Women only want to hear what they wanthear?

Чт, 05 мар 2015 BUTвтор: BUTлександр Кленин

– I did not hear from him what he had to tell me!

– And you asked?

– Why voice what is clear?

– That is, you are offended by the fact that there was no answer to that, oh
What did not ask?

– Oh, what are you, men, stupid …

I will explain. I am a man who reads women’s magazines. Not,
Naturally, tips for slimming women, interspersed with recipes
Baking (another sample of incomprehensible female logic), I miss.
But all that concerns relationships, especially if you
talk about us, trying to read. Not, не так — я пытаюсь их
understand. Because I’m trying to learn how to understand women.

* Remember this movie? :)

Or at least understand what you see us. And with each
reading the article, it becomes clearer to me that the matter is
hopeless. Firstly, only women write articles about men.
It can not be otherwise – you can not “advise” what to advise
can’t And so I fully admit that in this way they clean
competitors. Secondly, there is a feeling that all this is said
for ladies whose intellectual level is called intellectual
sin. And, thirdly, we, men, in such “stories” in general
lack the ability to think. The feeling that they are not talking about
people, and some little animals, guided exclusively

* Is that how you see us ???

And in response, I always wanted to say … well, at least something, but
I wanted to say. Moreover, I understand – we are for you as well.
incomprehensible. And our logic seems completely illogical to you. And so
now, “taking the opportunity”, I will try to translate “from the male
on the universal “, especially since this topic is more than

And I’ll start with a completely innocent theme of clothing and jewelry. Women,
dear, answer the elementary question – for whom do you dress up?
I can predict – the most common option would be “for
myself. ” I will not argue – we all seem to be doing for ourselves. Even
when we are doing something that we don’t seem to like. Is always
there is a reason that makes us want something: fashion, opinion
surrounding, etc., etc. But, you see, this is not quite “for
yourself? As a result, self-deception occurs, so this answer is not

The second option, which may seem more honest – to
like men. But this is absolutely nonsense. Probably each
a married lady can remember the conversation: “How do you like this dress? Not
like? You don’t understand anything! ”(By the way, that’s why we
it’s easier to say that everyone likes it).

After all, we really understand nothing. But from the point of view of women.
Because we understand quite differently. But if you start listing
that men do not like, in response to the risk of hearing all the same –
I do not understand anything, I do not understand anything, and in general I have completely
there is no taste.

Although a few examples still give. Every man more than once
I heard: “We are ready for anything for them, we grow a manicure, in heels
we walk 20 centimeters, and they … “I will say for all representatives
strong sex – “they” all this can not be tolerated! Imagine
imagine – we really do not like long manicured nails. BUT
when these claws are also false … This is really terrible. By the way
Such a “decoration” can not attract to the lady, but push away from
her The subconscious mind helpfully slips the picture in which these
nails dug into your back.

So after all you also try to draw something on them, to paint
in a terrible color, or even worse, something to attach to them. AND
you will admire such beauty. I agree – the nail can
become beautiful. But what does this have to do with its owner?
Do you seriously think that if some part of your toilet will be
attract attention to yourself, it will make you more attractive?
Nothing like this!

Попробуйте понять простую истину — мужчине нравится ЖЕНЩANDНBUT.
ANDменно сама по себе, так сказать, «в целом». AND если что-то в вашем
image will attract attention separately, this attention will be
stolen from you. The same nails. It is equivalent to
all the same beautifully painted nails put on the table and admire
by them. Separated from the woman.

ANDли все те же каблуки ужасной высоты. First of all, not
take offense, but you should be able to walk on them. We do not know how, and
maybe that’s why it’s so unpleasant for us to look at
how after working or school day girls go for half-bent
feet. But on stilts. By the way снова о подсознании — высокий
thin heel causes a different picture – how it fits you
is coming.

We can not stand styling “a la bride.” This is torment,
constantly hear “Be careful, you ruin your hair.” To the same
categories include any outfits that you fear
break-mash-spoil. Why wear something that is uncomfortable? AND
it is inconvenient for us, if you seem to be like it for us and
put on?

Okay, but all these strings, bows and other decorations on the bottom
underwear? So that we admire? Yes what, you all of us for whom
are you taking? After all, it is obvious that you are waiting enthusiasm and ostentatious passion.
Yes, of course, this is exactly what we wanted – to indulge
your cowards … So again – do not tear, do not tug,
spoil it …

BUT этот ужас, бывший несколько лет назад писком моды — штаны,
Trousers which began somewhere around the knees? Girl in such
outfit looked either like a physical freak, whose legs
grown two times shorter, but the body is twice as long, or
as a child who has done it, and carrying the whole thing with him.

BUT пирсинг в любых частях тела? Well, explain why you seek
stick it wherever possible? Notужели в зеркале не видно, что
the silver ball in the crease of the nose causes only one association – with
acne that is about to burst? I’m not talking about more intimate
places. Notужели так сложно подумать о том, что мужчина, даже в
the period of the greatest passion will think about one thing – no matter how
tear off? BUT если все-таки оторвет?

AND что, в итоге, получается? We don’t like much of what
you are putting on yourself and what you are doing with yourself. We do not understand
brands of fashion designers, and they really care about you. Too
A lot of what you wear, elementary uncomfortable. Then for whom
All these flours, if both the first and second options do not coincide too much.
with reality (for yourself or for men)?

It begs the only answer. Women dress not for themselves
and not even for men. Women strive to “decorate” themselves for others.
women How is it – the other one has it, but I do not? ANDли «чтобы Ленка
envied. “

In society, there is a perception that men are lifelong.
vying for Yes, I agree, we are competing, but it is open.
rivalry, and it appears less often. AND не так сильно
affects our lives. BUT вот настоящее соперничество может быть
only between women. AND длится оно всегда, постоянно, ежедневно и
every minute: who has children better, who has a husband, who has better clothes and who
more beautiful.

Notт ни одного девичьего коллектива, в котором не разгорался бы
the dispute about “who in the world is all the sweeter.” AND страсти порой разгораются
grave. By the way это одно из первых, с чего начинается наше
misunderstanding: “Sash, if girls ask you who is prettier –
Sveta or Zoya, say that Sveta “. We can not understand that from
This will change, especially since, in general, we consider it more beautiful

BUT потом вы вырастаете, но ничего не меняется. You are competing
immediately with all. Even с теми, с кем в реальной жизни никогда не
will meet. If my woman likes Johnny Depp (or whoever
now in favor?), then what do I care? She likes the picture
from the TV screen, why should I care? She is next to
me, not with this johnny, who in general is in our reality with her
does not exist. Зато девушки способны ревновать к любой BUTнджелине
Jolie, if they hear something good about her. Any praise said
towards a rival can cause offense and will sound like a personal
insult. BUT ведь надо учитывать, что соперницы — все.

However, this is a completely different topic – the relationship between
by women. After all, it was written for another – just so that you
heard not become familiar advice of your rivals, but something,
different from them – a masculine look at the topic in which we are trying
to get rid of nothing “yes, you are good at it … I like it …
put on … buy. “

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