Willow – healing properties and use inmedicine

Thu, Jun 30, 2016

Verba – a general description

Willow is a variety of goat willow, silver (white) or
lupus (sheluga). It is a tree or shrub.
willow families with a spreading hemispherical crown, with
characteristic smooth bark of a grayish color, and on young shoots –
reddish and fluffy gray buds. Willow has narrow
lanceolate, oblong and smooth to the touch leaves with
sharp edges.

Flowering usually lasts from April to May before the blooming of young
leaves. Twigs – plastic, flexible, and, thanks to its
property, quite often are frame and structural
material. Shrub is widely used in floristics. Perhaps,
willow is an inherently traditional part of Easter and spring

Willow – types and places of growth

The genus of willow has about 300 species. What we call
willow – these are just a few forms of willow.

1. Goat willow – its range covers all of Europe, except
Alpine belt and tundra, Asia, Russia, Caucasus. Inhabits
mainly in damp forests of different composition, along roads, on
edges, felling; prefers rich soil, not marshy and not
too moisturized.

2. Silver willow – common in Europe, Asia Minor,
Iran, almost the entire territory of Russia. Grows mainly
along the banks of rivers, ponds, ponds, aryks, as well as along
roads and private sectors. White willow is essential
an element that complements the natural landscape of large parks,
located on the shore of large reservoirs.

3. Pussy-willow – concentrated in Europe, Russia.
The light-loving plant grows on sandy or loamy soils,
near water.

Verba – healing properties

For centuries, willow has been used by people to treat various
ills. It has astringent, antipyretic,
anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, diuretic, moderate
analgesic, choleretic and anthelmintic actions. Thanks
rich complex of biologically active substances, helps to fight
with diseases such as gout, rheumatism, diarrhea,
bleeding, malaria, inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity,
arrhythmias, jaundice.

It is also widely used as a remedy for varicose veins.
diseases, migraines, furunculosis, foot sweating and to strengthen
gum. Tea from the young leaves of the tree has a tonic
action, helps get rid of depression and elevate mood. BUT
With the help of a broom in the steam room, osteochondrosis is treated and
chronic rheumatism.

Verba – dosage forms

For medicinal purposes, the bark is usually used, less often the leaves.
Bark is harvested from trees not younger than 2-3 years old, in spring, until the appearance
first leaflets. Dry it in ventilated places, laying out
thin layer. Store the extract must be in a carton.
no more than four years. The young leaves of the plant are also useful.
on the basis of which they also make decoctions, infusions and mush.

Willow Recipes

Infusion to rinse and strengthen the nervous system: 400 g
Add boiling water to the table. spoonful of bark, wrap and insist a pair
hours You can rinse with a warm liquid on an ulcerated oral cavity.
or take her throat three p. in a day.

When muscle fatigue using this method: in a liter of water
boil 6 table. spoons of root extract, filter and apply
in the form of relaxing foot baths, calves.

With varicose veins: a handful of crushed dry willow bark
brew boiling water in a basin or bucket, let it brew and
cool to a comfortable temperature. Then put in the healing infusion.
feet, hold a few minutes. Possible multiple (up to 3 times)
use of the solution with subsequent heating. amount
procedures – 7-8 baths.

Diarrhea, gastrointestinal bleeding, gastritis, ulcerative
disease: add a handful of white willow roots in 200 ml of water, boil
half an hour. Cool and take before meals by dining
a spoon.

Tincture for the prevention of migraine attacks: half a liter
quality 40% vodka add 25 g of wild roots, to insist in
a dark isolated place for ten days, then
strain and take on 30 cap., diluted in a small
количестве воды, перед приемом пищи, три-четыре раза in a day.

With skin diseases, furunculosis, calluses and corns
you can apply young leaves to problem areas or
use mush for the same purpose.

Verba – contraindications

– pregnancy, breastfeeding; – hypersensitivity.

It is also unacceptable to use willow preparations with
aspirin, antacids and cough and cold remedies.


Nata 04/18/2016 Thanks for the advice !!! I’m just worried
The issue of getting rid of corns. BUT так как сейчас весна, то с поиском
young willow twigs – no problems. And generally, for the future I will
know that you can use such an affordable method of treatment.
Natalya 04/18/2016 Thank you so much for such simple and affordable
remedies !!! I am particularly interested in methods of treatment
varicose veins. Moreover, we have a willow very
is available. It grows everywhere, you can pick at any time. Take advantage of
required Maria 04/18/2016 I specifically, willow helped when I
got sick with jaundice. Before that, I also didn’t know about her
As a matter of fact, it’s good that my neighbor turned out to be more knowledgeable. BUT
Now I know that with the help of willow, you can from other diseases
get rid of. Galya 04/18/2016 Such a long list of medicinal
properties of willow, that it is practically impossible to remember. BUT у нас
willow under the window right growing, near the river. Bookmark this
page, someone might need these recipes. Oksana
04/18/2016 The more you live, the more you are surprised !!! Generally even
I could not assume that the willow is a medicinal plant !!! And did not read
about it, and did not hear. Maybe, of course, someone is treating her, just
property of all does not make this fact. Thanks for the helpful

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