Why it is impossible to photograph sleeping people:signs and facts

Why it is impossible to photograph sleeping people: signs and facts

Photos are an integral part of our everyday life.
of life. This is a reliable and easy way to capture important events.
life to share and keep as a keepsake for yourself
relatives and children.

From an esoteric point of view, photos play no less important.
role. The image of a person contains a large number
information about him. Some esotericists may
tell the photo about the person’s character, his fate, past and
the future. Often it is the photograph that is used to target damage,
evil eye, love spell and lapel, healing from the disease, getting rid of
dependencies and much more. It happens that only the photo and
personal thing help sorcerers and magicians find the missing person or
at least report on whether he is alive.

That is why a large number of photos will be associated with
and superstitions. One of them is a ban on taking pictures of sleeping people.
Of course, a sleeping person is rarely photographed on purpose;
happens by chance. However, it is necessary to clearly understand why
can not take pictures in a dream.

Why it is impossible to photograph sleeping people: signs and facts

Ban esoteric

This sign arose not just like that. Esoteric believe that
in a dream, the soul leaves the human body, the biofield becomes very vulnerable,
human energy protection is significantly weakened. Exists
superstition that a guardian angel can permanently leave a person in
moment of creation of the photograph.

The weakened energy field can not provide full
human protection. This can take advantage of detractors and
enemies. It will be easy for a person to be adversely affected

Moreover, esotericists believe that the energy of a sleeping person
very similar to the one that is inherent in the dead. Man does not exist
in the usual sense for us. Therefore, a picture taken during
sleep, can secure the imprint of dead energy on a person.
There is a high probability of a serious prolonged illness or even
of death. Esoteric never allow to photograph themselves
asleep themselves do not do this to others.

By the way, in Islam is not welcome the image of a man and any
living creature. This is because the person does not have the right
to create, like the Most High, you cannot create idols for yourself. Muslims
believe if you take a photo of a sleeping person, this way
his death will be shown – it is very dangerous.

It is also worth thinking about the aesthetic point of view. Not always
sleeping person looks attractive. Why upset loved ones
ugly picture?

Why it is impossible to photograph sleeping people: signs and facts

Omens and superstitions

Exists несколько верований, согласно которым процесс
photographing a sleeping person carries certain
effects. The main sign is the loss of the guardian angel, which is very
negatively affects a person’s life.

However, there are still a few superstitions worked out by many
generations of our ancestors:

  • Spouses can not photograph each other
    a dream.
    This can lead to quarrels, discord in the family, in
    the consequence is even to divorce.
  • Did your best friend take a picture of you in your dream? AT
    the future she can destroy your family. Moreover, the fact of creation
    snapshot serves as a warning for you to take action, take a closer look
    to her friend and her interest in your husband. It can also be done.
    deliberately to weaken the energy protection
  • Husband or a regular partner, taking pictures of his beloved
    a dream, can unintentionally deprive her of beauty.
  • If a person is sick, and he was photographed asleep,
    The recovery process will be very long.

Also, many believe that a photo taken in a dream, deprives the sleeper
sleep well, lethargy can be felt after sleep,
apathy, lack of vigor can be felt. Another way
You can bring insomnia to a person.

Eerie traditions of the past

Before the advent of the first cameras, images of people were created
sculptors and painters. Only wealthy people could
afford a single or family portrait. However, the poor too
could invite the artist, however, only when sad
circumstances – the death of a relative. The deceased’s family had
opportunity to free capture the deceased in the picture to
keep the memory of him.

Why it is impossible to photograph sleeping people: signs and facts

Later, with the advent of cameras, this tradition turned into more
creepy option – the deceased relatives were filmed along with the living.
The dead were prepared, made up, dressed and not just
photographed, and seated along with the living. Sometimes it was difficult
to understand from the photo, who is dead, everything is painfully believable
looked like Sometimes, before taking a photo, the artist painted
deceased eyes on the eyelids so that they look alive.

AT начале девятнадцатого века традиция фотографировать живых
family members along with the dead became very popular. AT связи с
this tightly consolidated the association – closed eyes in a photo,
sign of a dead man.

Why it is impossible to photograph sleeping people: signs and facts

Thank God, this terrible tradition has become obsolete, but many
the desire to take pictures in a dream simply did not appear due to
pretty nasty associations.

Ban on photos of sleeping children

ATсе, что касается детей и их благополучия, важнее всего. Children –
это самое дорогое и ценное, что есть в нашей of life. Therefore not
It is worth neglecting the opinions of experts about the photos,
capturing sleeping children.

Of course, the child is sleeping peacefully, especially in infancy and early
age, causes affection and the kindest feelings not only
parents, but also those around them. Sometimes you want to capture this
момент, keep the memory of him.

ATерующие люди знают, что запрещено показывать фотографии детей
strangers before the baptismal rite.

The baby does not have a guardian angel yet, it is vulnerable, especially
во a dream.

Surely, on the Internet you have seen
photos of small children with retouched faces or
superimposed pictures. Superstitious people are afraid of the evil eye and damage, not
want to put their children in danger.

In addition, while taking a picture, the child may wake up and
get scared. Especially if flash is used. Scare and tears
baby is not worth the pictures taken.

Neutralization signs

What to do if you took a picture of a sleeping person, and you
scary for his fate? ATо-первых, помните, все наши мысли и слова
are material. Do not immediately think about the bad, set yourself up for
sad events.

For your own peace and security of loved ones
neutralize bad omens associated with pictures of a sleeper

It is necessary to remove the pictures in a secluded place so that they are not seen.
strangers. If the photos are watched by your family members, nothing
no harm will happen.

There are several simple rituals that neutralize the negative
Effect. If a picture of a sleeping child is taken, or it is unintentionally
hit the frame, you can do the following.

Pereplyunte three times over the left shoulder and out loud

�“Lord, save my baby’s soul from the evil eye and damage.
Drive away all ills and bad luck from him. Amen!”

Then take any small mirror and put it under
mattress or pillow with the reflective side up. ATесь негатив,
aimed at the baby, will be reflected from him. After
the child will wake up, wash his face with holy water.

If a photo of an adult person is taken, wait for it.
awakening. Then calmly explain to him the essence of your fears,
Smell his forehead and cheeks with the sign of the cross.

ATозьмите красную шерстяную нить, завяжите на левом
the wrist of a person, uttering special words:

�“I tie the thread and untie all the diseases. Do not wharf
One is sick the servant of God (name). Yes go away all the sadness and longing from the heart
get it out of your head

Even if you are not superstitious, do not believe in omens, do not experience

A photograph of a sleeping person does not carry such value.
such as sharing a photo, a snapshot of an important moment in life,
when a person is happy or laughing. An older child will be
it is more interesting to see yourself playing with parents or other children
not sleeping in the crib. AT любом случае, важно хранить память о
positive moments and events in life, photos help us
in that.

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