Yoga for weight loss. Exercise videos

yoga-dlya-pohudeniya-videoYoga is an ancient form
exercise, breathing and meditation. Regular yoga practice for
losing weight can have many benefits for your

If you want to lose weight and increase your metabolism, you can
benefit from yoga sessions. But before you start
yoga or some other new practice, yet
consult your doctor.

Regular slimming yoga classes can help your body.
burn more calories by restoring exchange
substances. While you do yoga, you increase your
effects on the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and pituitary gland, which
control your body’s hormonal balance.

Special breathing exercises during yoga sessions for
Slimming helps to increase oxygen in the blood, effectively
removes toxins that can slow down your

Below we have prepared for you several videos of yoga exercises for
losing weight

Yoga for weight loss. Exercise videos

Video. Slimming yoga

Yoga for weight loss. Exercise videos для новичков

Video. Slimming yoga с Рэйнбо Марс

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