A bit about fasting

Medicinal fasting is considered exclusively voluntary abstinence from eating on insignificant period. Fasting is not a difficult process, on the contrary, it will give vitality, create a sense of inner satisfaction, improve health.

The decision to take a fasting course should be made single-handedly and with great desire. Only in this case, this period pass without stress.

In the process of therapeutic fasting, metabolism is restructured substances: the fat that has accumulated over a long period time in the body begins to split and transform into energy. Digestion of juices first shrinks, then everything normalizes, which contributes to muffling feelings of hunger.

The basis of therapeutic fasting is that a person naturally able to live without eating some time, or rather, as much as the reserves are calculated his body. The basic rules of fasting for medicinal purposes are:

  • taking food in liquid form (at least two liters). This is water, vegetable broths, juices from various vegetable and fruit crops;
  • the exception of cigarettes (if a person smokes), alcohol-containing drinks, caffeine and goodies. Do not take medical drugs that promote emptying or improving sleep;
  • the use of washing agents (enemas), compresses, improving liver function, as well as an increase in active movements on air;
  • alternation of rest with sports loads on the body;
  • stay in a quiet environment. Should not devote much amount of time watching television programs, listening radio and reading periodicals.

The following treatment methods are available. fasting:

  • Complete rejection of food. This method is carried out exclusively in clinical conditions;
  • Zero diet, which uses water from springs or mineral water;
  • Fasting with herbal teas;
  • Fasting with sour drinks. They should cook from oat, rice cereal or flax seed;
  • The use of fresh whey;
  • Cleansing the body with freshly prepared juices;
  • The use of factory-made juices.

Medicinal fasting should be carried out for seven days after which a feeling of restored health.

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