    intensity of training is enough to take a break in a quarter of a minute
    (15 sec) to recover and improve
    performance At high intensity, you need a little
    more time. But if to reduce these intervals, then the severity
    occupations will increase and their effectiveness will increase.
  • Various types of loads are included. Need to do
    exercises aimed at several muscle groups daily, varying
    them every day. This will help to improve the result and make lessons
    more interesting and rich.
  • The choice of scales. 15 repetitions (or 30 seconds) of work are enough,
    so that the weight for training was chosen successfully. Stay with this
    load for at least two weeks, so that the muscles adapted to it. BUT
    then you can increase the severity.
  • Mandatory stretching of the muscles! It increases stamina and
    increases the range of action. For each of the muscle groups should
    attend at least two or three stretch marks.
  • Add aerobic exercise. In between sessions
    We include: jogging or jumping without pauses “Skip” (legs and
    hands alternately together, then apart) – Jumping Jack, excellent
    burning fat or walking up stairs jumping on
    step platform.
  • Proper nutrition. Не обязательно потреблять БBUTДы, но
    it is necessary to combine workouts with 4-6 meals a day
    in small portions and drink at least 1.5-3 liters of water. Diet
    must be rich in fruits and vegetables, proteins, healthy fats (in
    fish and olive oil), complex carbohydrates and fiber (for example,
    pearl barley).

Significantly improves the result of the implementation of circuit training circuits.
in one day. Thus, the body works in a constant mode.
burning lipid mass.

Circuit training for girls в тренажерном зале: схема

When it is cold, damp or uncomfortable outside, great solution
to strengthen the cardiovascular system and body shaping can
become a gym.

Combining power loads, working with your own body and aerobic
exercise can achieve not only the maximum heart rate
cuts by burning fat and glucose, but also improve
lung work.

The continuous method of conducting circular training does not allow
relax between exercises, so just one minute
allotted for the load of the target muscle group is replaced by the following
with no pause or with a minimum length for rest, if required
a small interval for recuperation.

Circular strength training in a simulator consists of several
20-minute complexes. Beginner girls better try first
session (circle), and if it seems easy, then you can

Exercise Duration
Bench press 1 minute.
Squats 1 minute.
Pull ups 1 minute.
Exercise Bike or Jogging 3 min.
«BUTрмейский» press 1 minute.
Lunges straight (with each leg) по 1 minute.
Pumping biceps 1 minute.
Exercise Bike or Jogging 3 min.
Triceps workout 1 minute.
Stretching legs (simulator) 1 minute.
Pumping legs (simulator) 1 minute.
Press (equipment “SITAP” in crossfit) 2 minutes.
Проработка мышц брюшного pressа с поворотами (для косых) 2 minutes.
Stretching individually

This scheme is easy to rebuild under the individual request, since
It is designed to train the upper, lower body and
of cardio-vascular system. Depending on which area
figures are localized fat deposits can be included in the program
exercises for top or bottom. But it is necessary to consider that in any
case, the heart will train tirelessly.

Studies have shown that circuit training for women, in
the result of symbiosis of aerobic elements and modes of burdening,
contributes to a sharp increase in metabolic rate,
stimulate the processes of thermolipolysis and muscle building.
The result of this workout is effective reduction.
body fat percentage.

It is necessary to consider that the program of circular training,
compiled by an experienced simulator, will bring not only
maximum benefit to the body, but also significantly improve
shape parameters.

Top 7 exercises or circuit training for girls at home

When it comes to home exercises, is it time to raise
their effectiveness? For energetic work you only need
own body, a bit of space allowing you to perform
movement, yoga mat and stopwatch.

Three times a week we do each exercise for half a minute (30 seconds),
repeating the pattern two more times. Exercises for circuit training
allow half a minute rest between them, but in the future it is better
to cut. The less rest lasts – the higher the result will be!

I. L-push-ups (for the body, chest and arms, incl.
delta muscle muscles)

Take the position for pushing up from the floor, the body align from
head to toe, put your toes on the floor, place your hands on the
horizontally strictly under the shoulders. Raise the hips up to the stop,
return to I.P. (original position), then repeat.

