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    • 1.3 Fitness упражнения дома для начинающих

Worldwide promotion of healthy lifestyle
active recreation, many subspecies and directions of sport and
reasonable nutrition quickly became a source of motivation
weight loss for many women.

Regardless of fashion trends, beauty standards have always been considered
self-confident people with a trimmed figure, correct posture and
healthy skin color. To achieve what, without systematic occupations
sports and proper nutrition, impossible.

Among the existing types and ways of losing weight, fitness is
the most universal, and at the same time effective.

Greater popularity of fitness was due to:

  • ease of exercise – every exercise, even for beginners,
    quite understandable.
  • the existence of many subspecies – shaping, zumba, step, fitball
    and so forth;
  • no need to buy expensive simulators and
  • You can do fitness or shaping in comfortable home
  • effectiveness for losing weight – with
    регулярных тренировках, лишний вес стремительно снижается и
    you can lose weight in just a couple of months;
  • increase overall endurance and significant improvement
    blood circulation.

Reviews of people who are engaged in daily fitness, talking about
that their health and well-being significantly
improved, while weight decreased significantly.


Fitness для похудения в домашних conditions

Fitness — один из немногих видов тренировок и комплексов
exercise, which has no contraindications. Thanks
a huge amount of fitness exercises, your individual
complex can pick up: women of any stature, men with
different levels of athletic training, people with obesity and
the problem of overweight, pregnant or just given birth to women,
pensioners, teenagers and children.

Family training (with
this children with great pleasure to participate in this type
activities), exercises in pairs provide an opportunity to diversify
doing sports, making it more interesting. Therefore, fitness at home
for weight loss, regardless of its subspecies, – this is excellent
the opportunity to spend time with benefit and in the company of the most
close people and at the same time good to lose weight.


Shaping для похудения в домашних conditions — это комплекс
phenomenally effective exercises designed to correct
фигуры и losing weight The main feature of whispering is considered
the fact that exercise allows you to use those muscle groups that
in the familiar life is not actually involved.

In addition to losing weight, shaping allows you to strengthen the work
cardiac muscle and the cardiovascular system, raises strength
will and endurance.

Training for weight loss for pumping muscles

  • Warm up Shaping-разминка, обычно, имеет
    aerobic character, so classic steps aside, steps with
    throwing the legs over the thigh, raising the shoulder joint up and down,
    jumps clapping, lunges jumping perfectly prepare the joints and
    muscles to workout for weight loss. If you wish, you can
    просто 10-15 минут побегать или попрыгать на месте.
  • Вакуумное втягивание живота. Produced in
    position on bent knees, with emphasis on the knees. Delay
    breathing for at least 5 seconds, as long as possible. Perform 5-10

  • Упражнение «Поглаживание коленок» —
    lifting the body with abdominal muscles with simultaneous stroking
    fingers knees.  With a delay in the highest position
    for 5 seconds. Повторять 12 time.
  • From supine position – hands behind head, one leg bent.
    Touching the opposite elbow to the exposed knee. Do
    This shaping exercise is 15-20 times for each leg.
  • Side plate. 90 seconds each
    the side.
  • Поднятие ног до угла 45 градусов с положения
    lying on your back, if necessary, you can put a towel under
    hips (15-20);
  • Прорисовка кругов вытянутыми ногами на весу
    at an angle of 30 degrees. Starting position: supine.
    Количество повторений — 15 time.
  • Планка на прямых руках.. Длительность
    run 2 minutes.
  • Slat with simultaneous lifting of the leg and the opposite

The following training is designed to lose weight and increase
resistance to physical exertion.

Effective complex shaping exercises aimed at
pumping all muscle groups:

  • Разминка — блок разминки такой же как и для предыдущего
  • Raising the legs (from the hip) and upper torso from the floor with
    lying position on the stomach.
  • Squatting near the wall is a technique: knees during
    squat over the line of the feet do not go out, the back slides parallel to
  • Lowering the legs left-right from the starting position: lying on
    back, legs raised at a 90 degree angle to the floor, arms straight
    divorced to the sides.
  • Touching the thigh to the floor with the side bars on the elbows.
  • Exercise “Cat Camber”.

