How to remove damage – a unique guide. howrecognize and remove induced damage at home.

Вс, 30 авг 2015 Автор: Ольга Шестакова
Damage is the deliberate intentional infliction of evil upon a particular
man If strangling envy or want revenge on the enemy for
something, a person causes damage to him, not realizing to me
it seems to the end what he undertakes and what it will turn for him in
the future. There are frequent cases when a person causes damage or just
enjoys practical black magic, and they pay for it
his children and even grandchildren. No one has the right to interfere in fate.
another person and in every possible way to spoil his life, the more so
in a terrible way.


Signs of spoilage – how to recognize

There are many types of damage. Each one is different
affects the person and, accordingly, signs of damage can also
differ. If you have some of the following
symptoms with the fact that your health is all right, then you
damage can be induced.

1. There may be big problems with sleep. Frequent insomnia
lead to malaise, constant feelings of weakness and drowsiness.
Apathy appears, a person does not want to do anything, he does not have
even the strength to get out of bed, not to mention getting out
to work or do household chores. Seems to sleep
I want to, but as soon as my head touches the pillow, this feeling
passes and you can spend the whole night looking at the ceiling or I think
jumping sheep in the head.

2. You began to notice how the person who you most
roads, began to move away from you. It is important not to confuse it with
something else. It may not be damage at all, but when
yesterday everything was great and the next day it’s like
changed, it is really worth thinking about.

3. Signs of serious diseases began to appear, but, with
conducting inspections, diagnostics and delivery of all tests, nothing
find, and the state of health worsens more and more. This is one of the most
main signs of damage, because it can change not so much your
physical condition how much affect the mental and you will
It seems that your whole body hurts, but, it’s just a hoax to
drive you crazy and make you worry, nervous and

4. Obsessive bad thoughts appear, overcomes the fear of death and
fear that something bad will happen to you or
Someone from your family. It begins to seem as if heard in the head
someone else’s voice prompting you to do a bad deed or
do something with yourself. It makes you doubt your
poise. Hallucinations appear, and you will increasingly begin to
confused fiction with reality.

5. If your home is a cat or, better, a dog, then you
notice how they change their attitude towards you. They are very thin
feel the person, his mood and even able to see what
hidden from the human eye. The cat will start to beware of you and
will hiss and run away if you want to stroke her. Dog can
show aggression in your direction, because the beloved mistress
suddenly became another, and the dog would not like it.

6. You will feel like luck has left you. Even at the most
simple daily chores await you. Everything will fall out
hands, break, and you will become more scattered and clumsy. If a
good luck never accompanies you, then this symptom you and not
notice. The contrast is clearly visible when you were born under
happy star, and then, at one point, everything began to suddenly go
downhill. Absolutely everything cannot be bad. If a это так, то
there is definitely no damage.

7. Lowers self-esteem and begins to seem uglier.
you have no man in the world. Suddenly a strong one will appear from nowhere
sense of insecurity and disgust for everything that
you used to like yourself. Again, there are people who
principle suffer from low self-esteem, so this symptom
they just won’t notice.

8. Depression begins, and it seems that no one needs you.
this world. I want to quit all at once and go somewhere or
to commit suicide. A person will suddenly alienate all relatives and
stop communicating with even the closest friends. Want to
close in on yourself and just be silent. Anyone who starts a conversation on
any topic will be immediately rejected, and the conversation is interrupted.

9. If a прикоснуться к человеку, на которого наведена порча,
by a cross or some holy object sanctified by water
there will be a burning sensation in that place, reddening will appear,
like during allergies. Suddenly there will be a desire to withdraw from
pectoral cross, if there is one on you and keep away

10. It will appear that the room in which you are located
it smells unpleasant, but by interviewing the rest of the people there
by you, you will understand that only you feel this smell, and in fact
it does not exist. These unpleasant smells will be everywhere you
chase. It seems that even freshly prepared food is bad.
it smells. Because of this, the appetite will be lost, because you do not want to eat,
when you don’t like the smell even attractive-looking food.

how узнать, кто навел порчу и возможно ли это вообще

Yes, this is possible. The question involuntarily arises: why
know who damaged you? To stop communicating with
this person forever, because he may be the one with whom you
are close. Just imagine how he feels about you,
ready to go on such a meanness.

There are rituals that can prompt you even the name of that
who caused damage, or bring it into your house so that he himself does not
I understood how I got there. But, do not rush to resort to
magical care. There are other ways. For starters, sit down and
think who could do this. Analyze with whom in
lately you have a bad relationship and remember not done
Do you anyone not bad. If a на ум не приходит ровным счетом
nothing, then ask the opinion of those you trust. They are from
See much more than you can and can pinpoint a person
which could damage you. But do not forget that
friends, and even relatives, are suspected of being
case. Perhaps some of them have some hidden motives
make you feel bad, which you don’t guess.

