Features of the course of psoriasis in adults and children

Psoriasis was recognized as the most studied disease of the twenty-first century. Many scientists study psoriasis, the causes, symptoms and treatment. According to statistics, everyone suffers from this ailment 25th inhabitant of the Earth, that is 4% of the population. Among this number there are men, women and children. In each case, the course of psoriasis has own features.

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Localization Features

On the nails

nail psoriasisFor the treatment of nail psoriasis at home terms folk remedies you can use the following recipes:

  • Baths with herbs – sage, gingerbread, succession, celandine, calendula, chamomile;
  • Application of base vegetable oil – best suited olive, corn, sunflower;
  • A mask of egg oil will alleviate the symptoms – to get enough oil to squeeze an average of five or six boiled egg yolks;
  • Herbal bath – mix dandelion roots, walnut leaves walnut, purslane, wheatgrass and cyanosis roots, as well as rose hips in proportions 4: 4: 1: 2: 2: 4.

According to reviews of those who have recovered from nail psoriasis, healing baths help accelerate recovery, of course, if you do them regularly.

On the scalp

psoriasis disease of the scalp and scalp, photo of the initial stage

Medical treatment for hair psoriasis consists of taking preparations, the use of special shampoos, sprays and gels for scalp, diet and a healthy lifestyle. Often in in such cases, doctors recommend treatment at the spa and phototherapy. photo of the treatment of psoriasis on the headScalp psoriasis disease parts and scalp, photo of the initial stage: Photo for the treatment of psoriasis on the head:

There are special ultraviolet combs for treatment psoriasis of the head. If you purchase such a device, you can independently conduct phototherapy sessions at home. More details read about laser hair and ultrasound treatment here.

On the face

photo of facial skin after treatment of psoriasisIt should be remembered that in the treatment of psoriasis on the face in women should not be used cosmetics. Of course, inflammation does not decorate you, and there are the ability to completely disguise them with makeup. But remember that makeup and cosmetics clog pores, preventing the skin from breathing, which is only exacerbates the course of the disease and prevents you from healing. if you dear is your beauty, tolerate a little for the future.

Photo of facial skin after treatment of psoriasis: photo of facial skin after treatment of psoriasis

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Pregnant Psoriasis Treatment

Treatment of psoriasis in pregnant women is allowed only the most harmless drugs. Learning about the appearance of the baby, expectant mother must suspend the prescribed treatment regimen and visit a doctor for her correction. Usually, a specialist allows using pregnancy with some ointments and creams, as well as folk means.

If the mother has psoriasis, then the child is likely to be is healthy. The disease is inherited only when both are ill the parent.

Psoriasis in children

The causes and treatment of psoriasis in children are different from those in adults. The main reasons for the development of the disease in children relate:

  • How is the initial stage of psoriasis in children photo?Hereditary tendency to skin diseases, allergic reactions;
  • Complication after an infectious disease;
  • The result of metabolic disorders, such as sugar diabetes
  • The presence of parasites of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Hormonal failure in the body;
  • Immunity violation.

How the initial stage of psoriasis in children proceeds photo:

Irritation on the child’s head photo:

irritation on the child’s head photo

Doctors often prescribe ointments to treat childhood psoriasis. diet, taking sedatives and antihistamines. Allowed apply folk remedies to treat children.


Psoriasis is not a contagious disease. It arises from the body’s own immune cells that become inflamed into the skin, which causes the growth of the epidermis and tears small capillaries. In this case, red plaques often form on the skin with a white coating.

If the symptoms are pronounced, then the patient may be in social isolation. People will be repelled unattractive appearance, and many unknowingly will think that it contagious.

In this case, one should strive to maintain optimism and not get depressed. Scientists have proven that a positive outlook on life speeds up the treatment of psoriasis, and nervous tension and stress, on the contrary, slow it down. Therefore, it may make sense to not visit only a dermatologist, but also a psychologist.

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