Shapingу, как виду спорта и способу похудения, уже около 30 лет,
but its importance and relevance today is not at all
lost. In the method of shaping laid not only occupation
sports exercises, but also diet. In the complex, they give due
результат похудения  и хорошее самочувствия.

Shaping — это по настоящему эффективный способ похудеть и забыть
about health problems, it’s not at all necessary to pay
big money for gym visits.


Zumba — программа для похудения в домашних conditions и один из
types of effective interesting fitness programs with elements
Latin American dances (called aerobics with
choreographic bias).

Rhythmic music, simple dance steps and breathtaking pace
движений делают зумбу любимой тренировкой и occupationм как для
young girls and women of age who want to lose weight.

By its nature, zumba is very interesting and breathtaking view.
fitness for weight loss. To study the basic movements, enough
включить видео-урок или онлайн-occupation на компьютере
(просматривать такие таких роликов абсолютно бесплатно), где
An experienced trainer will show and explain the technique very well.
every move.

Занятие зумбой — польза:

  • zumba is more dance that stimulates improvement
    plastics and body flexibility;
  • working on all major muscle groups;
  • provides the ability to quickly lose weight;
  • increases the overall endurance of the body, improves

Basic effective dance complex zumba, which
will help to lose weight in the shortest possible lines – training
calculated for 45 minutes:

  • Marsh kicks on each score with swaying hips, hands while
    for every two accounts change position from the hips to the shoulders, from the shoulder
    joint up, from the top position to the sides and to the original
    position (at the hips).
  • Attached steps left-right, 2 steps in each direction, with
    gently wiggle your hips.
  • Attached steps forward – backward (2 each), arms to the side, on
    every 2 accounts are alternately bent at the elbow, and exactly 2
    accounts are unbent.
  • On the knees bent on each account – legs slightly apart,
    руки согнуты в локтях —  поочередное отведение ног, правой в
    right side, then into place, left – to the left, and then in
    initial position.
  • Turns the body to the left and right with the shoulder abduction back.
    Starting position: legs bent at the knees, arms bent in front
    torso, palms parallel. When turning left, left hand
    slips up, right down, then when turning right
    position is changing. The movement is repeated this way: to the left
    right, 2 times to the left, and then vice versa.
  • Repeat a full bunch of exercises for at least 3 laps.

The big advantage of fitness classes in the usual home
conditions является возможность бесплатно индивидуально подобрать
music and movement, and in the end get great pleasure from
losing weight Since the aerobic nature of the zumba has a strong
tension on the joints, the recommended number of classes per week –
no more than three. Zumba — эффективный вид тренировки и
легкий способ похудения в домашних conditions абсолюнто
is free.

Fitness упражнения дома для начинающих

Consider a set of exercises for beginners that will help
похудеть бесплатно в домашних conditions. (Do not forget at the end
to stretch, when the muscles will be maximally heated).

Training for weight loss is designed for 45 minutes.

  • Warm up – circular turns of the head, rotation of the shoulder and
    elbow joints, trunk bends, circular pelvic turns,
    выпады При желании заменить классическую разминку можно
    jumping rope;
  • Push-ups for women, push-ups with straight legs – for
    men (15-20 times);
  • Отведение ноги назад стоя на ровных руках  ( по 25 раз на
    each side);
  • Pushing the pelvis up from a supine position with bent
    knees, (must perform at least 15 times);
  • The torso forward with straight back on one leg (the second
    bent at the knee) with 15 bends on each leg;
  • Перекрестные выпады (по 12 раз на each side);
  • Squatting with full-length jumping (15 times).
  • Exercise “Fold”. (20 times, can be divided by 2

Данный комплекс предназначен для выполнения в домашних conditions
and helps to lose weight in the hips and abdomen. Special
preparation before its implementation is not required.

Conclusion: Fitness gives an effective result – an opportunity
похудеть -только в том случае, если проводить тренировки 3-4
раза в неделю и выбрать правильный способ питания.

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