What are vitamins and what is the role of vitamins in human life?

We are all well aware of vitamins – substances necessary for life and health, but not everyone thinks about what is vitamins and what is the role of vitamins in the human body.

In order to answer the above questions, first let’s figure out what our health depends on. After all, as he said the great philosopher Heinrich Heine: “The only beauty that I I know – this is health. ”

According to studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), human health is 15% dependent on genetics, 15% on level of medicine, but 70% is lifestyle and nutrition.

Scientists have proven that a balanced diet is necessary for the growth and development of our body, maintaining good health and active longevity.

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Combining various foods in our daily diet, we supply your body with an arsenal of all the necessary nutrients substances.

In total there are about 600. Each of these vital nutrition components involved in supporting processes the life of the body.


The most significant of them are:

  1. Proteins – perform a building function, being “bricks” for cells, tissues and organs.
  2. Fats and carbohydrates – energize the body, making him alert and strong all day.
  3. Water is a universal solvent for numerous reactions.
  4. Minerals – like proteins are structural material. In addition, with their participation, many processes in the body.

All vitamins are along with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and water indispensable nutritional factors.

They do not serve as sources of energy, are not included in the structure of cells. and tissues. However, the value of vitamins for the human body is very great.

Vitamins (in the lane with lat. “Vita” – life, “amini” – nitrogenous connections) – these are necessary for a healthy and fulfilling life low molecular weight organic matter.

They are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, sometimes nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and other chemical elements combined in different order.

These tiny molecules, being part of about 150 enzymes that set in motion all vital biochemical and physiological processes in the cells of our body.

Vitamins are involved in the functioning of the nervous system, muscles, heart and other organs.

The level depends on the degree of their content in food physical and mental performance, resistance organism dangerous infections and the effects of harmful external factors Wednesday.

Thus, vitamins are the “flame of life”, since the existence of an organism is impossible without them!

The role of vitamins in human nutrition is as follows: they serve as an integral part of a balanced diet that without any doubt is the key to a successful and healthy modern life personality.

This raises a number of questions:

  • What are the vitamins in nature?
  • What products do they contain?
  • What are the properties of vitamins?
  • How and when should they be taken and in what quantity?
  • What is the danger of lack of vitamins, and what harm can cause a person an excess of vitamins in the body?

You will learn about all this useful information for life by reading other articles about vitamins on this site.

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