Yoga for weight loss at home

  • 1 Yoga for weight loss at home для начинающих
    • 1.1 5 simple exercises
    • 1.2 Kundalini Yoga
    • 1.3 Hatha Yoga
  • 2 Effective asanas for weight loss
    • 2.1 Yoga for slimming the abdomen and sides

Yoga is now very popular around the world. Men and women
do it for stretching, keeping muscles in shape, working out
internal organs. In addition to these effects, yoga classes help
fight stress, improve mood, stabilize
emotional state, calm the person.

There are such practices as Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga and
others. First of all, yoga is the harmony of the physical,
psychological and spiritual states. Even while losing weight
home conditions do not forget about it, since you will
combine physical and breathing exercises.

If your goal – to get rid of extra pounds, fit
complexes of dynamic exercises with static holding poses.
Incredibly, regular practice allows you to lose weight even by
that a person has changed his attitude to the problem of weight.
Peace of mind brings all body systems into balance.

To start slimming exercises at home, study
the main goals of yoga and how to do it for the best
effect. Maybe yoga for you will not just be a means to
losing weight, but also an important part on the road to health.


Yoga for weight loss at home для начинающих

Yoga for beginners can be practiced at home.
conditions, like stretching, to quickly sit on the splits. The first
time will be hard enough to perform many exercises, since
Good muscle stretching and balance is required. None
less carefully trying to do the exercises, you will notice how
the body becomes more flexible.

Start with simple stretching exercises, perform various
twists, basic breathing practices. To feel yourself
a real yoga, get a special mat and loose pants,
about shoes for the time of training forget. All exercises are performed.

5 simple exercises

Yoga is so diverse that everyone can pick up
suitable for him complex training for weight loss in
home conditions and choose your favorite style- kundalini, hatha and
etc. Но 5 базовых доступных упражнений йоги для похудения в
home conditions will help solve all health problems.

Yoga exercises at home – 5 simple

  • Поза воина Вирабхадрасана Ускоряет обмен
    substances and actively burns calories. Step forward out of position.
    standing up The back leg must be straight and the front leg must be straight.
    angle. Connect your palms and raise your hands up, looking at the large
    fingers. Stand like that for a minute, then switch sides;
  • Поза «лук» Дханурасана Помогает убрать жир на
    stomach, strengthens the spine. Lie on your stomach, grab onto
    ankles and pull the legs up. Hold this position and
    slowly return to the original. If you do not reach the ankles
    use belts;
  • Поза «березка» Сарвангасана Очень полезная
    posture that contributes to weight loss. Lie on the floor and lift your legs
    up perpendicular to the floor. Keep on reaching up, helping
    yourself hands. With perfect execution, the emphasis falls on
    shoulder blades;
  • Поза собаки Адхо Мукха Шванасана Упритесь
    носками и ладонями в пол так, чтобы тело образовало острый angle.
    Stretch your pelvis up and try to reach your feet to the floor.
    Stand in this position for a minute;
  • Exercise 30-60-90 Лягте на пол и вытяните
    legs up, forming an angle of 30 degrees. Stay in it
    position and lift the limbs to 60 degrees and then to 90.
    Perform a minute. The bottom press is being worked out.

Most exercises strengthen and tone muscles,
tighten the skin, promote weight loss.

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga совмещает в себе не только динамические и
statistical exercise, but also breathing practices, meditation and
singing mantras. The practice of kundalini develops both the body and the senses,
emotions, feminine power and inner harmony.

The advantage of kundalini yoga is that it is universal.
practice, it can be practiced at home at any level
physical training. Before performing the asanas, turn on the mantra,
to tune in to work.

Kundalini yoga для начинающих (повторяйте эти
2 упражнения, как можно чаще и скоро заметите

  • Пашчимоттанасана Сядьте на коврик и выпрямите
    legs. Grasp the shins or knees and start pulling straight.
    back up. Then relax your back and rest your head on your knees on
    30-40sek. Get out of position slowly, rounding your back. Make a
    several approaches;
  • Сурья намаскар В положении стоя прижмите
    palm to each other at the chest. Slowly raise your hands up and
    pull them back, bend the body and straining the buttocks.
    Exhale, bend forward with your head to your knees, as far as allows
    flexibility. Make a несколько подходов.

Hatha yoga

Hatha is the most popular type of yoga, which includes
many asanas and breathing practices that promote improvement
health, slimming, straightening the spine, strengthen muscles
belly and back.

Hatha yoga для начинающих подразумевает выполнение
простых асан
, совмещенных с базовыми дыхательными

  • Паванмуктасана Лежа на спине, согните одну
    leg in the knee and, helping with your hands, press it to your chest. Hold up
    breath and pull your upper body to the bent knee.
    Slowly exhaling, put your head and shoulders on the floor. Repeat
    several times and then change leg;
  • Бхуджангасана- поза кобры Лягте на коврик
    face down, place your palms under your shoulders. Using your back muscles,
    slowly lift the casing. Stay in it положении. Knees
    straight and do not detach from the floor, buttocks are tense, arms bent in
    elbows When inhaling, lift the body even higher, straightening your arms.
    The chest is open, and the shoulders look back. Slow down
    to the starting position. Make a несколько подходов. Exercise
    gives flexibility to the spine, works the abdominal organs

Effective asanas for weight loss

Does yoga help you lose weight? Slimming yoga definitely helps
lose weight. One lesson kundalini or hatha yoga burns
up to 500kkal. Static work with its own weight strengthens and
develops all the muscles of the body. Over time, yoga will begin to bring no
only the result, but also the pleasure of occupation.

The most effective asanas for weight loss
home conditions are:

  • Васиштхасана Лягте на один бок и положите
    upper leg to lower. Lift the case, resting the lower arm
    palm to the floor. Raise your upper hand. Try to keep the body in
    flat line. Change sides;
  • Уткатасана Ноги на ширине таза. Raise your hands
    up and with a straight back start to squat. When the hips are
    parallel to the floor, stay in position for 30 seconds, a little
    leaning forward with the body. To simplify, stretch your arms
  • Чатуранга Дандасана Лягте на коврик лицом
    way down. Put your palms under your shoulders. Resting on the hands and socks,
    lift the body, creating a straight line. At the same time elbows are bent in
    прямой angle. Hold upсь на 30 сек. Exercise формирует осанку и
    abdominal muscles.

Yoga for slimming the abdomen and sides

Slimming in the abdomen and sides at home
The following asanas from kundalini and hatha will suit

  • Поза лодки Наукасана Лягте на коврик лицом
    up. Вдыхая, медленно поднимите прямые ноги на 45 градусов up.
    Begin to lift the body, trying to reach the fingers
    feet. Stand by for 15 seconds. Make a несколько
  • Пурвоттанасана Сядьте на коврик, спина ровная,
    socks stretched. Place your palms under your shoulders. Resting in the palm of your hand and
    feet, lift the body, forming a straight line, look fixed
    up. Stretch your pelvis upward, arching your back, tilt your head back
    backwards Hold upсь в положении до минуты;
  • Джатхара паривартанасана Лягте на спину,
    вытяните руки по сторонам ладонями up. Lift straight legs
    up socks on yourself. Turn your head to the left, lower the limbs
    to the right palm, without touching the floor. Hold upсь и примите исходное
    position. Change sides.

Asana Kundalini and Hatha Yoga for weight loss are working
deep internal abdominal muscles and strengthen the muscular frame.

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