A plot to work – which one is the strongest? howcorrectly read the plot for good luck and money in the work at homeconditions.

Пн, 24 авг 2015 Автор: Ольга Шестакова

Probably every person dreams in childhood that
someday be sure to finish school and immediately find a good one
work that will bring excellent income and it will be possible
afford to buy everything that only the soul desires. But,
having a higher education, and sometimes even a few
such, it is still difficult to find the job of your dreams.

Although some did not try, but settled down so well that
and do not have to strain, because the money itself runs into their hands.
Why is this happening? �“Why am I worse?” – you ask yourself one
the same question every time you meet a former group mate
working now in a prestigious and well-paid job. You
absolutely not worse. Just someone lucky in life more, and someone
a bit less. But, ведь никогда не поздно все изменить.

Your desire to have not only highly paid is quite understandable.
work, but also favorite. This is very rare, unfortunately.
Some adore what they do and invest their whole soul in their
work, but salaries are paid a penny, and there are those who
earn good money at their work, but it’s not going
I really want to. If you use magic and conspire on
good work, then you no longer have to force yourself to do
anything for pennies. You одержите в скором времени именно ту работу, о
which they had dreamed for so long, but could not find it.


Conspiracy to work – the rules that must be observed

Do not think that the plot is very simple. Sometimes one
the text that you somehow read with a leaflet will be
it is not enough for the ritual to be considered successful and enter into
force Many neglect any kind of rules in this matter, but
then they also wonder why nothing comes out of them, and in
nothing has changed in life. There are so many different things.
kind of conspiracies. Some are simpler, others are more complicated, but they combine
they are one – each of them must be done right to really
to get things done, and not to have trouble. Below are the rules
which should adhere to if you are going to utter a conspiracy
to work.

1. Plots cannot be read on any day you like.
will like it. Some days have a special energy, which only
strengthens all the power of magic, and some vice versa – suppress it, do not
letting you realize the goal you are pursuing by doing
conspiracy. It’s better not to choose Sunday and days to read the plots
when religious holidays are celebrated.

2. A big plus will be if you can memorize by heart
conspiracy, but, it does not matter, but it is necessary for you to be
sure not to fumble. You сможете хорошо ознакомиться с
text and you’ll wear it in your head for a while
scrolling over and over again. But, есть очень длинные и сложные
plots that are simply impossible to learn. In that case, you can
just read the text from the leaf, do not worry. From this he does not
will become less or more effective.

3. A conspiracy for success in work should be read in a very quiet voice,
whispering near the end of the text.

4. Before you start reading the plot you should make sure that
that you are left alone with yourself, and there is nothing near that could
disturb you, interrupt or knock off the necessary thought. It is better,
if you are alone in the house. If this is not possible,
then close in your room or just ask your
Relatives for some time you do not enter.

5. A few days before the ritual you need to purchase
the usual church candle and several times read over it “Father
our”. Before reading the conspiracy should read this prayer again
and light a candle. Do not begin to read the words of the plot until the candle
burn to ashes. This is necessary in order to protect yourself from all those
the negative consequences that can bring to your life,
казалось бы, совсем безобидный, conspiracy. Any magic can
turn around for a person who enjoys it, something bad,
therefore, do not neglect this rule.

6. On the day when you are going to read the money plot
work, do not hesitate. Your stomach should be empty, and thoughts
positive and pure. Try not to join anyone on that day.
conflicts do not provoke a quarrel. Scoop in the morning a little positive
from the cause that brings you real pleasure and
be positive for the whole day to read the plot in good
mood, not hiding any grievances.

7. If you are reading a conspiracy to be taken to work, for the first time, then you
you need to know that it is better to stick with everything that is said in
rules for a particular ceremony. Do everything exactly as
it is written there. The text of the conspiracy can not be changed, because it is completely
потеряет свою force Replace items that are necessary for
ritual is also prohibited. If you do not have the opportunity
take advantage of the subject matter in the rules
conducting the rite then better choose something else. Good that
On the Internet there are many different conspiracies and
rituals, because everyone can choose for himself the one that most
suitable for him.

8. Do not forget that the plot will only work when you
you will truly believe in it with all your heart. Take it
Seriously. Do not utter a conspiracy just to have fun.
or prove to friends that no magic exists. And by the way, oh
that you are going to perform a ritual or have already done so
tell anyone. Keep all the details with you and not
spread about what you could achieve with

9. Of course, if you read the plot on a good job, but
then you will just sit down, fold your arms on the tum and will last for days
watch TV shows, doing nothing more, then you work, of course
not to see. Unless, you knocked on the door director
any company and personally invite you to work for it.

