A conspiracy for money and luck – which one is the strongest?How to read a conspiracy on money at home.

Ср, 26 авг 2015 Автор: Ольга Шестакова
The problem of wealth and poverty has always been, exists now and in
the future, too, is not going anywhere. Some people own innumerable
riches, without straining especially at the same time, while others climb into
debts are so strong that, probably, the grandchildren will have to
pay for them loans. A life в наше время очень дорогая. Still
a few years ago a certain amount of money could be bought
so much food to get a refrigerator for a week, and now this
the amount is barely enough for a couple of days. No one wants to sit and
count pennies enough for tomorrow yet. Anyone dreams
live well beautifully, so to speak, so that never and in no way
to need. I want to buy my child any item he wants.
with a finger will indicate, rather than invent, excuses like: “Son, today
Mom forgot her wallet at home. Next time I will buy it. ”
And on arrival home to understand that you can hardly buy at all
his baby what he so dreams about and he will have to play it with
friends that parents can buy such an expensive item or
a toy

Yes, not in wealth and money is human happiness,
but, as they say, this saying was invented by people who
they don’t even count money, but they are used to throwing it at all
parties. Indeed there are in the world such that never
starved and did not borrow money from anyone. And, you know, not all
they are lost for days at work and save money for decades,
then to live well. Many of them are just lucky
lucky in life get well settled. Do not despair if you
lucky a little less, because there are known real ways that
will help to change your financial situation.

Has there ever been with you one beautiful morning?
you opened your eyes and suddenly decided that you want a new laptop,
for example, or a smartphone? Now these thoughts won’t upset you,
because then you could not let yourself be pampered with such dear ones
things, and now you can. How? Pretty simple. This will help you
magic and simple plots and rituals to bring good luck to life and


What is a money plot and can it be done at home?

The plot is a small text that
programs to ensure that you are able to gain the desired and creates in
house necessary for this energy. Sometimes you need to make
a ritual consisting of actions that are not
associated with what you ask from higher powers, but not worth it
greatly surprised and neglected the rules of a ritual.
Do not forget that all this is necessary not so much so that you
received a certain result, how much so that you have
time to focus on your desire and forget about everything
the rest, throw out thoughts that would prevent you to tune.

Of course, a conspiracy for money and luck can be done right at home.
houses. No need to look for magicians, hereditary witches and
psychics. Many of them, unfortunately, the most ordinary charlatans,
because those who really have some inexplicable power
and abilities, he will not waste them on such trifles and
will help people who are really in hopeless
situations. You can, of course, spend time, money, which,
By the way, you have very little, and visit the “professional”.
But, before that, you should know that it will work just like
you could yourself. This person will just do some
actions, say something that will create a mysterious and mysterious
the setting. Everything is necessary so that you can be sure of him.
abilities and, thereby, themselves programmed themselves
getting the expected result. Just try home plot.
for money, and then you can already go to someone, if so you
will be calmer. You will not lose anything, but rather gain
do everything right and follow some rules.

Home Money Conspiracy – Reading Rules

1. Still разочек взвесьте все плюсы и минусы ситуации. You must
understand that any magic can turn unexpected for you
the consequences that you did not think about in advance. If you
really ready for anything that will bring you life after
how the money plot comes into effect, you can
to proceed.

2. If you are completely satisfied with your life, and you are not too
need money or luck, don’t conspire
just out of curiosity. Clearly, there will be no result.
The man who resorts to magic must really be in
stalemate and really really need what
asks. Your thoughts should be only concerned with
conspiracy and ritual. You must искренне верить в то, что

3. The conspiracy for money and luck must be repeated literally, as
written on paper. Do not interchange the words and do not change them.
If a word is hard for you to read, and you constantly on it
stammer, then just re-read the plot in the mind several times
right before you say it.

4. Plots and money prayers cannot be read by women, who
worn under the heart of the baby. Still не родившийся на свет ребенок очень
vulnerable to such things. The first rule dealt with the consequences
which can overtake you. If you беременны и все равно
you are going to read the plot, then consider that you are famously calling
your baby, if something suddenly goes wrong.

5. Different conspiracies and money prayers should be pronounced in
different times of the day and on a certain day. Be sure to consider this.
If you read the conspiracy on the day you like, neglecting
by all the rules, then naturally you will defeat this

6. If conspiracy is strong for money you make another person
whom you asked for it (not a sorcerer, a witch, but a simple
person), it is necessary to give him something in gratitude.
Please note that in such cases you cannot give money or
alcoholic drinks. It could be anything but
of the above.

