Yang woman or sunny typerectangle

zhenskiy-tip-figury-pryamougolnikThe main advantage
rectangular shape – its proportionality.

It is easy to learn in a woman the owner of a type H figure:
approximately equal volumes of four horizontal parameters.
Shoulders, chest, waist and hips form a characteristic rectangular.
body type.

Фигура rectangleа подразделяется на несколько подтипов,
which depend on the slimness of build:

  • Banana, pod or column type refers to
    women who do not have a pronounced excess weight;
  • a brick-like figure – it has full representatives

The main disadvantage of such a body structure is the absence of a bright
pronounced bending at the waist. But the “bananas” there is a mass
other benefits: slender legs, tight arms, beautiful hips
and neat buttocks. If the “pods” love to eat, then overweight
they are distributed in the zone of the abdomen, bust and waist without affecting
thighs and legs.

It should be noted that the type of figure “pod” or “banana” –
favorite choice of fashion designers. They become successful models and
heroines of magazine covers, they are perfectly fit any outfits.
The absence of bends on the body allows the most elegant show
any fantastic creation of the designer.

Какие тренировки подходят для типа фигуры rectangle?

The chunky body of “bananas” tends to be fat, and
fat reserves often accumulate in the problem areas of the abdomen.
This makes the shape of the “pods” even less prominent, turning it into

Умеренная скорость метаболизма, присущая «rectangleам»
enables quick weight gain, allowing you to see soon
wide waist and protruding belly from below.

Workouts to help adjust the figure!

Selected Exercises:

  • Longer aerobic exercise without use
    weighting until weight is perfect. Try to include
    stretching exercises before and after workouts, including the load
    on the abdominal muscles. This will smooth and strengthen your abs.
    will give more energy for sports;
  • Separate exercises for pumping the upper and lower press,
    deep squats, push-ups, aerobics – any training on
    pumping straight and oblique abdominal lines, as well as loads on the upper and
    lower back muscles with medium or high intensity.

For the whole body:

  • Long-distance running, including rough terrain,
    sloping surfaces, stairs, roller skating,
    popular “5 Tibetan Pearls”, long-distance sailing,
    aqua aerobics, kickboxing, jumping rope (including a projectile with
    weights), classes on exercise bikes, elliptical
    orbitrek, ellipsoids, skis – all this should be carried out on the average
    or high speed.

Чего стоит избегать «rectangleам?

At the beginning of training, you should be careful with the exercises,
able to cause discomfort in the lumbar spine: vertical
scissors, raising the legs forward and sideways.

But as soon as you pump up the press and get enough
flexibility – these exercises will also be safe for you. They can
will include in your sports schedule.

Диета или что можно кушать rectangleам с пользой?

Nutritionists noted that sports are necessary for
losing weight, but without adjusting the nutrition for any physique,
включая тип фигуры rectangle, недостаточны, так как в итоге
You can get pumped up muscles with a layer of fat over them.

By adjusting your diet towards healthy foods, you can
get the perfect shape of a slim “banana”.

To do this, include in the diet:

  • High-quality squirrels: poultry white meat (breast
    turkey or skinless chicken), lean veal and beef, tuna,
    shellfish, beans, whole grain bread;
  • Difficult to digest carbohydrates: fruits, non-starchy vegetables,
    Brown rice;
  • Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids: marine
    salmon, sardines, halibut, nuts, avocados, flaxseed and olive oil.
    For cooking, use coconut oil as a product.
    stimulating metabolic processes in the body. They will help burn
    more fat and prevent toxins,
    obstructing the weight loss process.

Какие продукты противопоказаны для «rectangleов»?

Exclude from the diet simple, easily digestible carbohydrates: starches
high-purity (white rice and bread, including wheat
flour, potatoes, pastries) and confectionery, carbonated
beverages, foods high in various sugars (including
hidden species in the store assortment).

What can a combination of low-calorie, but
balanced nutrition and specially selected exercises
положительно влияющих на тип фигуры «rectangle»? Awesome
result! Especially if you are not lazy and follow the advice.
professionals …

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