Functional training (training) for ordinarypeople

funktsionalnaya-trenirovkaIn various life situations
большинства people возникает цель не столько лепить из своей фигуры
sculptural ideal, build your muscles and amaze others
magnificent body, how much to strengthen the muscles to perform
daily loads.

For example, a young mother after a difficult birth after some
it’s getting harder and harder to get a young baby out of
cots, office worker – keep a stable posture or elderly
people who lose muscle mobility and flexibility, to engage
household chores.

The same problem may be faced by people after surgery,
long-term rehabilitation or for another reason
active movement.

Regain your flexibility and ability to withstand the muscles
most everyday workloads help functional
training (training). This antidote to physical inactivity suggests
include simple exercises that simultaneously activate
several joints and muscles in daily schedule.

Simple actions that make up functional training –
exercises are easy to do every day, they not only improve
balance, but also strengthen the accuracy and coordination of movements. These
payloads should be understood as a healing process for
organism, and not just as a workout for getting up from a chair or
running with heavy packs.


How functional training differs from the general physical.

Aerobic exercise (cycling, running, walking, fast
walking and others) are important for strengthening
cardiovascular and weight loss but they cannot
prevent muscular tissue atrophy. To strengthen the muscles
functionally strength training is vital.

Instead of traditional elbow flexion in target exercises
shoulders, spine, hips, knees and
ankles As a result of complex training, a person gets
advantage that improves body balance and coordination

Functional training for men was so
effective that today it is included in the training program
American soldiers.

Studies conducted by the United States Physical Exercise Board,
show significant positive differences after target exercises
from the usual strength exercises. For example, the flexibility of the shoulder
belt and all joints in the first case increases by 43%, noticeably
the strength of the muscles of the back and the whole body is improved,
improved dexterity and balance of the body.

The functional training program helps people already on
the initial stage is easier to lift any weight, look through
shoulder, do homework. Today, many of those who are still
yesterday I had difficulty moving after the initial target preparation
perform 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise and 10-15 minutes –
power, doing three times a week.

Opponents of this training method believe that most
exercises and so involve several goals: torsion dumbbells,
for example, it loads not only biceps, but also ulnar ligaments
the joint. Для малотренированных и нетренированных people
extra effort can be many times more traumatic
traditional. But there is a way to significantly reduce the risk
getting problems by adding resistance to the functional

Training programs for female beginners

Experts recommend two ways: first include separate
feasible exercises from the program to your usual mode of study or
contact a professional trainer to create an individual
target training schemes. But in any case, do not try to perform
all exercises, using even those that are difficult.

A professional trainer in the gym will appreciate your options.
goals and needs. Also in the fitness centers you can find classes
groups practicing functional training for women. Why better
turn to professionals?

To untrained people who have been sedentary for a long time,
little moving, first you need to learn how to use
various weights (weights – dumbbells, weights, power
simulators and others).

It helps to accumulate strength so that target training in
the gym was more productive and without risk
injure the muscles. These упражнения также научат вас делать более
complex actions, including working with its own body weight for
best resistance.

Beginners with cardiovascular problems or
chronic back pain (joints) need to consult
with a doctor and get his approval.

Top 5 for beginners: an example of functional training

Want to feel what target training is like?
Try five basic exercises from a physiology trainer.
American Council on Exercise Jessica Mathews.

1. Push up. In life, it is useful to take a sedentary
position from a lying position without applying additional

This lifting-pushing exercise trains not only
shoulders and chest, but also triceps and trunk muscles. Set straight
under the breast in the pose of pushups are large and index fingers
triangle, and the body – parallel to the floor. Straighten your legs back and
press your fingers against the floor.

While straining your abdominal muscles, slowly bend your elbows, allowing them to
lightly bulge out until you drop down. But keep your back
Exactly, do not give the opportunity to sag the lower back and hips. Then
rise up, wring out your hands until they straighten
completely. (Be careful not to block your elbows!).

If this exercise is difficult for you, start doing it.
not with straightened legs, but resting on the floor with your knees. Repeat
all actions within 30 seconds, increasing over time to a minute.
(In this mode, do all 5 exercises).