Simplify: kneeling at the beginning, and then climb in
Pike pose – hips up. Complicate: after pushing up bend
elbows and lower your head to the floor, while keeping your hips up.

Ii. Side bar with forearm support (for body,
chest and arms)

Take the side strap pose, leaning on the left forearm
(elbow strictly under the shoulder). Legs straighten (or cross them
�”Scissors”), resting on the side to the floor. Raise the hips to straighten
body and do not lower it during exercise. Stretch your right hand

Keeping the body on weight, with the right hand, we make a move for ourselves.
After a delay of one count, we return to I.P. Repeat these
Actions half a minute, then go to the other side.

Simplify: Do exercise with knees bent, lying on the floor.
Complicate: balance on an outstretched arm, not on the forearm.

Important!!! To circuit training in
home conditions were more productive after every 2-3
exercises run on the spot, changing the intensity (interval). AT
this time the whole body works.

Quick start, hand movements are coordinated with the actions of the legs.

Simplify: run slower or march in place. Complicate:
raise your knees as high as possible.

IIi. We swing triceps (for body, chest and triceps)

AT позиции прямой планки опускаемся на предплечья, упираясь
elbows to the floor strictly under the shoulders. Keeping the body smooth, we turn
palm on the floor and straighten your arms. We hold a pose on account 2-5,
and then we descend on our elbows again. Repeat.

Simplify: straighten hands alternately (one by one) or do
exercise on your knees. Complicate: поднимаем одну из ног и держим ее
straightened during exercise.

Iv. Dynamic bar (for the whole body) – circular
training with its own weight.

Become a straight high bar on outstretched arms. Transfer weight
body on the right hand and turn the body to the left, bend the left leg
позади и вытянуть левую руку up. ATернуться в И.П. and repeat
exercise is a mirror.

Simplify: do not raise the stretched arm up after
bent leg behind. Complicate: выполнять действия медленнее не на
1 count, and 2-3.

V. Three-stage lunge

Standing legs on Sh.P. (shoulder width), hands placed on the hips.
Make a straight lunge forward with your right foot so that your thigh becomes
parallel to the floor. Bend the knee of the left leg near the right ankle.
ATернуться в И.П. Lunge back with the same foot and execute
return to the starting position.

Making a lunge back, cross the right leg over the left, dropping
in a curtsy. ATозвращаемся в И.П. Repeating actions for half a minute, we change
the side.

Simplify: do not make deep attacks. Complicate: после первого
lunges back raise the right leg to the knee and do an extra

Vi. Squats прямые (для ног, спины, поясницы, задней
the thighs)

Standing legs on Sh.P., пальцы рук сплести за головой. Hands apart
sideways and lift high chest. Sit down, bending your knees under
right angle, hips should be parallel to the floor, not twisting
back. Rise in I.P. and repeat.

Simplify: do not squat too low. Complicate: выполнять
squats alternately on one leg.

VIi. Burpy or Burpy (a popular exercise in
CrossFit – for the body, chest, arms, legs and back surface

Standing legs on Sh.P., присесть на корточки, уперев ладони в пол
in front of the feet. Jump back without taking your hands off the floor, take
posture for push-ups with straight arms. Bend your elbows, lowering your chest to
floor (if necessary, rest your knees for simplification), and then press
palms on a horizontal surface and jump back to
squat position, placing the feet near the palms.

Rise up, arms outstretched above head. Repeat exercise
at first.

And in the end …

This example of a circuit workout at home can be equipped not only
the inclusion of cardiovascular bursts (running, jumping, etc.) between series
exercise, but also before the exercises to perform a moderate load
intensity, making it possible to barely keep up the conversation –
jumping rope or similar loads.

They can also be repeated in the middle of training and a couple of minutes before
its completion. This magic “turbo button” will help to burn
maximum number of calories, which will significantly increase the effect of

Circuit training – video lesson

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