Why wash your nose: indications. Nasal washat home: how to perform the procedure correctly andpainlessly

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In each person’s nasal cavity, mucus is secreted;
protection of the mechanism from dust entering the respiratory system

In order to remove excess mucus, it is recommended that
rinsing the nose.

After the procedure, the work of the mucous membrane will improve,
and breathing easier.

Nasal wash в домашних условиях: показания и

In order to find out who shows this procedure, and to whom
No, I would like to understand why it is generally carried out. Cavity
our nose is lined with mucous membrane. It consists of
goblet cells that produce mucus. Its production
happens all the time. Thanks to cilia-hairs, nasal
the content is displayed outside. If this process is normal, then
the person will not even notice him. But, unfortunately, not always the body
can handle on your own. Once on the mucous
viruses enter the envelope, inflammation begins, everything swells, and
the man feels that his nose is blocked. Mucus production occurs
in large numbers, and the cells can not cope with its removal.
The secret in the nasopharynx is gradually becoming a favorable medium for
pathogens develop and multiply there.

By flushing the nose, excess mucus will be removed, and with it
microbes and pus will develop. But why can not everyone do the washing
nose at home?

Indications for washing

Any treatment method has certain indications for this,
nasal irrigation is no exception, because in fact it
a certain type of treatment.

The procedure is allowed to perform only in the following

1. The patient has nasal inflammation for a long time

2. There are viral diseases that have entailed
appearance of a bad cold.

3. Allergic rhinitis.

4. Vasomotor rhinitis.

5. Ozena is a fetid runny nose. Going progressive
an atrophic process during which crusts are formed from a secret with
discharge of unpleasant odor.

6. Preventive goals.

Nasal wash в домашних условиях нельзя делать в
следующих cases:

1. There is inflammation in the inner ear.

2. The patient often has nosebleeds.

3. There is an obstruction in the nasal passage, so the fluid does not
will be able to flow back.

4. Tumor formations.

5. The solution includes those components that the patient’s body does not

Nasal wash в домашних условиях: рецепты растворов

Nasal wash в домашних условиях предусматривает
pre-manufacturing special solution. For
to make it, you can take regular boiled water. But much
It will be more effective if you make a solution that is not only
removes excess mucus and pus, but also has anti-inflammatory
act. Below are the most common recipes.

1. Сода. Means well removes swelling
mucous and also has a mucolytic effect. For
preparation pour water into a glass and dissolve in it half a tea
spoon of soda.

2. Пищевая соль. It is recommended to wash the nose
ordinary salt. Dissolve one and a half teaspoons in a liter of water. Can
also buy a physiological saline solution, today it is sold
in any pharmacy.

3. Морская соль. High efficiency
ready-made solutions based on sea salt – humer,
Marimer The main component is sea water. Pre her
sterilized, allowing use even for small

4. Прополис. The method of preparation of the solution
next: take one and a half spoons of 10% propolis tincture and mix
with a pinch of salt. Then pour warm water into a glass and dissolve in
it has all the components.

5. Йод, сода и соль. Solution in combination with
soda, salt and iodine, is strong enough. Salt and soda
taken in the amount of half a teaspoon, and iodine 3-4 drops. Everything
components together give a good effect, inflammatory decreases
process, mucosal edema subsides, microcracks will heal much
faster. In a short time you will be able to get rid of pus and
mucosal content.

6. Отвар из трав. For чтобы промывать нос
at home, you can make decoctions of medicinal
herbs For этого лучше брать следующие растения:

• succession;

• Hypericum;

• tansy;

• chamomile;

• sage;

• plantain.

They can be used individually or combined immediately.
several species.

7. Готовые растворы. You can prepare solutions
not only on their own, but also to buy them at the pharmacy. It can be –
Elekasol, Rotokan, Malavit. Each of the drugs created on
vegetable based. So, for example rotokan is a water-alcohol
solution, and before use it must be diluted. AT
instructions for the drug there is a detailed description of this process;
must follow.

