Aerobic training: rules, exercises +video

aerobnaya-trenirovkaAnyone, regardless of gender,
aerobic training helps maintain health and maintain
beautiful sports figure, effectively burning fat.

These exercises, thanks to the oxidation of glucose,
contribute to an increase in muscle vigor. Cardio load is excellent
train the body and without the need for hours to engage in the rowing
simulator or run long distances.

In fact, many of these workouts do not have high
efficiency, so they have to be changed to more effective
exercises that are easy to perform in native walls.

Making an individual lesson plan, you can try the finished
scheme for both beginner and middle-level person
preparation. In any case, doing one of the following
plans, each person will be able to burn fat without fail and
train your cardiovascular system.

A beginner or novice athlete can be included in your
3-4 hours exercise routine between any power loads
as active rest, an element of interval training.
You can also add them at the beginning of the session instead of running. We perform
each exercise for 0.5-1 minutes, repeating them for 2-3


Golden rules of aerobic training

Successful aerobic training at home can be,
Considering the following key points:

1. Plan. A beginner athlete must know exactly when and when
how much he will train: at least 2-3 times a week
Mandatory sessions plus additional.

2. Scheme. If you accidentally missed a workout, do it at
day off.

3. What’s in the hands? Never use a book to read and
distracting thoughts. Focus on breathing, amplitude
movement, speed and safety – everything that can be done
training more effective.

4. Warm up. Dynamic stretching before exercise: increase
mobility, reduce the risk of injury and prepare systems
organism to perform tasks. Skipping it, you can get

5. More “flexibility”! Try to force the following more often.
training parameters: speed, pace, amplitude of movement and others.
If you are not a sprinter, then do not run at the same speed for
a long period of time – it is better to use interval
loads with varying degrees of intensity. Alternate high
vigor with preparation or active rest (change
exercises). It boosts metabolism much more efficiently than
monophonic occupations.

6. Sprint. Periodically, you can turn on the run mode.
long distances since it helps to improve the exchange

7. Diversity. Mix loads, alternate different weights and
types of exercise. This scheme allows you to avoid routine work and
motivates a person better.

8. Fighting laziness. Do not pay attention to the “voice”
dictating slow down or pause. Fitness требует
discipline, otherwise it is difficult to achieve success.

9. Proper rest. Gradually reduce the intensity over
3-5 minutes, calming the heart rate (check the pulse). it
will help to recover and slow down the processes after energetic

10. Monitoring. Keep a training log to track
changes and the most efficient loads.

11. Regularity. One big cardiosession will not give visible
result, the first positive changes can be seen after
one to two months of regular aerobic exercise.

Beginners and low-trained people (after a long break)
you need to start with a 15-minute session, gradually increasing it to 30
minutes When a certain degree of stamina is reached,
the optimal duration of aerobic training is from 30
up to 60 minutes, depending on the desired goals and objectives.

It must be remembered that the active fat burning effect in aerobic
loads occur after 20-minute classes.


To maximize thermolipolysis, athletes include
2-5 hours of aerobic exercise per week. So each of
тренировок занимает около 45-60 minutes These classes should not
conducted to the detriment of strength training.

If you lose pounds and muscle volumes too quickly,
reduce aerobic exercise. Uniform distribution of effort
which gives aerobic-power training allows you to increase
muscle tissue by working with weights and actively burn fat with
помощью аэробных элементов session.

The best aerobic workout for a beginner (light version)

Many exercises for effective aerobic exercise are taken from
yoga and crossfit. They can be alternated at their discretion in
within one level (novice or medium preparation).