2. Squat and lift. In ordinary life it is useful for getting up with
a chair or chair to collect bags from the floor.

Stand straight, feet on the NR (shoulder width), arms down along
enclosures. Tighten the abdominal muscles, inhale and slowly transfer weight
body on the heels, slightly pushing the hips back.

Start bending your knees, dropping to a sitting position. (Ideally
hips should be parallel to the floor). Then, пока выдыхаете,
slowly straighten your legs and rise up. (We do from 30
seconds to a minute).

3. Moving or lifting the top step. In life will help
walk the stairs.

Exercise is also well trained hips and buttocks. Stand up
in front of the step (step platform or stable cube) and place
right foot over them. Pause, push off with your left foot and
climb the obstacle. (Hold on to the railing on the stairs if
this is necessary for balance). Then медленно опускайтесь, шагнув
back with your right foot.

Allow the hull to lean forward slightly while descending.
Repeat the exercise in the mirror, with the other leg, for 30 seconds for
each side, and over time – by the minute.

4. Pulling. In life will help открывать тяжелые двери в
the entrance, transport and others.

This exercise will require the purchase of elastic
tape expander in a sports store. Sit on the floor, feet on the NW,
bent a little knees. Wrap the tape around your feet, and loose
Take the ends in your hands, turning them with your palms toward you.

Continue to pull the ribbon until your arms reach the body higher.
waist. Elbows should be pressed to the body. Then сделайте вдох и
slowly straighten your elbows, returning to the PI (initial position).
We carry out 30 seconds – 1 minute.

5. Spin with a ball. In life will help прочувствовать мышцы тела и
strengthen them.

On your knees, move your left foot forward, bending it under
Right angle and rest your feet on the floor. Right knee should also
be pressed to the floor. Raise the ball with your straight arms above you,
straining your abdominal muscles, chest and thighs. Keep your head straight.
Bring the ball down and sideways to the right thigh. Then сделайте небольшую
pause and return to the PI.

Next, perform the exercise mirror, exposing the right forward
the leg. (Make 30 seconds for each side).

This functional training at home is suitable for
each person. Even if he has never been friends with sports. It’s time
correct the error!

Next stage: functional exercises for advanced

This training is on the strength of people with a minimum and high level
preparation. Just depending on the form you can
perform one to three or more exercise cycles.

I. The balance of the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”.

Standing straight, feet on the NR, arms stretched to the sides, parallel
the floor. Straining the buttocks, raise the right knee to the level of the navel, while
the thigh does not form a right angle with the body. Slowly turning
body leaning forward to the thigh and reaching the right palm of your left
legs. While bending forward, the right leg is straightened and taken away.
back (“swallow”), for the thigh.

After a pause, slowly return to the PI, at the same time
raising the right leg and bending it at the knee again. After 30 seconds
We are switching to the left leg, repeating the exercise in the mirror.

WITHовет тренера: цель этого упражнения – сформировать
position T from the body with the leg stretched out behind you and the body so
чтобы она оказалась параллельной the floor.

Ii. Walking on hands in the pose of push-ups.

Standing, feet on SHP, hands – along the body. Squat down.
Resting the palms and the front of the feet on the floor. Go fast
hands, supporting the body in the position of pushups – straight from the head to
Ft We make a small pause, then change direction, returning
in sp. (30 seconds or 1 minute).

WITHовет тренера: Вначале направление может быть только
back and forth, with experience – we start to move erratically and
left-right. Then усилить упражнение можно, выполняя на одной
leg. (30 seconds for each). It greatly strengthens the balance and
coordination. In addition, such training for girls is just
�”Stove” for melting fat!


IIi. Rise.

Lying on your back with stretched straight legs (on the NW), right arm
pull up and left to the side (palm to the floor). WITH
forcefully tighten both ankles to the buttocks and push off on the floor,
guiding your right hand up.

We continue to move to the ceiling, resting on the floor with heels and the left
palm to stand up straight with your right hand straight
head. Return to the PI, lower the right hand and repeat everything
action mirroring, with his left hand up. Alternate hands up
complete the exercise.