7. If the plot you utter is directed personally at you,
it must be properly prepared for this. You need
observe the post for three days before you are about to read the plot on
raising money. It is also forbidden to make trouble with relatives and,
in general, it is better to stock up with positive emotions. Can not steal or
kill animals.

8. Be sure to keep everything that is connected with the conspiracy secret.
Do not even tell your closest people that you are going
to talk and, even more so, do not talk about what you
won in the end. Remember that this is purely your business and not worth it
it spread.

A strong money conspiracy on the growing moon

Please note that this conspiracy of money for a growing moon
only you can do. Otherwise, you only waste it.
your time and do not get what you so desire. For
appropriate ritual you will need several paper notes
of any denomination and exactly the same amount of coins. The plot is done only
at night. Over money should say the following
words: “Gorgeous moon, you grow so fast, so let
will increase my income. Share your light with my money,
so that they become more every day. Money is fast so
grow because the moonlight is drunk. They absorb all the power of the moon and
my house is filled. ” Take the money and put it in such a place
to illuminate the light of the moon, and then go out into another room.
The room in which you will be located, as well as the room in
which money is lit by the moon should be dark, light
can not turn on until you finish.

After two hours, you can enter the room with the money.
Take a daily wallet and put these
money in there. Remember these coins and bills or, ideally, tick
them with a marker, because you can not spend them for
thirty days. They must be in the wallet in order to
attract more money there. These coins and bills are endowed
positive energy of the moon, and in fact she is the best
assistant in such matters. When the month passes, you can safely
money to spend and if you want, spend the same ritual yet

Very strong money plot from Vanga

I think no one needs to be reminded of who Wang is. it
there was a man endowed with special power and gift. Her abilities nobody
I didn’t try to challenge, because it was clearly seen that she wasn’t
charlatan Wanga shared with the world some effective
conspiracies. Одним из них был заговор на raising money.

To perform the ritual, take a small piece.
black bread At the time of reading the plot, your stomach should be
is empty. it значит, что необходимо не есть за два или три часа до
carrying out this ritual. Wait for the night, find the quietest and
quiet place in your house and you can start. Make sure
that no one will disturb and interrupt you. If this happened,
then you have to start reading the plot again.

Put a slice of bread in front of you and talk over it.
thrice the words: “God, how did you feed all the hungry and
need, so help you and all the members of my family so that they
always felt satiety. Bring good luck to me, and bring sorrow.
Let the long road of happiness, satiety and joy come to my house and
will never end. Solemnly promise to wisely spend every
penny and help everyone who needs. Amen”. After
These words are said, bread must be eaten.

itт заговор один из самых сильных. If you think that has passed
quite a lot of time, and there is no result, do not worry, he
sure to be, just a little bit later. Analyze whether all
you did the right thing, as clearly pronounced the words and did not falter
there is nowhere. If you уверенны, что провели ритуал надлежащим образом,
then it remains only to wait, and if not, then nothing that has already been done
do not return back. A strong money plot from Wangi re
can not pronounce. Сей ритуал проводится только один time.

Home conspiracy for money and luck

There are conspiracies of this kind that are capable of not bringing
only wealth, but also luck that will accompany you on
work, home, buying and selling something, etc. If you don’t
lucky to be born a happy man, then you can always
make yourself so with the help of a conspiracy for money and luck.

This plot also belongs to the category of the strongest, therefore
read it several times prohibited. Take it seriously
for the preparation of the ritual and for its conduct. Take one candle
white, brown and green. Try to find the candles
It is these colors, because the color plays a role here. Green
indicates the money that you are going to call; white
symbolizes the purity and spiritual ease of the person conducting
this ritual; brown is the very work you
doing this moment.

For ритуала выберите любое удобное для вас время
days. You must быть одни. Sit at the table and put three on it
candles so that you have a triangle. Ignite
candles from right to left saying these words: “Fire burns in my soul.
In money is power and strength, let it be both power and power. ”
A few minutes look at how the candles burn, without looking away,
and then, in one clever movement, connect them. It should be one
big candle. Watch her closely until she burns out.
to end. As soon as this happens, you should collect the wax and
hide in a secluded place. Keep it as a money mascot.

Dear women, if you are strong on money
really helped, and a white stripe has come in your life,
which brings good luck, happiness, peace and wealth, then, anyway
remember what kind of person you were before all this. Do not forget
and about the people who supported you in difficult times and
surrounded by care. If one day they will need your help,
even if in material form, be sure to give it to them. Than
the more you will help others with your money, the more
you will be.

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