  • A powerful workout. Stand straight, feet on the SB (width of the thighs),
    tighten the body muscles. Right knee lift up holding
    his left hand and slightly crouch on his left foot. To spring and
    Slowly put your right foot, raising the left knee forward.
    We alternate the legs, focusing on the speed and height of the legs.
  • �”Caterpillar”. Standing, legs on the SB, the muscles of the body are tense,
    bend down from the waist and put your palms on the floor. Let’s go
    moving your arms forward and holding your legs straight until we reach
    the provisions of the high bar, then return to the PI, passing on the direct
    hands back. You can complicate the task by doing a few pushups.
    from the floor during high planks.
  • Running with high knees. Stand straight, feet on the SB. We run on
    place, raising his knees to his chest. Alternate right with left as
    can be faster. You can simplify by taking wide strides with
    maximum length, tightening the knees to the chest.
  • Twist mountain climber. From a high bar position with
    tense muscles of the body to raise the left knee to the right elbow,
    and then the right knee to the left elbow. We alternate them with the maximum
    speed without moving your hips. You can simplify the exercise, not
    twisting your knees and pulling them straight to your chest.
  • Uppercut. Classic Boxing Reception: Strike
    up-to-left fist in the rack, stepping with the right foot forward (we do
    lunge). We alternate both sides with maximum speed, keeping
    freedom of movement in the knees (slightly squatting) and the body straight,
    straining muscles. At the same time, we switch different positions to
    halfway through.
  • Kicks Running on the spot, lifting his heels high and reaching them
    buttocks. Hands apart or abut their buttocks to
    the heels hit in the palm of your hand. Movements do so that
    strain the muscles of the buttocks, and not to raise dust on the floor.
  • Plank “Jack” (with a jump). From the position of the high bar, legs –
    together, we make a jump, spreading our legs to the sides, and then jumping them
    bring together again. Repeat as fast as possible, keeping the level
  • Fast alternation of legs. In the “Plié” pose (feet on the WB – width
    shoulders or below) bend your knees, hips slightly back,
    at the same time we support the equal, intense case. Not
    rising, we make 4-6-8 steps forward and in the other direction with
    top speed.
  • �”Jack Jumping”. It can be performed between any cardio
    or strength exercises. Legs together, arms at sides, muscles
    pulled up. Leap legs apart, arms raised up above
    head clapping. Повторяем с top speed.
  • Push-up placket. From the position of high bar and tense
    body right hand reach the lower leg or ankle. We return to
    PI and repeat mirror. Moving with maximum speed, not
    swinging the body and not relaxing the muscles.
  • �”Skater”. Standing, feet on the SB, slightly bend them at the knees.
    We jump to the right with the right foot, absorbing on it, we plant for it
    the left foot, without stopping, jump on the left foot and plant in
    jump for her right. Alternately fast both sides, arms moving
    like a traditional skater.

These aerobic workouts for burning fat can be diluted
ordinary vertical jumps (performing them at high speed and
as quickly as possible) by imitating boxing kicks on bent
feet and others.

Medium Aerobic Training

Heavy duty can only be performed at the stage when the body
sufficiently trained and allows stamina. Newbies can
introduce separate exercises after a couple of months of training to
поднять их эффективность и проверить уровень своей preparation. But
this should be done gradually, without exhausting yourself and without exposing injuries,
since the aerobic load at this stage is much higher than in
light version

These exercises can also be alternated at your discretion,
performing them at the gym or at home:

  • �”Frog”. Stand up, feet on the SB, bend them at the knees.
    Jump up, pulling his knees to his chest with his hands. Upon landing
    hands down.
  • Long jump with a back jog. Standing with legs on SB, bend
    them slightly in the knees. By swinging both arms back, bend your knees more
    and jump forward with both feet as far as possible. Then quickly
    returning, running back to the PI.
  • Deep diving. In yoga, this pose is called chaturanga, but
    here is much more dynamic. In a pose of a high level of a hip
    lift up, and hands go back so that the body
    located in the form of a triangle. Making a dive, sagging like
    can be closer to the floor, then we perform the arc, rising upward (in the pose
    dogs). Then we form a triangle again, lifting
  • �”Corkscrew”. From the position of the high bar we transfer body weight to the left
    hand, raising the right of the floor. Turn right and hit
    left foot up. Повторяем зеркально как can be faster.
  • Notвидимая скакалка. We perform прыжки на воображаемой скакалке,
    not rising higher than 3-5 cm from the floor. Rotate hands
    �“The rope, working through the quick and small movements of the wrists.
  • Wide climber jumps. In the high bar position and
    taut muscles of the body right leg is brought forward outwards for
    right arm wide lunge. Jump and swap legs so that
    the left foot turned out to be outside the left hand, and the right foot came out
    right hand In this case, the back should be straight, and the speed –
    as high as possible.
  • Triple jump with push-ups. Jump on the right three times
    leg, lifting the left, bend and walk forward with your hands to
    be in the position of a high bar, perform 3 pushups from the floor,
    without lowering the left leg (keeping it straight in the air). Return
    fast walking hands back and get up at sp. Half time for
    exercises do movements for the right side, then – for
  • �”Burpy Classic”. Standing with legs on SB (muscles are tightened),
    jump up, slamming your head over your head. Drop to the floor
    jump to the high bar position, wring out, quickly turn
    hands to his feet, we rise to the PI and jump again.
  • Sprint squats. Sitting on the floor with legs stretched out, arms
    bend at elbows at right angles. Leaning back slightly
    raise the right leg, bending it at the knee and touching it with the left
    elbow, engaging the obliques and turning to the right.
    We return to ИП и повторяем все действия для левой стороны.
  • Step up. We place the right foot on a high steady support,
    using the gluteal muscles. At the same time we jump a little on
    left foot. Having thus pumped the muscles of the right buttock, we perform
    упражнение для left.

These aerobic workouts can be varied by jumping on one
leg, moving back and forth and left and right, perform many
Exercises from the sector “for beginners” (“Jumping Jack” and

When oxygen is the only source of energy, its
enough to burn fat effectively – this is an aerobic load
different from anaerobic. Thus, the “dried” from lipids as
beginners and slimming people as well as experienced athletes.

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