Wrap for weight loss – your “sculptor”figures

every person is familiar with the hoop – many people played it at least
childhood. Have you ever thought that this simple inventory will help
to remove unnecessary centimeters at the waist and sides?

And if in youth and childhood, the unwinding of the hoop was only
fun way to show your agility, then in adulthood
this exercise is guaranteed to allow you to remove the stomach and lose weight in

Previously, for training, used the usual hoops, made
from plastic or aluminum. However, progress does not stand still, and
modern industry produces many different modifications
this inventory. For example, today has become very popular hoop with
special suckers or balls, the so-called hula hoop.

How effective is this or that model? Let’s get acquainted with
this sports equipment closer.

Is slimming possible with a hula hoop hoop?

Those who are looking for ways to remove the extra centimeters, are interested,
Does hoop help to lose weight? If your task is to remove the stomach and sides
such an inventory can really help.

To begin, use the usual gymnastic hoop – it will help
master the technique of rotation and at the same time will not guide bruises on the body.
It is necessary to begin occupations with torsion of a shell for several minutes in
day. Gradually increase your workout time, and when you realize
that for you this load has become small, use a hoop for the waist
more weight.

You can purchase special equipment, the so-called hula hoop.
On the inside of such a hoop there are balls or suckers.
– they knead the body in the process of training, which is significantly
increases overall performance.

How many calories does a hoop burn?

To calculate how much calories are spent during classes with
hoop, you should know that for 1 minute of average workout
Intensity burns about 10 kcal.

If you increase the load, for example, take a heavier
inventory, calorie consumption increases to 15 kcal / min.


I want to turn the hoop! Benefit and harm

Those who want to start exercising, want to know the benefits of
обруча д�”я figures и организма в це�”ом?


You should know that the torsion of the hoop – a full training,
allowing you to burn calories, strengthen muscles and form beautiful
Belly, waist and hip lines. During such classes improves
blood circulation and lymph circulation. It reduces the manifestation
cellulite, burns fat and has a positive effect on appearance
skin, there is evidence of improvement of the internal organs and
intestine. The positive effect of the hoop is obvious.

During classes, the respiratory and cardiovascular exercises
system. In time, it will be much easier for you to do long
walk, climb stairs, etc. Hoop helps
train the vestibular apparatus. An astronaut, of course, with the help
this inventory will not, however, significant changes in
the best side will be visible soon.


Unaccustomed to many newcomers fill bruises on the body. Special
there is no harm from this – after a while the hematomas will pass by themselves, and
the body will learn the correct, safe technique. To reduce
chances of bruising, should be trained in thick
sweater or tight t-shirt.

It is not recommended to practice with the hula hoop, the newly born,
women and pregnant women, as well as older people. Carefully
should be trained by people with kidney disease. With such
diseases, it is advisable to consult with
by your doctor about the advisability of hoop torsion.

What is the best hoop for losing weight?

To get the most out of your workouts you need to
choose the right hoop. What are the types of this inventory? Which one
fitness hoop is right for you? Choose for yourself.

  • Metal hoop: this model is known to all since childhood.
    This projectile is made of iron. It is inexpensive, serves enough
    long, suitable for training, both adults and children.
  • Aluminum hoop is lighter than iron, for many users it’s
    will be a plus. Plastic options will be even easier, however
    they are not very durable.
  • Massage hoop for weight loss went on sale not so long ago,
    however, he has already won many admirers. Such a projectile
    Available in several versions. It could be a hoop with
    spikes, balls or suckers. Such “additives” activate
    the work of muscles in the abdomen and back, improves blood circulation,
    increase the tone.
  • Heavy hoop is different from others, as seen by name,
    higher weight (up to two kilograms). He is more difficult
    spins up at the waist, but further movement goes by inertia,
    therefore, working with him is not as difficult as it may seem
    to some.

Home workout: exercises with a hoop for weight loss

Before you start classes with a hoop at home, take care of
not to break and not to break household items.
Train in a spacious room, away from lights,
sideboards and home appliances. Many are pleased that you can engage in
the process of watching your favorite TV shows.

Especially successfully lose weight with a hoop can be, if you combine
home workouts with a low calorie diet.

How to turn the hoop to lose weight?

To begin with, you should be straight, legs spread shoulder-width apart.
Hula-hoop unwinding in circular motions of the hips and waist, trying
hold the projectile at the same height.

Learning to twist the hoop is easy; you just need to exercise a little.
perseverance! In the process of training it is necessary to keep the abdominals.
in a tense state. With the wrong technique, it may be
bruises appear from the hoop. Let it not scare you – they will pass
fast enough.

A set of exercises with a hoop

At the beginning of the exercise, perform the usual rotation in both directions.
In a few minutes the muscles will warm up, then you can
proceed to the main complex.

1. Stand up straight, legs spread wide apart
parallel. Rotate the hula hoop, helping yourself with your hips, try
make smooth, wide movements. With such a load, the hoop helps
remove the sides.