One of the easiest ways to find out
damage, is divination by wax church candle. Take
one such candle, light it and wait for it to burn
to the ground Take воск, который от нее останется, и прокипятите его
on low heat for a couple of minutes. Pour the wax on a flat large white
a plate with the words: “I pour the wax on the plate, the name of my enemy
now find out. ” Now wait until the wax hardens completely, and
look at the resulting picture. Ideally, the wax should
form the first few letters of the name of the one who pointed at you
damage. If a никаких букв вы не увидели, то просто посмотрите на
The picture is more attentive. She can remind you something that
in some way will be connected with the person who led on
вас damage.

how снять порчу

For those who do not know how to remove damage at home and
believes that in this matter you only need to contact the specialists,
The following information will be informative. Absolutely anyone
can take off the damage himself and help someone with it if
only this is not a pregnant woman. All you need is to follow everything.
the rules and then, of course, everything will turn out right the first time.

The most effective prayer from corruption is the prayer “Our Father.” By her
must be used when conducting any of the rituals to remove the damage.
If a вы не христианин и веруете в другого бога или же являетесь
an atheist, instead of “Our Father” you need to pronounce words that
characterize something bright and good. You can just list
all the good qualities that a person can have or name all
what you would wish for yourself. Speaking these words, it is necessary to baptize
yourself a lit church candle. Such a simple ritual serves as a bright
примером того, как самостоятельно снять с себя damage. He is not only
remove it, but also strengthen your biofield, help him soon
recover from the damage done to you.

Regular prayer from spoiling will not save you if it is not
accompanied by some actions. That is why if you are not up
the end sure that you know how to remove damage, it is better not to take
for this, consult a specialist or a person who is keen
practical white magic.

how снять порчу в домашних условиях при помощи куклы из

For this ritual you will need a large golden candle.
ring, gold chain, black cloth and your
photo, which shows only you. Rite of passage
at night by the light of the full moon. This ritual is not the best example.
how to self-harm, because it can be
difficult for someone who does this for the first time.

Light a candle and burn your photo in its flame. Ashes
no need to throw away. Collect it carefully and put it in a small
plate. Now wait until your candle burns to the end.
When this happens, collect the wax remaining from it and mix
along with the ashes of your photo. Из пепла и wax слепите небольшую
doll and put on her head a gold ring. It symbolizes
the crown, drives away all bad from your person. Cross over thrice
your doll and name your full name. Next, act very
carefully and carefully, because you are in your hands. Need to wrap
around the waist of her pupa a gold chain and say the following:
�”This golden belt is soaked with the light of the moon, will remove damage, evil
drive away. ” Now spread the face of the doll with your saliva and blood. Effect
will be best if the blood is menstrual. Shake the doll in
black fabric and hide in a secret place where no one can
find her. After the symptoms of deterioration have disappeared, it should
to destroy. If a захотите сохранить кольцо и цепочку, то освятите
them in the church and can continue to use.

how снять порчу яйцом

how пример, предоставлю вам самый простой, но действительно
working method of removing damage from a person using ordinary
chicken eggs. Immediately pay your attention to the fact that the egg should
be homely and fresh. You can not use one that already
Some time kept in the refrigerator. So how to remove damage
an egg?

Completely undress, dissolve the hair, take the egg and
�“Roll” it over your body from head to toes.
Do this as carefully as possible so that it does not break. Read
at the same time the prayer “Our Father.” After the egg has “crawled” all your
body, you need to go outside and, digging a small hole under
close by the tree, bury the egg there. Go home not
turning back.

how снять порчу на смерть

If a вы поняли, что на вас навели порчу на смерть, не стоит
immediately panic and go make out a will. If a знать, как снять
damage to death, you can not only remove it from yourself, but also help in
этом другому man

The ritual is very simple to perform. You will need a pack of regular
salt that you eat. Sanctify her in church (with
this salt should be open). At night, go outside and
walk away from home as far as possible. Find a place where nobody
you will not be seen or disturbed. Light seven candles around you
put them in a circle, undress and sit in the center of the circle with a bundle
salt. Sprinkle yourself with it and read Our Father. When done, then
get dressed and go home without taking candles with you and putting them out

This ritual will not only remove damage from you, but also protect you from
Repeat the situation in the near future.

Corruption is a terrible word for many that is associated with
an endless series of misfortunes and diseases. Yes it is, but not all
as scary as it is described. Just need time
identify damage and immediately conduct a ritual to remove it. Be
attentive to themselves and their relatives. If a заметили симптомы,
do not hesitate. Happiness and good luck to you, let no damage can
ruin your life.

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