Rice Slimming Diet

The desire to lose weight makes thousands of women stay in constantly searching for the most effective diet. However, find a diet with which you can lose extra pounds is still Not all.

Losing weight should be safe for the body, otherwise nothing except the appearance of various diseases will not work. In order to The process of losing weight was useful and effective. Rice diet for weight loss is better.

Rice is a product with unique properties. With his help body cleansing, elimination of toxins, salts and other harmful substances. It is no coincidence that rice is an indispensable product. Oriental cuisine.

In Japan, rice plantations can be seen everywhere!

We can say that for the Japanese, rice is the same as for us potato. It is likely that it is thanks to the daily the Japanese are not inclined to be full of rice, and we, thanks to our taste preferences, we are looking for a way to lose weight.

The benefits of rice and its excellent taste are also proved by that rice diet for weight loss is one of the first places, among the most popular diets in the world. Really, the health benefits of rice are worth our health take advantage, even if overweight is not a problem.

There are several types of diets based on fig. Everyone can choose an option according to their individual features. Different rice diet for weight loss product, time of its use and term for which it is calculated diet.


Rice diet for a week

One of the most popular options. Weekly duration gives you the opportunity to quickly feel the improvement and how The result is kilograms and centimeters.

There are few rules for such a diet. Eating should be clear divided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks between business. You can eat only rice and vegetables. However, it’s worth remembering that the amount of vegetables should not exceed the amount of rice. After all rice is the basis for this diet.

You can also sometimes treat yourself to a small piece of boiled fish or fruit. But this should be the exception, not the rule. As a result, in a week on the scales you can see minus 3-4 kilograms of your original weight. As a result of the weekly cleansing the body will appear light and improve the appearance of the skin and hair.

Three Day Rice Diet

This option applies to extra diets. Such a rice diet ideal for losing weight when needed in a short time get rid of a few extra pounds. At the heart of a three-day diet is one very strict rule: you can eat one per day a glass of rice brewed without salt and seasoning. Stick to it the rules can be no more than the period allotted by the diet. Go out of the diet should be carefully, without eating fatty foods, starting with vegetables, fruits and fish in small quantities. If desired, this diet can be repeated in 3-4 weeks, not earlier.

To achieve the greatest effect, use brown rice It is in it that all useful properties are preserved. AND consider adding rice to your daily routine ration.

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