2. Put your right leg forward and start rotating the hoop in
such a rack. After a few minutes, change your leg and perform
rotating the hula hoop in the opposite direction helping yourself
pelvic movements. Such exercises with a hoop for the waist and hips
quickly remove unnecessary centimeters, tighten the contours of the body. 3
It is clear that the hoop will help to remove the stomach. However, using this
projectile can still improve the shape of the shoulders and arms. To do this, follow
rotation of the hoop with one hand over your head. After a few minutes
workout, change hands. You can make a variety of training and
twist the hula-hoop with both hands at once.

4. Good results can be achieved if you turn the hoop on
thighs. Such movements will initially be unusual, and the projectile will be
often fall. However, when you do it, the exercise will
эффективно убирать прояв�”ения це�”�”ю�”ита на thighs.

You can do all the exercises of this complex or choose
several most needed to solve your problems.


Hula-hoop or hoop for weight loss: reviews and results

For many, hula-hoop has become a real helper in the fight for
slimness What do they say about this equipment for weight loss?
who has already managed to acquire and try on themselves the effect of the hoop?

Margarita: “… After the birth, I was very much better, the waist was in
volume of 76 cm. Then I decided that you need to start losing weight. To me
I got an article with positive reviews about the hoop, and I bought

At first he was just lying idle, because I was engaged
laziness. However, after a while I recovered even more that
strongly disliked my spouse, and he occasionally let go
taunts about my appearance. To me ста�”о обидно и я, поборов
too lazy to start turning the hoop.

The first training session lasted about fifteen minutes. The next day i
I saw bruises on my body and was frightened at first. However me
I was reassured by the information I read on the Internet about what
does happen sometimes. After a couple of days I continued
to do I have been practicing for two months, my waist has dropped to 64
see – I have never been so elegant! Recommend! �”

Ирина: « … I до�”го выбира�”а, какой ху�”а-хуп �”учше приобрести, с
каким весом, однорядный и�”и двухрядный, с жесткими и�”и мягкими
spikes? Останови�”ась на розово-го�”убом, на 2,5 кг, двухрядном, с
си�”иконовыми мягкими шипами. Ни капе�”ьки не жа�”ею! Шипы от�”ично
массируют живот и спину, что помогает снять уста�”ость. but
г�”авное в этом снаряде это то, что он действите�”ьно эффективен!
Every day I twist 3000 rpm.

Многие говорят, что минус ху�”а-хупа – синяки! Do not believe!
Кровоподтеки под кожей появ�”яются то�”ько из-за неправи�”ьной
workout. С�”едует начинать занятия с небо�”ьшого ко�”ичества
turns. Лично я начина�”а с 20, ежедневно добав�”яя по 20. Когда
дош�”а до 100, ста�”а прип�”юсовать по 100 turns.

Dear girls and women! I hope my review will help you!
Get yourself a hoop and exercise on health! �”

О�”ьга: « … Не так давно я вспомни�”а, как знакомый тренер
говори�”, что ес�”и крутить обруч хотя бы по 10 минут в день, то
можно иметь тонкую та�”ию даже пос�”е рождения детей. I реши�”а
приобрести себе такой инвентарь – места занимает ма�”о, стоимость
прием�”емая. Кручу обруч уже по�”года. Теперь о резу�”ьтатах –
появи�”ся пресс, исчез живот, а у меня двое детей! I advise! �”

Татьяна: « … Много с�”ыша�”а рек�”амы об обруче с массажными
шариками, поэтому, когда увиде�”а его в магазине, реши�”а купить. To me
понрави�”ась разборная моде�”ь с массажными шариками.

Первый раз тренировка бы�”а бо�”езненной, еще хуже ста�”о на
с�”едующий день – бо�”е�”и бока. but со временем все это прош�”о. I
не соб�”юда�”а инструкцию, которая требует крутить обруч по 15 минут
трижды в неде�”ю – часто пропуска�”а занятия, и откровенно говоря,
�”ени�”ась. Что могу сказать об итогах – та�”ия немного уменьши�”ась,
однако понимаю, что ес�”и бы тренировки бы�”и регу�”ярными, резу�”ьтаты
бы�”и бы �”учше.

Помните, что ху�”а-хуп – изде�”ие хрупкое. Неже�”ате�”ьно его ронять
и�”и кидать – �”омаются звенья, которые пос�”е не отремонтируешь.
Be careful. Successful training! �”

Оксана: « … Обруч д�”я похудения – вещь good but д�”я
бо�”ьшего эффекта стоит пара�”�”е�”ьно сесть на диету. And of course
регу�”ярно заниматься! Иначе на боках вновь появ�”яются жировые
ск�”адки! Крутите ху�”а-хуп постоянно! Же�”аю всем иметь фигуру вашей
dreams! �”

Занятия с обручем д�”я похудения – видео тренировка

Также читайте: «Как бороться с бо�”ью в мышцах пос�”е
тренировки?�” и «Можно �”и испо�”ьзовать спортпит д�”я коррекции

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