Woman of mystery: what is it for a man?

Woman of mystery: what is it for a man?

Woman is a mystery … Her image has long been interesting as
girls and men. Dream about her, make up novels, shoot
cinema, imitate her. What secrets she keeps, than she so

This woman is able to present themselves, leave an indelible mark on
man’s heart, it is impossible to forget about her. The qualities that she
possesses, at first glance, simple, but in the process of communication is nice
are surprising. She makes spontaneous decisions, is confident in herself and
self-sufficient, not afraid to show feelings, she is neat and
attractive. Woman mystery acts on a man like a magnet,
captivates, makes you think about yourself and seek. She’s like a book
you want to reread again and again. Many girls do
all to get at least a little closer to her image.


When you hear something about a mystery woman, she gets up before your eyes.
image with flawless appearance. Fatal beauty you can not
be, but well-groomed necessarily. This is one of the most important items on the list.
the merits of any woman. As for clothes, follow the fashion
optional, the main thing is to create a personal style and
match it. It is better to give preference to the good old
classics. A black dress with heeled shoes makes a woman stand out.
the crowd, which can not be said about the sweater with ballet shoes. Not worth doing
fancy hair, as well as bright makeup. Minimalism is what
must be accompanied by a true lady.


Beauty, of course, attracts and creates a favorable impression
but you won’t get far on it. In addition to impeccable appearance, you must
behave like a true aristocrat. Your task is not to be proud
pompous special, but to create the impression of the ladies of the last century.
Allow the man to help you, take care, care. Good ones
manners don’t have to be screaming, don’t pretend, be
are natural. Follow the decal, develop the habit of not moving
hastily and gracefully.


People who are always in doubt are unattractive, and
annoying. Without confidence, nowhere, and a mystery woman
special. People who know their own worth, know how to interest, profitable
present yourself, show strengths. No shackled
movements, only proud posture and a brilliant look. For development
confidence needs:

  • take your strengths and weaknesses;
  • strive for the ideal, work on yourself;
  • analyze the situation and draw conclusions;
  • have your own opinion, not to be led by others;
  • be sincere;
  • praise yourself;
  • set goals and strive for them;
  • be prepared for failure;
  • do not focus on trifles;
  • be energetic, cheerful;
  • do not complain;
  • be able to ask for help.


What is on your mind and what you are striving for should remain a mystery.
It is important not only to follow the speech, but also for your body. Nonverbal
gestures can betray fear and awkwardness. Need to be modest
inaccessible, and at the same time maximally relaxed. Important
truly relax and not worry, the only way
to succeed in the started case. Do not immediately give out all about yourself
information, on the contrary, present your facts of life

Dodge direct answers, say, “How are you
Do you think? ”,“ It’s too early for you to know about it yet ”or“ Girls about this
tell. “

It is also very important to be able to shut up and leave at the right moment, cut off
conversation in the most interesting place. Using these tricks, you
you can ignite the interest of the man and leave him in a weary
ignorance. And as we all know, men are hunters and when they discover
goal – achieve it.

Room for fantasy

When asked how you will spend the day off, do not talk about
laptop and pizza – it kills the piquancy and romance. Let me
a man dream up, answer: “modest girls about this not
say “or” let it be a surprise to you. ” Man right away
imagine a sexy image and your conversation goes entirely
differently. These tricks give birth, and your buddy will be about you
think even after meeting.


Make the guy nervous. Make an appointment for him, and then
call back and, referring to certain circumstances about which he
better not to know, cancel the meeting. You can still, during the conversation
�“By chance” to mention an event, but immediately change the subject by
the reason for the preservation of his nervous system. Mostly men
begin to worry and move to action, promoting
relationship to a new level, and then God forbid there will be a rival.


What is the mystery without surprise? Everyone agrees that
watch the same movie or listen to a joke on the 10th circle,
completely uninteresting, and the person talking every time the same thing,
generally annoying.

Another thing – an unexpected situation, with them just do not get bored.
Mood swings, jealousy, ostentatious fear – this is not bad
keeps in shape. A man will not know exactly what to expect from you:
tenderness, anger, passion or some kind of new game. Yes it will
provoking aggression, drive crazy but
a man will not be bored with you for sure, which is very important for a girl.
The main thing – do not overdo it, and yet give more positive than

Personal life is not for outsiders

No need to give details of your vacation, relationship or
meeting Turning your soul to everyone, you become the same
as everybody. Be unknown, mysterious, mysterious, then you
want to read as a fascinating book.

It should be noted that mystery and secrecy are different things.
A mystery woman only creates the illusion that all secrets are already revealed,
she is frank, and only slightly silent.

The image of the mystery woman helps to attract
man, as they say “catch him on the hook,” but too long
follow the image is not worth it. Over time, a man will want to know everything.
corners of your soul, it is good and natural. Strong relationships,
can only be built on trust, so stick with it
golden mean, harmoniously weaving all female features and

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