Elecasol includes the collection of several medicinal
herbs, before use, they brew. For этого нужно внимательно
read the instructions. Each of these remedies have good
anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.

8. Фурацилин. Good antimicrobial
furatsilin possesses action. For чтобы промывать им пазухи
nose, you need to take two tablets of the drug and dissolve in two
glasses of warm water. Can также купить уже готовый раствор в
pharmacy. Moreover, experts recommend doing it this way, since
ready solution the most correct concentration. But the only
minus is that you have to spend more money since
the finished product is more expensive than conventional furatsilina tablets.

Nasal wash в домашних условиях: особенности проведения

Throughout your life, you should always give due
attention to your health, and it is not at all necessary to wait when
any disease will begin to manifest itself. ATполне достаточно
at least occasionally carry out prevention.

A runny nose is an unpleasant disease, sometimes it takes a lot.
time for what to cure him. AT связи с тем, что нос не
breathing, oxygen starvation may occur. Better if everyone
treatment will be carried out under the supervision of a physician. If you
independently carry out any preventive measures
то нужно знать особенности проведения данной procedures.

Even if you do not have any complaints, you still spend
nasal wash procedure at least several times a week. The most
the best time for this is morning. If there is a runny nose, then
Be sure to rinse 3-4 times a day.

AT больницах есть специальное оборудование, которым специалисты
perform the procedure of washing the nose. ATыполнить процедуру можно
being at home doesn’t need to buy at all
expensive drugs. Everything, что вам для этого понадобится – это
ordinary syringe or syringe. After everything is ready,
type medicine in the syringe.

For проведения всех действий нужно отправиться в ванную комнату.
If you go to a medical facility, the doctor must have given you
рекомендации, как правильно совершать то или иное act.
The desired result will be only if all actions
will be performed correctly.

Go to the sink or bath and tilt your head. Her position
should be such that after the solution is introduced into one nostril, it
easily able to flow through another. AT этот момент вам нужно дышать
mouth ATводится средство под напором.

If your mucous membrane is healthy and there are no barriers, then
solution without any obstacles will flow out of the nostrils. Sometimes
the liquid can get into the throat, there’s nothing wrong with it
just come out by the mouth. It is recommended to carry out the procedure with one
and from the second nostril. After everything is done,
blow your nose. One of the main requirements is the maximum
slackness So how if you will be able to
voltage, can not work. Everything это абсолютно
painlessly, и не так страшно, как может показаться на первый

ATыполнять промывание носа можно не только взрослым, но и
. Any significant differences in technology
no execution. ATам нужно попросить малыша, чтобы он задержал
inhale breath For чтобы ваш ребенок не испугался, можно
tentatively show him all this on yourself.

Разрешено промывать нос и грудничкам, но нужно
be extremely careful. The solution is pipetted and then
digs into the spout. Then twist the flagellum from the fleece soak it
oil, clean the spout gently. Track the distance, on
which you screw it, it should not be more than two
centimeters. The process is performed with both nostrils. Not out
that your little one will cry at this moment, but this is not at all
means it hurts him, don’t be scared.

For women who are breastfeeding or in
, в данный момент, противопоказано принимать
any medications. Prescribe certain medications
can only doctor. But regarding the washing of the nose,
the procedure can be performed, but it should be done lying on your back.
Head at this point you need to throw back as much as possible. AT
put 3-4 drops of solution on each nostril and lie until
until you feel that he was in the nasopharynx.

Watch the pressure of the injected fluid, if it is too strong,
the agent can carry the bacteria to the middle ear. Absolutely in
everyone needs to know the measure, nor any unpleasant sensations from the solution
should not be.

If you have a curvature of the nasal septum, then you should not wait
any result. If possible, be sure to consult
with a specialist. Monitor your health and perform on time
necessary actions.

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