WITHовет тренера: WITHтрого следим, чтобы во время выполнения
Exercises raised remained the same hand! Bodybuilding
Such an exercise is called “Turkish rise” and implies
weighting agent in the active (raised) arm: women have a dumbbell,
men – weight.

Iv. Olympic jumping

Stand up прямо, ноги врозь, руки выпрямите в стороны. WITHогнув
right knee, turn it backwards, then to the side, then
turn it forward. Не делая паузу, подпрыгните на левой leg.
Touching the floor with your right foot, immediately change it to the left and
Repeat the exercise. Чередуйте legs.

WITHовет тренера: Чтобы позвоночник оставался прямым,
Avoid bending forward at the hip joint, and the chin
держите параллельным the floor.

V. Chop squats.

Stand up прямо, ноги вместе, руки вытяните над головой, сцепив
together with your fingers. Tighten the muscles of the body and quickly jump up.
Sit down in a wide squat, position your hips parallel to the floor, and
straight arms make a chopping swing in the direction of the right knee.
Return to the PI and repeat the exercise mirror.

WITHовет тренера: для большей устойчивости старайтесь
jump as high as you can and squat wider.

Vi. �Wimbledon.

WITHделайте прямой выпад правой ногой вперед, согнув ее в колене
at right angles, and the left knee down, as close as possible
to the floor, but do not touch it. Holding hands in front of you
chest (as if in the hands of a tennis racket), tighten the buttocks and
jump left and right without stopping.

WITHовет тренера: приземляясь, совершайте следующий прыжок
without delay!


VIi. Lifting from the universal bar.

Take the traditional pose for push-ups. Lift right
arm and left leg 3-5 cm from the floor – this is the starting position.
Tighten the muscles of the body and quickly lift up both workers
конечности до уровня, пока они станут параллельными the floor. Lower
and lift them for 30 seconds and then change them mirrored
(on the left hand and right leg).

WITHовет тренера: чтобы не перенапрягать мышцы шеи, голову
keep straight, looking at the floor.

Functional training – yesterday and today

Although the target exercise program was for the first time
designed for artists and professional athletes so that they
did their job well, it was useful even to the players in

In order to successfully concentrate during the strike, they have to
так или иначе тренировать everything тело. Это стало потребностью для everythingх
adults to adapt to modern requirements
поeverythingдневной жизни.

WITHегодня кардиотренировки также используются в функциональном
fitness, but they are reserved for limited time. While
как силовой тренинг служит основным компонентом подготовки people
for performance of any works, even highly specialized.

What is functional training in the environment?

Strength training coach, personal fitness trainer or
the physiotherapist using the term “functional training” has in
mind completely different meanings:

  • Fitness-тренер – трехмерные (3D)-движения или занятия на
    unstable surfaces;
  • Force Trainer – Strengthening Muscles on Core
    power lifts;
  • Physiotherapist – corrective and restorative muscle
    balance is the fundamental ability to move before performing
    3D exercises and work on the basic power simulators.

Эксперты Американского WITHовета по физическим упражнениям дают
unequivocal answer: functional training is of two types:
target (specific) and general.

Конкретные упражнения для спортсменов или обычных people
repeat the load they have in a particular activity.
In other words, functional exercises replicate muscle action.
and joints, their level of load and direction of movement arising
у people в их поeverythingдневной активности (работе, домашних заботах, в
sports and so on). This means that functional training is
It is a charging, strengthening the body for a specific activity.

In athletes, functional training serves as a preparation for their
main occupations. For example, squats – increase the result
vertical jump; press training and lifting the bar at an angle –
improves muscle strength and thrust strength; functional training
biceps – helps keep tight control of the ball during

That’s what the experts mean when they call the target (specific)
exercise “functional training.”

General (power) exercises use complex and separate
movements with the use of free weights, traction and
cardio simulators that aim to increase muscle mass,
motor activity, strengthening bone tissue and health
connective fibers.

And although experts call them “non-functional”, supporters
bodybuilders claim that they also help improve
physical aspects of work, so in their profile such loads
are considered targeted.

Functional training – video for self

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