Why is manna made clenched andtasteless

Why is manna made clenched and tasteless

Mannik is one of the easiest pies. But is it
is it really Sometimes it comes out clearing, rubber, not
baked inside, and generally it does not work. Why instead
loose and crumbly mannik from the form jumps out something rubber
and heavy?

Krupa: we enter semolina correctly!

Mannic has a crumbly and granular structure. By this he and
different from biscuits and other cakes. In theory, he should not
get rubber, but often it is not.

The problem may be hiding in the seething. Need strictly
comply with the amount specified in the recipe.

The same applies to all ingredients. Pastry love
accuracy. Well, if at home there are scales. If the recipe products
indicated by glasses, then we take the same volume for semolina, sugar,
kefir or milk. Weigh the cereal with this mug, and the liquid out
bowl will not work.

How to introduce semolina:

  1. Manco is mixed only with warm liquid or room
    temperature Commonly used milk, kefir, sour cream or a mixture
    it all depends on the recipe. If the base is cold, then a little bit at first.
    warmed up.
  2. Croup needs to swell, time is directly dependent on temperature
    fluid. If kefir is warm, then 20-25 minutes is enough. If a
    the fluids are cold, then leave for at least 45 minutes, and preferably at
    whole hour
  3. Manco needs to be stirred occasionally so that it swells.
  4. A bowl of cereals must be covered. Small particles on top and
    the sides of the pot should not dry out, otherwise they will crunch in

Another important point is the addition of flour. It is found in
many recipes. As with semolina, it is important to strictly follow
by the amount of. Sometimes you need less flour. If a яйца небольшого
size, kefir or sour cream is thick in consistency, then several
spoons leave. If a в тесто добавляются сочные ягоды или фрукты,
then add. Or just sprinkle the pieces with starch, and then
send in the dough. Generally for mannik do not need to do cool
mass, otherwise you get a hard and heavy cake. Making it fluid but
not a batter.

Tip! If a времени для набухания манки мало, то
You can beat the cereal with a base with a blender.

Eggs: beat, fill or exclude?

There are recipes for mannikov with or without eggs. That’s it in
soft and soft cakes come out in the second version, but not all
housewives they are obtained. Eggs hold mass together, but also make crumb
tougher. Therefore, the first rule is not to lay eggs more than
indicated in the recipe. The exception is small eggs. In this case, you can
add one.

Secrets of adding eggs in the manna:

  • Eggs should be whipped separately, in the croup yolks and protein clumps
    difficult to distribute.
  • It is advisable to beat the eggs until a good foam. You can do this with
    sugar to dissolve at the same time.
  • Beat eggs with the rest of the ingredients.
    spatula or spoon, but not a mixer. He will besiege the mass.

If a в рецепте нет яиц, то процесс приготовления упрощается. Everything
products can be mixed immediately, including sugar and fat, leave at
room temperature.

Soda and other disintegrators: how and how much

The mannik will not rise, it will turn out attractive and hard if his
cook without baking powder. The most commonly used soda. She is
laid strictly in the specified amount. It is important not to use
a lot, otherwise the cake will have an unpleasant taste.

How to add soda:

  1. Powder measure in the right amount and be sure to knead,
    so that no lumps remain. The product is often compressed in a pack,
    it needs to be considered.
  2. If a манник на кефире, то гасить соду отдельно не нужно,
    enough lactic acid.
  3. Soda is not added along with semolina. She does not need
    insist. Fall asleep soda at the very end when mixing the main
    ingredients with flour or just before baking.
  4. If a манник готовится на молоке или рецепт постный на компоте,
    the powder needs to be quenched. Used vinegar, lemon juice, acid.
    Soda is also added at the very end of the dough before baking.

If a вместо соды в тесто для манника идет разрыхлитель, то он
is also introduced at the end. Usually mixed with flour. If a она в
the recipe is not provided, then the ripper can be poured and wet
mass but only mix thoroughly for uniform

By the way, if you need to replace baking powder with soda, then
the amount is reduced by at least two, and preferably two and a half times.
If a же в рецепте манника сода, а дома имеется только разрыхлитель,
you will have to increase the amount about the same

Is there fat in the wine?

It is often thought that manna turns heavy because of the fat in
composition of the test. In fact, they do not strongly influence this. And not
always there in recipes. If a за основу берется сметана, то
no extra butter or margarine is added. Also exist
recipes with mayonnaise. This product is a lot of fat, it turns out
great replacement.

Without oil, manna can also be cooked, he fine
it will turn out to be less calorie.

But with fats, the cake is more like a cupcake, the crumb gets a little
oily structure, it melts in the mouth, crumbles. What matters is not
lay too much. Also do not forget to cover
oil form, so that the manna is not exactly stuck. You can additionally
to powder a bottom and sides with a dry semolina, crackers.

Mannica baking features

Mannik is not baked and quickly burns? If a
с другой выпечкой проблем нет, духовка fine работает, то дело в
temperature conditions. It is necessary to reduce the parameters. Average manna
cook at 170 degrees. By the time the process is not fast. Because
the cake is wet, it can stand in the oven for 40-60 minutes. If a на
a mannik appeared crust, but inside it is not baked, urgently reduce
temperature up to 150 degrees, bring to readiness.

You can bake the manna and in the crock-pot. Many
модели с этим fine справляются. For some housewives this is the way out.
You do not need to follow the cake, it will not burn, it is not urgent
pull out You can send the dough in the evening in a slow cooker to
in the morning enjoy a wonderful breakfast. But there is one nuance – manna
turns out on top of white, not covered with a crust. therefore
spread it on a dish to bottom up. Option – to decorate
chocolate cake, jam, any cream or icing.

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