Women’s flaws. What really infuriatesmen?

Sat, 29 Oct 2016

How often do you calmly watch that man looks
football? You really are not annoyed that he just sits next
and watching TV, not even guessing to hug you? We all
We know and discuss male flaws with our friends at least
once a week. Men, it seems to us, are more severe people, and indeed
we, the ideal, can not annoy. In fact,
men are just calmer than us. Any one of them would rather kiss your
leg, rather than decide to arrange a tantrum for what you shoved him in
My face is a dirty rake. However, if asked very strongly, they
They will give you a list of shortcomings that you would like to correct in

1. Disciple devil. Women love to philosophize
talk about life, but even more they love to teach a loved one. Here is
when the first flows smoothly into the second, hell begins.

First, the girl pulls the information out of the guy in a vice, and after
one or two frank phrases it will not shut up. “I heard right
did you say you would like to live by the sea? But if there is a storm, if
will one day cover us with a wave? If a whale rushes to the shore, which
the fin will touch our shack? What we will rebuild it
again? I think, besides the main work on our coconut
plantations, you will still have to invest in some
the property!”

2. Oh my dear Enrique. Many men are incredible
annoying when the other half of them are drooling on the macho from the screen
tv set By the way, the story of what a wonderful guy
Svetki also cause only rejection. This is not a hint that
he, too, would have to change, or at least think. This is a blow to
back, though not so much from your side as from this
sugary Svetka henpecked!

3. Brownie, brownie, play and give! For sure
enrages when a man asks about where his socks, charger and
other rubbish, which you put from time to time in the same place.
I will reveal one secret, it’s also fucking men to search for half an hour
“lost” things. Moreover, he does not even know where they are.
may be. The man’s brain is not adapted for such nonsense
they think more globally and remember more important things. You’re not
will be able to list the team “Zenith” in the championship in 1989
of the year.

4. You’re such a bastard! This feminine trait has many
girls, and she rather offends a strong half of humanity,
than annoying. Women indulge in what they would never
suffered from a young man. They can throw in a fit of rage
plate on the floor, scream and even call names. Why are women so
are coming? Because men do not cry? Few of them dared
would be at this typical for women reception. Here is и страдают, а мы и не

Men tolerate and do not pay attention to minor flaws
women until they love and firmly believe in their
darling. They consider us small creatures about which it is necessary
take care, but if one day they start
Doubt … this whole stream of negativity can fall upon you in
one moment, although few men descend to such. They are quiet
collect their belongings and disappear into the night. They are not interested either
your persuasion, no promise, not even your feminine opinion.


Svetochka 11/01/2016 Excellent article Tangir 03/03/2016 And why
opinion of “female”? If your opinion is not valuable to him, is it necessary
Is he to you?

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