Is it possible to sunbathe after laser hair removal

How unpleasant when excess body hair causes discomfort. But you really want to get rid of this problem. And we strive for excellence, visit salons, make various procedures. The most advanced method to date is laser hair removal, with which you can get a smooth skin for a long time. But, nevertheless, the girls have a lot of questions, related to this procedure. And the most popular of them is how many After epilation, you can not sunbathe. In this article we will discuss in detail such a moment as a trip to the solarium after depilation.


Preparation for the procedure

Laser hair removal – responsible and best procedure Plan ahead your visit to the specialist. At the initial stage You need to get advice, choose a salon and prepare. Choose a time when it’s still far from vacation, and outside is autumn or winter.

It is necessary to prepare for the procedure. It should not be on it no wounds, abrasions and irritations. Sunbathing just before epilation is also impossible. Must pass at least 2, and preferably all 3 weeks after visiting the solarium, and after an active stay on the sun is better a month and a half.

Is it possible to sunbathe after laser hair removal

Do not forget about skin peeling. Scrub use prevents hair ingrowth and is a very important element in preparation for hair removal. For different parts of the body it is necessary use different means selected according to your type skin.

This way you can avoid the discomfort associated with the presence of body hair, because a little is needed for hair removal regrown hairs. You will be satisfied with the result and will not be worry that they did not have time for the beginning of the beach season.

Laser exposure mechanism

Laser shaft hair shaft heats up and collapses, as does the follicles, so the hair fall out. The procedure itself is done in several stages, since ultraviolet ray affects about 2/3 of all hair, therefore, complete removal will stretch for a couple of months.

Is it possible to sunbathe after laser hair removal

And if you decide on the procedure of laser hair removal, then stock up with patience, financial means and excellent result will be your reward. Of course, the cost of this procedure At first, I want to attribute it to the minuses, but if you take into account the fact that from hair you get rid of forever, then the end justifies the means.

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Effect of tanning after hair removal

Depilation itself already has a definite effect on skin and significantly irritates it. Tanning after laser hair removal is not recommended, otherwise the skin irritated by the procedure will become inflamed stronger. You must remember why you can not sunbathe after laser hair removal because it can lead to very serious the consequences.

  • The probability of getting a sunburn increases;
  • The application of any funds to the skin, except those that appoint a specialist, as well as sunbathing without sunscreen;
  • May cause an allergic reaction to the sun;
  • Irritated hair follicles may become inflamed, possibly even the appearance of ulcers at the slightest hit by germs. In that the case will require antibiotic treatment and to expose you will forget your legs for the whole summer;
  • Ingrown hair may appear.

Is it possible to sunbathe after laser hair removal

Therefore, it is better to tolerate and approach your own beauty with mind. Remember how much you can not sunbathe after laser hair removal – only 1 week. And before you need to wait 2-3 weeks, to prepare the skin for the procedure.

Solarium after hair removal

All the same applies to going to the solarium, where the concentration ultraviolet rays are much higher than outdoors, and the degree of exposure is many times higher than the dosage that you can get sunbathing on the beach.

Is it possible to sunbathe after laser hair removal

In general, it is necessary to relate to tanning in a solarium with caution, therefore, whether it is possible in the solarium after depilation depends from many factors. There is a huge list of contraindications to this procedure, and it is necessary to familiarize yourself with it:

  1. The tanning bed should not be visited by pregnant women, nursing mothers, women with diseases of the reproductive system, mastopathy, during menstruation;
  2. Also a contraindication is a “cold on the lip”, i.e. herpes;
  3. Be very tan if you have fair skin type. and you easily sunbathe in the sun.

If you do not have these contraindications, then after depilation, you can tanning bed, but be sure to use a protective cream and start from a minimum in time – 2-3 minutes for the first time will be enough.

And still it is better to give preference to sunburn in the sun. Because how it’s nice to soak up the beach on a hot day, sunbathe and swim in warm water. And the body will bring much more benefits time spent outdoors. You can sunbathe after depilation, but if the window is autumn or winter, the possibilities fly to warmer countries and there is no ultraviolet light enough, then of course a trip to the solarium will add vitamin D to the gray life D and a good mood will not keep you waiting!


Before deciding on this procedure, you must carefully to it prepare: learn all the pros and cons, as well as related to it nuances, for example, how much you can sunbathe after laser hair removal. And it is always necessary to consult with specialists. Do not spare money and go to a trusted specialist – this is very important, because the result is your beauty and health.

sugaring deep bikini

Thus, if the beach season is on the nose and tomorrow you Well, I really want to sunbathe, and from unwanted hair you have not got rid, it’s best to choose a razor and a good gel, from which you definitely will not have irritation, but depilation leave for another time.

After all, it will not be pleasant to appear in a swimsuit and with inflamed reddened skin on the beach. And of course not forget about additional care: vitamins, oils, creams – all that your heart desires. Get ready for all the procedures in advance and be beautiful and irresistible!

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