Hair removal during menstruation: is it possible to carry out procedure and how to do it better

Every girl knows that menstruation, as a rule, does not start during. What to do if this trouble has caught you when Does your schedule have hair removal planned? Can i do hair removal during menstruation? Some girls and women consider that during this period one should refrain from this cosmetic procedure. But in fact, hair removal during menstruation may be carried out subject to certain rules.


General recommendations

Remember the answer to the question whether it is possible to do depilation during menstruation:

Yes, unless you have other medical contraindications.

Hair removal during menstruation is exactly the same as in any another day of the female cycle. The only difference is that in these days the pain threshold is lowered due to changes in hormonal background.

  • If you usually feel light unpleasant when removing hair sensations, then be prepared to experience pain on critical days stronger;
  • If any epilation is painful torture for you, perhaps it is worth moving the procedure to another day or ask the master about additional anesthesia.

is it possible to do hair removal during menstruation

In addition, it is very important to carefully observe the rules for preparing for hair removal, as well as recommendations for subsequent skin care. In time of menstruation, it becomes more sensitive, therefore neglect of the rules is more likely to lead to complications after hair removal, rather than on other days.

On the third and fourth day of menstruation, the pain threshold begins gradually return to its usual meaning, and the most the first two days are considered risky. Therefore if you do not an urgent event is planned, maybe these two days to wait and do not carry out any procedures.

About hair removal methods that are prohibited during menstruation, we will tell you more later.

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Deep bikini during menstruation

Let’s be honest, most often the question “is it possible or impossible” is asked by those girls who are going to depilate a deep bikini during menstruation. When it comes to other parts of the body, you can’t even talk to the master about your condition if you are shy. But when it comes to the bikini zone, keep your menstruation secret contraindicated.

Be prepared for the fact that not all salons work with clients in This situation, it is associated with issues of sterility and hygiene. Therefore, be sure to warn the master about the fact of your menstruation. If he agrees to work with you, take care of hygiene during session. Take a stock of tampons and insert fresh before the beginning of the procedure.

If you are afraid of pain, you can take pills in advance and treat the skin with an ointment with the effect of anesthesia. Choose your medicine with mind, do not forget about individual contraindications. After the session should be treated with sensitive skin disinfectant, as well as high-quality moisturizing cream.

classic bikini shugaring

The best ways to epilate on critical days

Remember that not all methods of getting rid of unwanted hair allowed during menstruation. Some of them are recommended for “red days of the calendar”, while others are better to postpone and wait until this disgusting period will not end.


As in the case of pregnancy, during menstruation safe and easy way to get rid of unnecessary The vegetation is an ordinary razor. However, if you have not holding a razor in their hands, choosing other methods of depilation, acquaintance with her is also better to postpone. By inaccuracy you can inflict small cuts on yourself that will be critical on critical days heal longer.

Depilation cream

A very convenient way to put yourself in order. Cream for depilation has almost no contraindications, with the exception of possible allergic reaction. But in the case of buying a quality funds in an expensive store like this are practically excluded.

sugaring deep bikini


Shugaring bikini during menstruation is considered the most painless the way to clean up this delicate area. Hairs in the time of the session is pulled out in the direction of their growth, which reduces pain.

Attention! This does not mean that the shugaring procedure is absolutely painless. You may experience pain during the session, but they will be less pronounced compared to other methods hair removal.

Is it possible to do shugaring with menstruation? Yes, with strict compliance with the technique of the procedure. Read more about the technique of shugaring you can here.

homemade shugaring recipe


This is an analogue of sugar depilation, in which instead of syrup for beeswax applied hair removal. Since these two methods are very close, waxing is also on the list permitted procedures during menstruation.

Electro-photo and laser hair removal

The most recognized hair removal methods effective, are along with these and the most painful. Many girls avoid these procedures on ordinary days, as they are extremely unpleasant. Doctors dermatologists categorically forbid electrical, laser and photoepilation on critical days due to increased risk of pain shock, nervous shock and subsequent complications on the skin.

Is it possible to do laser hair removal during menstruation? Not, choose another way to make your body smooth or wait the end of these days.

is it possible to do hair removal during menstruation


During menstruation, a woman’s body needs increased care and attention. Many ladies, feeling this condition, during menstruation devote more time to rest and relaxation. But even if you are from those girls who believe that critical days are not a reason to change anything in your plans, think about hair removal with menstruation you need to approach wisely.

We wish you female beauty and female health!

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