Women fear the death of their loved ones more thanown

Wed, 13 Jan 2016

Perhaps the concept of death is one of the most frightening and at that
same time fascinating for a person. No one knows what awaits him.
beyond the line where there is no return to our world. What happens to
man after death? Are our souls immortal, or,
dying, we just disappear, remaining only in the memory of those people for
which in life had any meaning? Answers to these questions
no one truly knows.

Portal “Women’s opinion” conducted a survey among women to
find out if they are afraid of death and how much they would like to live.

The answers of women to these difficult questions showed that 57
percent of respondents refers to death philosophically and is not afraid
die. However, many of these women are very afraid of dying.
близких – больше, чем own.

From some answers of those who are not afraid of death, it is clear that this
due to their disappointment in life. For example, one of the respondents
women said and death: “No, not afraid. Rather, I wait.”

There are more original explanations for the absence of fear of death:
“I’m not afraid of death. To some extent, it even attracts me –
I like to walk in cemeteries, read Gothic novels, watch
programs about ghosts and the afterlife, etc. “

At the same time, 41 percent of Russians are afraid of death. But,
the reasons for this fear are different for everyone: the uncertainty of what
happens to a person after he dies; suddenness
of death; the pain and suffering with which it can be associated;
the inevitability of a response before God for sins committed during life;
the need for parting with loved ones.

Interestingly, 2 percent of the respondents do not have a clear opinion
о своем отношении к of death; from their answers it can be understood that they
are in the process of understanding this issue.

As for the desired duration of your life, then 69
percent of survey participants said that they are satisfied with the current
human longevity and they would not want to live

Only 12 percent of survey participants stated that they were not
arranges longevity. How many years do they want to live our
compatriots? – “200 years just right” – so one answered
girl. Who knows, maybe her wish will come true.

In relation to eternal life, 51 percent
of the respondents. Most of them consider eternal life boring and
devoid of meaning. The general opinion of these women can be illustrated.
such a saying: “I live forever I think it’s very boring. So I don’t
for the number of years, and for their quality. I want to die after
I will do something important for people, and after I will be sure that
my loved ones will be fine. “

Only 7 percent of survey participants would like to live forever, but with
condition of eternal youth. The remaining 42 percent of respondents do not
expressed a clear opinion on this issue, which is essentially
leaves it open.

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