10. The texts of some conspiracies may seem incomprehensible to you.
and illogical, but, to change them, as already mentioned, it is impossible. Whole
the secret is that the conspiracies are shrouded in some magical
secrets and special energy mystery, which, alas,
almost no one understands. Therefore, just do all that
requires you to one or another plot, not trying to understand it.

A strong conspiracy for good luck at work

This conspiracy is not just for your luck.
find your dream job, but also so that you gain confidence in yourself
and in their abilities. Understandably, what confidence can be there,
if at all past interviews you were pointed at the door and
shamelessly listed all the qualities that you lack to
to be worthy of such a wonderful job and such a high salary.
To prevent your hands from shaking before the next interview
twitching, and the speech was calm, smooth and connected, then use
this plot for good luck at work.

Buy a white handkerchief in white and on the same day
who purchased it, speak the following words over it:
�“I’m whispering luck in the handkerchief. I want to wherever I go, there
immediately work and found. I would not know a negative answer, I do not want
I hear the word “no.” The words above the handkerchief must be repeated.

Now the shawl is endowed with luck and has a particularly positive
power engineering. Carry it everywhere with you and you will see that already during
few weeks will find the desired job. It is very important that
the handkerchief was with you all the time, because we cannot know at what moment
we are lucky.

Conspiracy to be recruited

Buy one white, one black, one green candle
Brown color. Look for candles of exactly these colors, because in this
ritual even the color of the candle is of considerable importance. You will also need
a little cinnamon and one dried patchouli leaf. Put next to
a small basin of water and place a towel nearby. AT
the process of the ceremony will have to slightly blot the hands and, so that later
be distracted and don’t run every few minutes to the bathroom, just
rinse your hands in the pelvis.

The room in which you perform the ritual should be dark and
quiet Sit at the table and light a black candle. It symbolizes
all bad weather and problems that haunt you through life.
Crush the patchouli leaf and sprinkle a candle on it so that
the remains of the leaf touched the flames, and completely burned in it, settling on
the candle itself. Say these words: “I want to defeat my enemy with
the same ease with which this candle burns out. ” Put a candle
black at the very center of your desk, and then wash
carefully hands in a basin with water so that they do not have any remains
leaf, and patchouli did not get on other candles.

Now light the remaining three candles and sprinkle them with cinnamon.
Each candle symbolizes something, therefore, lighting and sprinkling
cinnamon next candle, think about what you would like to receive.
The white candle symbolizes you, therefore, taking it in your hands,
you need to imagine how glad you will be when you get
desired job. Say out loud these words: “I do not ask anything
bad I ask only to win what belongs to me anyway. ”
A white candle should be put on the table so that it is higher
black, as if you are above your problems and you can
to overcome

A green candle is a symbol of the money you earn on
his new job. Say the following words: “Let
good luck accompanies me everywhere. ” Put it on the table with the right
sides of a white candle. how известно, справа всегда находится все
the most important. So you show that you will own
big money.

The brown candle is a symbol of the work itself that you
will find soon. Putting cinnamon on this candle, imagine
your perfect job. Mentally draw a picture where you are with
contentedly you get out of bed in the morning, you are going to
heading to your favorite job where you meet your
colleagues, which are very rallied and became friends. Speak
These words: “I wish to find the job that I like.”
Brown candle must be put to the left of the white.

Silently sit in the dark for a while and wait for all the candles
burn to the end. Collect the wax that is left of them, and
save it, because now it will be your mascot and should
carry it with you when you’re going to go looking
new work. After collecting the wax and hiding it in a secluded place,
go to the bedroom and go to bed. The next day
Start looking for a job. You will surely succeed, because
This conspiracy to work is one of the most powerful.

An effective money plot at work

This plot can only be used when you have
there is work, and the problem is that you are already very long
did not receive bonuses, raises and salary increases. If you
consider yourself a good worker and think that the bosses are not
encourages you out of harm, then boldly proceed to the reading of the conspiracy
for money at work and ritual.

At night, take a light-colored handkerchief and wrap it in
a couple of coins. Now go outside, find a birch and
закопайте носовой платок с монетками под ней, приговаривая: «how
the bees work, and I work hard every day. Send me,
God, the reward honestly deserved by me. ” Can now
go back home, but don’t turn back, otherwise the plot is not
will work. When you come home, do not talk to anyone, but simply
go to bed and, plunging into a deep sleep, think only that
very soon you will have a job about which you have all this time

Please note that this plot is considered the strongest and
effective, so strictly follow all the rules and refer to
business is serious, because if you do not believe in what you can achieve
something with the help of a conspiracy, then you will not succeed.

Do not listen to those who loudly say that magic is not
there is, and all conspiracies and rituals – the most common nonsense, which
will not lead to anything good. You должны сами решить для себя все.
ATерить или не верить — это ваше право, но, если вы действительно
need the help of higher powers, then try conspiracies and see
that life has really changed dramatically for the better
the side.

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